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Hermione was thinking, as she usually did while she was on watch. She had been feeling off since her seventeenth birthday in September. It was now around March.

I feel like a part of me is missing. No! Stop. You're supposed to be keeping watch. No thinking about this again. Not now. Pay attention.


She jerked her head up and looked toward the sound. She swiveled her head around and stood up and pulled her wand out of her sleeve.

"Lumos," she murmured and started walking around the tent towards the edge of the wards she had set a few days prior. "Homenum Revelio." She waited for a minute, when nothing happened she grumbled under her breath about animals running around making her nervous and she turned around and made her way back to the tent. What she failed to notice was the glowing amber eyes watching her every move.

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"Mione? Miiiiione? MYA!" Harry Potter yelled in his best friend's ear early the next morning.

"Whaaa-?" "You've been sleeping like the dead. We have been trying to wake you up forever."

"'Arry. Don't be a drama queen this early in the morning. And stop calling me stupid nicknames. You know I hate 'em."

"Sorry Herms," He said with a cheeky grin. "It's the creature coming out. He wants his mateā€¦ And to be fed."

Hermione grunted. "Thank you, Harry. I needed to know that."

Harry had received his creature inheritance after he turned 17 the previous year. Harry was some kind of vampire, Hermione hadn't had enough time to try and figure out what kind but she knew it was special. He was stronger, and faster. His eyes had become more of a glowing green and his eyesight had corrected itself. Other than that, he hadn't changed at all, he got a little moody when he didn't feed for awhile, but that was few and far between because he could sustain himself on animals rather than people. Until he found his mate, however.

"Mmmm. Was there a reason you woke me up so early?"

"Yes. Ron thinks that we should move since we've been here for a week."

"Oh. Okay, have you two packed yet or were you waiting for confirmation?" She said with a smile.

"We already ha-" Harry broke off, and clutched his head. "Aahhhhhhh!" Harry screamed.

Hermione jumped into action, she pushed him down on the bed and conjured a cold wet rag and placed it on his head while making cooing noises softly in his ear. Ron burst through the flap of the tent and looked around between them and gave her a knowing look.

"Harry, harry, it's fine. Shhh, calm down, focus on something else. Don't think of the pain." This went on for a few minutes, then Harry's breathing slowed and he opened his eyes.


"Harry! No!"


All of a sudden they heard popping sounds from all around them outside of the tent. They jumped up and started running.

"Black house if you get away!" Ron yelled before they were separated.

Hermione was flying through bushes, and hitting tree branches. She knew she was bleeding and her lungs were already burning but she knew she couldn't stop. Hermione could feel that there was someone running behind her, and catching up fast. She could hear his breathing, and it wasn't even ragged yet! Then up ahead of her she saw a clearing. As soon as she broke through the trees she stopped, she was on the edge of a cliff. She looked around and whimpered, mentally calculating if she had enough time to apparate without splinching herself. No, she figured out when she heard the person behind her. She turned and stared.

It was a man. An attractive man at that, he was tall over six feet of pure muscle. With dark brown hair and smoke- like grey eyes. He stared at her with a hungry look in his eyes, and he took a deep breath.

"My dear, dear little mate. I have found you at last." He said with a smile.

"M-mate? Who are you?" She whimpered, and hated herself for sounding weak.

"Yes, little one. Mate. My mate. I will tell you who I am once you come with me. You and your friends have much to learn."

"Wait! I thought you were Snatchers! You're taking us to You-Know-Who! We aren't safe, you're lying!" Hermione started panicking and looking around her for ways to escape. She couldn't trust this man, even if she felt more at home with him than she has with anyone else.

"NO! No, my little mate. You are safe, I promise. I would never put you in harm's way. Your friends are already back safe. I have much to explain to you, just know that you are more safe now than you are anywhere near Dumbledore. Or anyone else that you think you can trust."

Hermione rolled the words over in her head. She could fight this, and probably get taken there anyways, or just go. She couldn't escape. She looked at him and nodded.

"Okay, I'll go. Harry and Ron better be there."

"They will. Not that you could do anything to me if they weren't. Come here."

She walked towards him, into his open arms. He buried his face in her hair and sniffed, and then groaned. She looked up puzzled and said, "Why did you do that? I've been on the run for months without a decent shower. I doubt I smell very delightful."

He looked down at her, his eyes travelled all over her small frame, "My mate. You smell delicious. Your natural scent is simply mouthwatering."

She blushed and pushed her head into his chest mumbling. "Stop making me blush. Let's go so you can explain all of this to me. I'm very confused, I don't know who you are and why I'm acting like this."

He smiled. She felt the pull of apparition and heard him say, "My name is Fenrir Greyback. Welcome to the right side, my mate."

Then she blacked out.

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