The Unexpected

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I've decided to set this Fan Fiction in modern day time so they're not in the Edo Era.

Summary: When Hitsugaya and Hinamori were young they were always together. Suddenly, one day Momo mysteriously and unknowingly disappears. But when Toshiro enters High School as a 1st Year he receives information about a new transfer student in his class. The new student turns out to be his childhood friend, the one who disappeared from his life. How will his life be now that she's back?

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ミ コ ト • Mikoto

Chapter 1: Memories At Sunset

"Lil' Shiro!"

"Stop calling me that! It's just Toshiro not 'Lil' Shiro'!" the small boy said, annoyed.

"But Lil' Shiro is Lil' Shiro..." replied the young girl with dark hair. He glared at her.

"Lil' Shiro do you want some watermelon or not? They're in season right now!"

"Ok ok!"

They happily ate the juicy watermelon together and watched the sun start to set.

"Hey...Lil' Shiro?" Momo put her watermelon down and looked at the ground.

"What now?" Toshiro continued to munch away at the melon.

"Would you miss me if I disappeared?" she asked, her voice almost serious.

"No." He answered fast.

"WHAT? Why?"

"Because if you were gone...Munch...then I wouldn't be called Lil' Shiro all the time! Munch Munch..."

"I'm serious Lil' Shiro!"

"Hmph! I'm not gonna answer that! Besides I doubt that you would ever disappear!" he spat out the seeds at Momo.

She quickly moved her arm up to her face to block it. "Cut that out! Lil' Shiro!"

Hitsugaya quickly sat up from his bed. "Why...did I have that dream...?"

Silently, he got out of bed and looked at his reflection in the mirror. It's been years now, she's never coming back...I waited and still, she hasn't come back. Momo... where are you?

For the whole morning he couldn't stop thinking about that dream. He couldn't even concentrate on walking down the stairs or making his breakfast. He hasn't had a dream about his childhood friend in years. Why would it come back to him now?

The white haired boy headed out the front door to walk to school, as usual. On the way out, something new caught his eye on this boring street. The huge vehicles drove by, noisily, leaving a trail of dust behind.

Moving Trucks? He watched the trucks go by. The direction they're going to is where-!

He quickly ran with great agility towards the house he had been taking care of for a long time. Even though no one lives there anymore, he still bothers to keep it clean, just in case.

Someone else is going to live in Momo's house? No one has moved there ever since she left! What's going on? He arrived in front of the Hinamori resident and gazed around the place.

Still the same as always, except for the people moving some new furniture into the house.

"Excuse me, but who's moving here?" Toshiro asked a random guy who was giving out orders.

"Sorry, I can't give out customer information."


"Shouldn't you be in school?" the man asked, cutting him off.

Crap! I completely forgot about school! "Never mind." Toshiro ran as fast as the wind to get to school on time.

Toshiro sat down in his chair just as the school bell rang. Phew...I just made it...

He could hear hasty whispers and quiet voices talking.

"Did you hear about the new transfer student?" one asked.

"Really? We're going to have a new student in our class? Cool!" the other replied.

"Think they'll be a girl or a boy?"

"Girl, probably."

"Nah, it'll be a boy for sure." Another said, confidently.

"Who cares? As long as they're good-looking, I don't mind."

A new transfer student? Could that person be the one who's moving into Momo's house? He wondered.

"Now, now. Everybody take your seats and quiet down." The teacher walked into the classroom.

"Hai, Ukitake Sensei."

"As you've all heard about, we have a new student in our class today."

Hitsugaya eyed the empty desk diagonally in front of him on the right.

"You may enter now." The long haired teacher nodded slightly towards the door.

Steps could be heard, students held their breaths, wondering if the student was male or female. Hitsugaya stopped looking out the window on his left and observed the entrance to the classroom.


Toshiro's eyes widened, in shock. It can't be...!

The slim girl with brown eyes and dark hair, smiled warmly at the class.

"My name is Momo Hinamori."

To Be Continued...

Japanese Translations:

Hai- Yes

Sensei- Teacher

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ミ コ ト • Mikoto

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