He was glowing white with little blue sparks. She felt his warm, soft arm around her harden and turn cold, little edges poking into her. His blue, blue fur faded behind a wall of identical orange equivalent to the two next to him.

Lucifer had turned into crystal even as he held her close.

Sobs ripped from Mew violently as she pressed herself closer, uncaring of the points that barbed into her skin. She had lost him forever. And it was all Team Rocket's fault! They had attacked and had hurt her and the Tree of Beginning. If they hadn't have attacked the tree wouldn't have gotten sick, she wouldn't have had to save the stupid humans, and Lucifer wouldn't have had to give up his aura!

Mew stayed there weeping for him. The greatest sacrifice . . . and it was too much for her to handle. Mew trembled against Lucifer's crystallized body, a never-ending flow of tears spilling down her cheeks; the wet streaks slipped down a crystal formation to puddle on the floor below.

She stayed so long hunger pangs should have bothered her more than once, but her appetite was gone. She fell asleep once against Lucifer's crystal body before waking again and crying more. Finally, a voice cut through the air.

"Mew, leave him."

She ignored him.

The voice became firmer. "Mew, I said leave him. There's no use in weeping over the dead."

Furious at his apparent lack of compassion, Mew threw a crackling Shadow Ball at him in rare violence. Mewtwo's hand deflected it easily.

"What do you know!" Mew shrieked at her warped offspring. Breaths heaved from her body so hard and fast she was sure her ribs would crack. "I loved him! Mewtwo, I loved him! And you don't know anything about that! You're cruel, heartless!" The only response he made to her accusations was to flinch slightly, a cheek twitching, and his tail twitching. Angry he wasn't rising to her bait, Mew attacked him again only for him to deflect it. "You could never understand! Just—Just leave me alone!"

Surprisingly, he promptly Teleported away. Mew returned to her lover's side, crying over the deceased.

He didn't leave her alone for long. Just as soon as Mew thought she was finally getting a hold of herself, Mewtwo was back.

"Now will you listen?"

Mew hissed, hair prickling against Lucifer's crystallized form. "Get out of here," she hissed, hackles rising.

"No," he said easily, purple eyes calculating something. "You've got to realize he's dead and no amount of tears will change anything—"

"I know that, you despicable—experiment!"

She got the rise she wanted. Mewtwo's eyes flashed a deadly blue, but his words were not what she expected. "So easily you shun the one that is here to offer his help," he spat at her.

Mew flinched. After a moment though, dark ideas slashed through her countenance like black fire. Her jaw clamped as she fought back the dark desires, but . . . He was right. She WANTED this!

"Team Rocket did this to me," she whispered, trembling with a bloodlust she didn't know she had. Mewtwo's eyes slightly widened. "Team Rocket did those things to you . . ." Unable to contain it any longer, Mew jumped up to float in front of Mewtwo. "Take me with you!" she cried out, eyes blazing. "We'll—You want your revenge just as much as I do, and they'll never be able to stop us both!"

Mewtwo stared at her, but his expression was unreadable. Finally, he shook his head. "That is not what I meant," he stated, sending a dousing cold spill of shock over her. "Take it from one who has had experience—Revenge is not the way to go."

"And why not?" she exclaimed a bit too loudly, lust for retribution gone as quick as it had formed.

He set his jaw. "Does it look like it's done me any good?" He shook his head when her head dropped. "I've learned the hard way. Such base desire only leads to more suffering . . ."

"B-But—" Mew floated pitifully to the ground, turning her back to him. She felt her throat tighten and lips tremble as she looked back at Lucifer. Sacrificed everything . . . "What-what can I do?"

"For one, stop wallowing in your self-pity." When she flinched, curling into herself, she heard an impatient growl from behind her. "No, that's not what I meant. No, I mean that, I just—" Another growl punctuated his statement. "You have to . . . let him go. He was happy when he died, so leave here happy for him."

Mewtwo's words were clumsy, inadvertently harsh with their tender meaning. Mew swallowed, sniffling as she sat petulantly on the floor. She scoffed inwardly at Mewtwo . . . trying to comfort her about a pokemon he barely knew, and didn't even like . . .

She felt psychic energies behind her. "Mew, I'm just saying you've got to get up and keep moving on. There's too much in this life to learn to just throw it all away."

