Dating and Demons by Pyreite

Sequel to 'Damsels and Demons'

A Genuine Spitfire

Sesshoumaru eyed Kagome as a hunting hawk would a mouse. She would either erupt like a geyser spraying a deluge of scalding expletives or try to retreat into the battered shell of her dignity. Sesshoumaru hoped to experience the former rather than the latter. Kagome was feisty and impudent, a genuine spitfire, who when given proper instruction, could potentially bring Man and Youkai alike to their knees. She only had to understand one simple rule.

To play with the Lord of the Western Lands was to play with fire. Kagome was the Shikon Miko, a paragon of good, unwittingly plunged into a sea of sharks. She had only to drop a single bead of blood into the water to entice a multitude of ravenous power-hungry youkai into a feeding frenzy. Sesshoumaru wasn't inclined to share the bounty that he had found. He fully intended to keep every precious inch of her to himself.

Kagome's boldness was answered with an equally bold statement. Sesshoumaru did not waste words, nor would he allow so delightful an opportunity to tease the Shikon Miko, to slip through his fingers. He leaned forward, pursed his lips, and told her plainly what would happen were she indeed a flirtatious inuyoukai female. "You would spend night and day reciting my name like a mantra, until nothing else existed between heaven and earth, save the pleasure, pain, and satisfaction that I alone could give you". Sesshoumaru smiled seductively.

"A kiss, bite, and touch are simple gestures of my affection, but are not the entirety of what I could, would, and can do, my dearest, Kagome".

The Shikon Miko's eyes were round like twin moons. She was red from crown to chin. Sesshoumaru chuckled when he smelt the saccharine sweetness of her embarrassment and the spicy overtones of outrage. She was a delightful tangle of shock and exasperation. Sesshoumaru found her sharply-worded reprimand more amusing than offensive.

"You won't be indulging those masculine sensibilities anytime soon, Sesshoumaru-sama! I am not a hussy! You will be dating me properly for a good long while before we even get close to first base! You still have to get past Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo too! If you can manage to stay alive without getting your dangly bits sliced off, skewered, burned, and clawed into little bloody pieces than we'll talk about a supervised sleepover!"

Word Count: 393