Julia looked down at her dress. Isabelle had outdone herself on it. Julia was sure it was incredibly expensive, but Isabelle wouldn't take no for an answer. Her dress was a blue sheer with gold underneath. The gold was the same color as her eyes. It was a little puffier than she would have liked, but it wasn't too bad. Isabelle had dropped her off with a promise that she would return and Julia had to take a shower before then. So she had taken a shower and thrown on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, waiting for Isabelle. Julia sat in the chair in her room and started to brush her hair. When she was almost done, her door was flung open.

Isabelle stood there, a dress hanging out of her hand. "Ohhhh Julia," she said, rushing into the room, "I looove that dress! It was the perfect choice." She threw hers down on the bed next to Julia's. Isabelle's hair was already done, her black hair done up in elegant curls. "Now," she said, stepping over to Julia and grabbing the brush out of her hand, "what to do with your hair?" She finished brushing it and began to play around with it, slowly drying it as she went.

Isabelle chatted away, without asking Julia any questions, allowing Julia to drift off and let her mind wander. She thought about Jake, and his smile, and how much she missed having his arms around her. Then she thought about Roy and how he was always there for her, and hoped he was doing okay. She thought about Emmett and how he was the only one who would come see her. She thought about Simon and Magnus. They had gone back for Simon, feeding him plenty of blood before releasing him. She was still upset with the two of them but she knew she would forgive them. Then Julia thought about her parents. She thought about her mom, who still refused to see her, and then her thoughts drifted to her dad. She pushed away the dark images of his final moments and instead focused on him as she remembered him. He would always test her, pushing her far past her limits. He would test her wherever possible. She would feel so proud when someone told her she was exactly like her father. Without a doubt, Julia knew she was a daddy's girl.

She was snapped out of her reverie by Isabelle saying her name. "Yeah?" she responded.

"Do you like this?" Isabelle asked. Julia looked at herself, shrugging, and looking away, but then her eyes snapped back to the mirror. After leaving herself in disrepair for the last few days, Julia had already gotten used to her knotted hair, makeup-less face and dreary expression. But Isabelle had not only redeemed the old Julia, she had made her look beautiful.

"What did you do to me Izzy?" she asked, touching her face lightly.

"You don't like it?" Isabelle asked, immediately reaching for Julia's hair.

"No, no," Julia said. "I love it." Her hair was falling in soft giant curls, framing her face perfectly. Somehow Isabelle had taken her round face and given it sharper angles, making Julia look older. Her eyeshadow was the same blue as her dress and made her golden eyes pop.

"Good!" Isabelle said, "Now put on your dress." Julia complied and a minute later she was staring at herself with wonder.

"Isabelle," she said, turning to face Isabelle who was strapping on a thigh sheath under her dress. Isabelle looked up at her.

"Thanks," Julia said.

Isabelle finished adjusting the strap and then smiled at her. "You're welcome." She stretched her hand out to Julia. "Now, let's go make that boy insanely jealous."

Jake had no desire to go to the ball, but James wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Parabati don't have to be together 24/7," Jake said.

"But I want you there with me," James replied. "Besides, we're the heroes. We're supposed to be there."

"I don't want to be a hero," Jake had mumbled back, but in the end he decided to go in the hopes that Julia would be there. Now he was standing on the edge of the ballroom, staring at the fountain off to the side. He was sure he looked miserable, but he could not get himself to change his expression. Most people took it as him being worried about his family. He was, of course, but he was more worried about whether or not Julia still wanted him. Besides, if he admitted it to himself, he wouldn't be all that happy to see his dad.

"Jake," someone said off to the side of him. Jake looked over. It was Julia. She looked stunning. Her golden hair was falling in waves around her head like rays of sunshine, and her golden eyes were looking at him.

"Hey Julia," he said, his heart fluttering.

"You looked like you could use some company," she said, "although I realize now that I'm standing here that I'm probably not the company you want, so I'll just go…" she started to leave but he grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him. Her mouth was slightly open in shock and her eyes gazed at him with curiosity.

"You're the only company I want," he replied before leaning in and kissing her. She was resistant only for a split second before her lips softened and she kissed him back. It was everything he remembered. There could have been explosions going off all around them and all he would notice was her. She stepped in closer, her body painfully close while he put a hand around her neck to deepen the kiss. He used his other hand to pull her the last inch to him and their bodies melded together like they were one. Her hands were on his back, clinging to him like she was afraid he would drift away. After another minute, he had to pull away, afraid that if he held on any longer, he would start to do things that were inappropriate with this many people around.

