Part 6

(Six months later)

Plane opens the back hatch door of Legend 2 and a rush of the night air rushes into the plane. Plane turns around and watches the team finishing harnessing their individual parachute packs.

Red Leader yells, "Ok people! You've all went through the mission disposition an hour ago, but unfortunately I just got notified that the enemy knows we're coming. So Plane, watch out for the cat-dispatchers jets. We just got the Legend 2, so keep her in one piece."

"Yes sir."

"Yin you're now with me. Yang you're with Falling Star!"

Yang smiles and then moans, "Figures."

Yin whispers under her breathe, "Be quiet Maggie."

Red Leader continues, "They'll be aiming for non-native cats first, so watch it."

"Got it," Yang says.

"Yes sir," Yin replies after she tightens her belt strap.

"Remember, it's 06:00 to the rendezvous point!"

Everyone yells, "Sir, yes sir!"

Red leader jumps out of the plane first, followed by Yin. Falling Star is about to jump next, but he's pushed back by Yang.

"Excuse me," Yang says before she jumps out of the plane.

Plane and Falling Star looks at each other.

Falling Star yells, "I think I'm in love."

Plane laughs and yells, "Then go get her."

Falling Star jumps out the plane and yells, "Later brother!"

Plane laughs as he closes the hatch. Falling Star howls as he spins around in the air but then he controls his fall. He watches below as the ground below is in chaos, gunfire and bombs lights the ground.

Yin and Yang bump claws and glide away into their assigned two-person teams and parachute into opposite directions.

Plane circles Legend 2 and fly into the sky as small silver jets start to fire at him.

Plane howls and says, "I love this job."