(Three hours later)

Winnie was sitting on the roof looking at the moon as it was glowing she held up the burnt cracked mask of Jason Voorhees a trophy showing he was dead as she looked at the moonlight reflecting off it

"Winnie, dinner's ready"

Miss Grimwood said thru the window as she turned to her

"I'll be right in"

Winnie replied as she looked at the mask one last time chucking the mask as far as she could, the mask landing in the mud in the woods

(Two hours later)

The wind in woods was gentle blowing the dried mud flaking off the mask a an arm popped out of the ground wearing a red and dark green sweater but what was most unusual was the hand it seemed to be made of metal the finger ending in knives as it dragged the mask underground

"Don't you worry Voorhees; the ghoul's nightmares are just beginning"

The figure said laughing, turning to reveal himself being burnt up wearing a dark brown hat as he slashed his knife-hand thru the mask


((TO BE CONTINUED—IN: NIGHTMARE AT GRIMWOODS: which is up under my other stories))