Chapter 1

A group of cats enter an abandon theatre, blending to the night in their black robes and black Drama face masks – Comedies oriented. The leader hits a sequence of buttons that appears when he steps on a loose floor board. The front wall rises and they enter a furnished room where a meeting is already taking place.

The cats join the hundreds that are seated in attendance, dressed as they are, watching on stage an old cat with orange and white fur. He's wearing a similar robe, but his Drama mask is Tragedy oriented.

"The Illuminati is with you brothers and sisters. We understand your struggle and it will not be a struggle any longer. We will help put cats back in their rightful place in society."

A cat yells, "How?"

The old cat stands up with the assistance of a wooden walking stick; the handle is shaped of a cat hissing.

He answers, "By reminding the dogs that we cats have the real power."

A presentation screen is lowered and the lights are dimmed. An image of a machine is shown; it's a large black cube with a glass sphere in the center.

"We have a plan my brothers and sisters, called the magnifying glass. It's a machine that uses the sun rays and consecrates it into a ray beam blast that will destroy anything in its path.

An example is immediately animated of the machine melting a tank into a liquid puddle. As the lights go back on, the presentation is turned off and the screen is raised - the old cat as every cat's attention.

He yells as he grasps unto his walking sticking, "Brothers and sisters, now is the time that we cats come out hiding from our dog suppressors. The peace they promise us is a joke! No more will we suffer through our daily allotted two meals a day! No more will we be chased down the streets…because they-do-happen, no matter what the dog media tells you!"

The crowd meows excitingly.

"We want more, for our litters! And for our litter's litter! And we can get our freedom…through war!" He raises his hands in the air.

The crowd stands up and claps with excitement, then raises their paws in unison yelling his name again and again: Tobias.

In between the yells and excitement, one figure slips away from the crowd and sneaks outside. When he is blocks away from the theatre, he takes off his Drama mask and robe, revealing that he's a brown and white Chihuahua. Then he takes out his communicator on his collar and makes a call.

"Red Leader, this is Falling Star. Sir…we got a problem."