"I don't want to," she mumbled. "I . . . I danced with Lucifer. I . . . couldn't go back to that."

"Then learn something else!" Mewtwo snarled a bit sharply, impatient, before clamping his jaw down and tempering himself. "Learn another language. The humans have ample enough. Learn one of those . . . instruments. Or their "figures". There's plenty out there if you don't want to dance."

Tired of him trying to be optimistic when she wanted nothing more than to fade away, Mew turned around and snapped at him, "Would you just—! Just . . . Go . . . Away . . . ?"

Mew choked in the middle of her order, faltering to a halt. That psychic energy she had felt was Mewtwo—he was human.

She hadn't expected him to pick up the handsome transformation again, but there he was, long and straight silvery/purple hair cascading to his shoulders. He scowled when she stared, a hint of a blush touching his face.

"I just . . . If you want to go back out, you're not going without me. Somebody has to protect your tail."

A powerful emotion began to clog her throat. Flitting up to him, Mew cuddled close to his strong neck. A shiver ran through her, and she suddenly realized she had been cold from staying against the cold crystal for so long. The heat that emanated from him warmed her.

"Mewtwo . . . Thanks."

He stayed silent, not trusting himself to speak, and Mew suddenly understood.

Mewtwo was very callous, but it wasn't his fault. Speaking gently just wasn't his cup of tea, and that he was even offering what he was surprised her. Mew wrapped her tail around his neck, pressing her nose against the pulse in his neck. She felt it thump against her nose.

Yes, Mewtwo did have a heart. Even if was buried under mounds of heartache and scars of the past, it was there . . . He was always right there next to her when she needed him most. He sacrificed what was best for himself that day. Team Rocket remembered his existence now, and they would no doubt hunt him . . . but he had discarded all of that just to save her and Lucifer.

He always turned up when she needed him the most. He was always a constant. His pulse beat against her nose.

A constant . . . just like a heartbeat.

Mew licked his neck tenderly, finally saying with a slight laugh, "I guess you'll get to be my little brother."

Mewtwo snorted. "Oh, please . . ."

She smiled shyly into his neck. "Well, I don't really see you as my son . . ."

"And I don't see you as my mom," he replied promptly, "but certainly not like a little brother. You're clearly the adolescent here with your personality."

She flicked him gently with her tail. "I'm older. You're my little brother."

"Mew . . ." he growled, but did nothing more.

She transformed into her human form. Hugging him tight, it was a moment before he rested his hands gently around her. Then, she swayed.

"Mew . . . what are you doing?"

"It's called a slow dance," Mew said quietly. "People do it with people they care about."

Mewtwo gave a vague grunt.

Mew lifted her head, looking him in the eyes as she touched her nose to his. "Mewtwo . . . Why?"

His purple eyes looked away, but she could still see them. "It's just . . . family sticks together."

Mew bit her lip and smiled. She hugged him tighter.

"Mewtwo, thanks."

He just grunted as nonchalantly as he could. "Right . . ."

Mew began to hum a love song, she thought it was Alicia Keys, but she heard another annoyed growl in her ear. "Mew, stop that."

She kept humming.

"Mew," Mewtwo said as blatant as can be, "stop humming. You sound like a dying Murkrow."

Mew pursed her lips playfully. "Really?"

"It's the most cacophonous thing I've ever heard."

"Well you don't have to be so blunt about it."

"Then don't hum. Take some voice lessons."

His forthright manner made the quirk of a smile touch her lips. Swaying in an awkward slow dance with him, Mew cast a glance over her shoulder at the Lucario that had captured her heart.

Sacrificed everything to the very end . . . Mew felt her aura, and her throat bobbed. It was as if she could feel his presence linger inside of her, curled around her very being. True, he was in her heart, but it still cut her apart to know he was gone.

I'll always be with you.

Mew felt the little tears come back. "Mewtwo?"

He hadn't meant his first words cruelly. He was merely stating a fact. And while she would mourn Lucifer to the end of her days, Mewtwo was right—she had to keep living on.


They should take a speaking class. Mewtwo had such a somber, yet regal and suave air about him she was sure he could make an excellent speaker.

"Can you promise me something?"

He hesitated. "I will try everything in my power to fulfill it," he finally said.

Mew rested her cheek against his shoulder, wrapping her arms tighter around him. "Don't let go . . ."