Dating and Demons by Pyreite

Sequel to 'Damsels and Demons'

Last time from Chapter 40 of Damsels and Demons:

Kagome's lips parted. She leaned in, and claimed what was offered. The Lord of the Western Lands received her favourably. The kiss, long and tender, would be the first of many, willingly given, exchanged, and stolen in moments of peace, and war. The legacy of the Spring Circle had affirmed another perfect match.

Long and Vigorous

The kiss ended in a groan. Kagome gazed up at her newest admirer. She marvelled at the expression on his face. The frigid mask was gone, and in its place was such serenity, joy, and relief that she wondered if the Western Lord was feigning happiness. "Sesshoumaru-sama?"

The Taiyoukai looked down at this little wonder of humanity. The Shikon Miko was unique. She was neither haughty nor selfish, preferring to care for others than to place her own needs first. The concern that she expressed for him was pleasing. "Yes beloved?"

Kagome blushed. Her eyes grew round and wide. She gaped at the venerable inuyoukai Lord. She couldn't believe what she'd heard. Inuyasha, and Kouga cared about her, but neither of them had ever linked her and that treasured four-letter word in the same sentence.

The Shikon Miko's brows furrowed. The happiness centred in her belly grew wings and fluttered up her windpipe, and into her mouth. She bit her lip, peered up at the Taiyoukai, and wondered aloud. "Are you just teasing me?" she asked uncertainly. "We were fighting a few minutes ago, we've kissed, and now you're calling me beloved as if this is some kind of long-term thing".

Sesshoumaru's golden eyes flashed. He caught Kagome's chin. He tilted her face upwards until their gazes met, inuyoukai gold to anxious blue. "It is long-term", he affirmed. He smiled when the Shikon Miko gasped in shock, and surprise.

The Lord of the Western Lands allayed her concerns. "I accept your suit to court". He smirked when Kagome blushed. "Although it is traditionally the male's prerogative to find a potential mate, your approach is certainly bold, and intriguing". The Taiyoukai curled round her like a large, and contented feline.

"I look forward to a long and vigorous romance my Miko".

Word Count: 300