It was a dark night at Grimwood's finishing school for ghouls as a few miles away at Baron's Bog a figure of a man popped his head out of the murky swamp water exposing torn moldy bloodstained clothes carrying a rusted machete and a rotting face with face covered with an old hockey mask. This man was none other the notorious killer Jason Voorhees. He rose out of the swamp and walked to a gas station in a small town noticing a semi he crawled in the back un-noticed. (In the diner)The two truckers were eating as they stepped out as one of them looked at the truck

"Mark, Wasn't that door closed?"

One of them asked as the other ran in the diner

"God those enchiladas"

He yelled running in the restroom as the other one entered the back of the truck sitting down on a crate as a hand jammed a hunting knife in his throat afterwards Mark walked out of the diner opening the door seeing the other trucker laying on the floor with a sheet over him

"Phil you lazy bag of fat"

Mark said thinking he was asleep as he closed the door stepped in the cabin driving off. A few miles down the road Mark turned on the radio as he heard rattling he turned off the radio as a machete jammed thru the cabin's back impaling in Mark as the swerved

(Back in the school) the girls were eating dinner as Miss Grimwood entered

"Winnie, get off the table I know you're a werewolf but have some manners!"

Miss Grimwood said as they heard a loud CRASH as they looked out they saw a semi truck crashed in the school gate as they exited the school

"This guy is a lot of trouble"

Miss G said walking up with the girls seeing Mark with the Machete still impaled in his face


She said covering Tanis's and Winnie's eyes as the other girls looked away as the ran around seeing Phil's dead body as they ran back in the school they heard a noise coming from the woods


The noise said

Back at the school the girls were watching TV