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Hermione was shocked to put it lightly. By this time Fenrir, Harry, and Draco had all arrived in the drawing room. Fenrir was gently pulling Hermione onto a loveseat so she could calm down.

Then just as quickly, she became angry. She jumped up off the couch and started pacing. As she was walking her eyes turned gold , her limbs grew longer, and her nails grew and sharpened. "Why didn't we see this coming! Now that I think back to it, it's such an obvious thing! The fact that he wasn't always there when things were going on, the twinkling of his eyes, the smugness on his face when he looked at the paper in the mornings or when Harry would tell him of his visions and when his scar would hurt! Why didn't I see this!"

Fenrir jumped up and wrapped her in his arms whispering soothing things into her ears.

"Little mate, Hermione, shh. You can't get this worked up so fast. You can't force the creature out. It's just going to hurt you. Shh. Breathe, in and out. I'm here, shh. You couldn't have seen anything, Hermione. He's a very old man, he can hide things, and twist them to fit what he wants. It isn't your fault, Mate."

Harry was looking at Tom after hearing Hermione's speech.

"Is the traitor dead yet?" Harry asked in a scary calm sort of way.

Tom turned in his seat and stared at Harry, his eyes were crimson colored.

"No. We were waiting for the right method. Are you hungry, little one?"

"No. Though, a little extra wouldn't hurt. We can deposit his body parts around the Order's various locations."

Tom smirked. "I like the way you think, little one. It shall be done. Come. Let us go now while my daughter sorts herself out. It might be smart if you bring Draco. Bellatrix! Come, we're going to torture the traitor."

A crazed smile appeared on her face, and it became clear to Harry why everyone thought that she was insane.

Hermione looked up at Fenrir and smiled slightly. "Thank you. For everything. I know Harry told you to watch out about me freaking out about all of this but I promise I won't. I've thought about it while we were sleeping, I would know if you were lying to me; this is just making me feel like a horrendous friend. I'm not called 'The Brightest Witch of The Age' for nothing.

"Mate. Stop blaming yourself, it is all Dumblefuck's fault. None of this is to be put on you. Now, Harry, Draco, and your mother and father are having some, ah, discussions with the traitor. They don't need us, so let's go and get you calmed down."

He smiled lecherously at her, and swept her off her feet and started towards the bedroom.

Harry stormed down the stairs to the dungeons changing as he went. His eyes flickering between crimson and the infamous Avada Kedavra green they had become. Spit dripping off of his fangs, he also grew a few inches, and his nails sharpened to points.

He looked at the red head in the cell in front of him.

"Why, Weasley? What did we ever do!"

Ron spat at him. "You both are abominations. Creatures. You were never supposed to find out. You were supposed to be Dumbledore's pawns. You're supposed to do as you're told, when you're told. NO EXCEPTIONS. I don't know what happened, or how the charms wore off, but HE knows and he'll fix it. You will die, Potter. I'm willing to sacrifice myself for my cause. So do what you will. Everything is already being set into motion."

During Ronald's little speech, Tom had opened the door to the cell and Harry had gradually moved towards him. Now he waved Draco away so he wouldn't have to see what he had to do. As soon as Ron was done talking Harry looked at him. He smiled sadly.

"You've endangered my mate and my family. I'm not sorry that I am going to do this. I thought you would be different."

And with that he tore his head off.

Harry looked at Tom and Bellatrix. "The rest is for you two, I'll write down a list of all of the properties that I know of, that the Order is using. I have to comfort my mate."

Tom and Bellatrix nodded understandingly. Then turned to finish up with Weasley.

When they got back to their rooms, Fenrir dropped Hermione off on their bed and climbed on top of her. He looked down at her and smiled, and leaned down to slant his lips across hers. He kissed her sweetly for a few minutes, then he broke the kiss and took a breath before he looked down at her again.

"You okay?"

"Fen, keep going. Please!"

He obliged her and started nipping at her bottom lip before sliding his tongue along it soothing the tiny bites he had made. She opened her mouth and welcomed him in and their tongues started dueling for dominance. Hermione whimpered when Fenrir took over the kiss, and she thrust her hips up into him. He groaned and ground down into her heat. He trailed his hands down her sides.

Then he stopped. Leaning his forehead on hers he said, "We aren't ready for this yet. We just met. I'm going to get to know you better before we get into this. Alright?"

"That's fine, Fen. I admit, I am a bit disappointed but I understand. We'll go slow." She smiled at him. How is Harry?"

"I'm not sure, why don't you go and check?"

Harry and Draco, were in fact lying on their bed cuddling when Hermione knocked on the door.

"Come on in, Herms." Harry called. When she opened the door he moved over and made a spot in between him and Draco for her to come and lay with them.

"Fenrir won't like this, Harry. Hello, Draco."

"He'll just have to deal with it, I'm not going to try and steal you from him. Just lay here and don't think about anything for awhile. We'll get our revenge. But we're not going to plan it now."

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