She laughed when he pulled away. "Not mad at me anymore?" she asked, a smile on her face.

He drew her into a hug, just wanting to hold her. "No. But if you ever do anything like that again, I may just have to kill you."

"I'd like to see you try," she responded, still laughing softly.

"Dance with me," he whispered in her ear and she nodded.

They spent the night rocking in each other's arms, just talking and catching up. Julia told him about how her mother refused to see her or talk to her, and he told her about how his dad was corrupt and had been on Jonathan's side. Both quietly received the thanks of other Shadowhunters throughout the night, although both tried to insist that they weren't as great as they sounded. Jake didn't care about any of that. He was just glad Julia was in his arms once more.

Besides the thanks everyone was giving her and Jake, Julia received a lot of condolences over the loss of her dad. A lot of people asked her where her mom was and how she was handling it. Julia gave them vague answers and avoided the topic as much as possible. The last she had seen her mom was yesterday at her dad's funeral. Her mom had stood several paces away from her, her body stiff. She had refused to look at Julia the entire time. Afterwards, when Julia tried to talk to her, her mom had said, "you are not my daughter. My daughter would not have done this." Julia sighed when thinking about it and Jake looked down at her with concern.

"Do you want to get out of here?" he asked. Julia nodded, taking his hand and leading him out of the ballroom. They stopped briefly to see James and Annie, and then hurried out before more people could try and talk to them.

They ended up sitting on a bench in the middle of the city, Julia curled up as best she could be in her dress, leaning against Jake who had an arm wrapped around her shoulder. For a long time they just stared up at the sky, both thinking their own thoughts.

"Jake?" Julia asked quietly.

"Yeah?" he responded looking down at her.

"Do you think everything's going to be okay?" she asked.

"Well," he said, "we have no idea who to trust. We have no idea what to do with the Shadowhunters who are corrupt, my family is missing, and a lot of others are dead. Things don't look to bright." Julia slumped down on him a bit, feeling disheartened. "But we have each other. Roy's going to be okay. We have our friends. And life goes on. There are still demons out there to destroy, and eventually things will go back to normal. And I'm pretty sure your mom will talk to you again, I think she just needs time. Overall, I think everything will be okay. And no matter what, you have me." Julia snuggled up closer to Jake and for the rest of the night they sat there together in silence.

-Three months later -

Julia cuddled up close to Jake. They were back at the Institute in New York. The last few months had been some of the hardest she could remember. But they had almost been some of the best.

"My mom finally talked to me today," Julia said, nestling in closer to Jake.

"She did? That's great," he said, starting to stroke her hair. "What'd she say?"

"She said it would take time, but she still loves me. And she doesn't blame me for his death anymore."

"That's good Ju," he said, playing with her hair. "I'm happy for you."

"What's wrong?" she asked, catching the hitch in his voice when he said it.

"They found my family. My dad is claiming that Jonathan had some kind of possession or spell on him. I don't know."

"Jake," Julia said, sitting up, ready to comfort him.

"He wants to see me," Jake continued. Then his face twisted in anger, "I don't want to see him. What he did was wrong."

"Just give it time," Julia said. "Maybe one day you'll want to."

"Doubt it," Jake muttered.

"What about your sister?" she asked.

Jake frowned. "I'll see her," he said. "It doesn't mean I have to see him."

Julia nodded. She knew he just needed time. Besides, his father was still going to be on trial, and it could turn out that he was guilty. Julia did not like him, but he was Jake's dad. She sighed. Everything would probably work out in the end. They would just have to wait and see.

After a minute of silence Jake asked, "so did they ever figure out how Jonathan was controlling those demons? And why they just disappeared?"

"No one's sure," Julia replied. "Probably something that had to do with him being part demon. We'll probably never know."

They were both silent again for a while. "Annie and James seemed really happy when I saw them the other day."

"They are. Probably just as happy as we are," Jake replied, kissing the top of their head. "Did you hear Emmett and Macy are together?"

"Yeah. He told me when we had lunch together yesterday."

"Well," Jake said, sitting up, causing Julia to slip off of him. "I suppose we should go have dinner with Roy."

"I think he said he was bringing some girl," Julia replied, smiling.

"I'm happy for him," Jake said, smiling back. Everything was exactly where it should be. Things were slowly getting put back together, they were all friends, and Julia was his.

"Jake," Julia said, a light smile on her lips.

"Yeah?" he asked, facing her. They were both standing now, ready to go off to dinner.

"I think everything's going to be okay."

"Me too," he replied before leaning down to kiss her.

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