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This is a FANFIC written just for fun. So with that being said, enjoy.

I'm just going to give you all the gist of what my character looks like:

Name: Zane Wild

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Code: WOLF

Hair Style: 7 (One with Sunglasses)

Hair Color: Black

Face: 12

Skin: Dark (5)

Voice: 4

Top: Sniper Coat - Black

Bottom: Medic Pants - Black

Sword: Glacier Katana

Gun: Silent Cry

Shield: Tear Stone

Now That you have a better mental image of my character let's begin!

Prolouge The Price Of Saving a Life

One year after the events of God Eater Burst…..

My eyes began to feel heavy as the rain continued to relentlessly pour on me. I tightened the grip on my god arc as the gaping hole in my abdomen burned immensely. I laughed at myself at the fact that I'd allowed myself to get injured to such a degree.

However the humiliation, the pain, and the sadness it was all worth it to save the two children trembling in fear behind him. I took a moment to glance at the kids, the young boy with brown hair, clothes like tattered rags and a sad yet defiant look in his tear stained face. While the other one was a slightly older girl with a similar attire but with dark red hair and deep crimson eyes that seemed to envelope you. He couldn't help but smile and pat them both on the head.

"Don't worry, I'll get you two out of here." I then turned to look at the last Borg Camlann as it was stalking me, continuously slowly circling me and the kids waiting for it's opportunity to strike, but I never was one to play the prey.


I charged forward at full speed ignoring the onslaught of pain from my wound, as I approached the aragami it took a defensive stance and readied its shields all the while a giant ominous stinger looming overhead.

"Damn you!"

I readied my god arc to attack but the aragami had the advantage. Its stinger lounged forward, I quickly rolled to the side to avoid the strike but it wouldn't let up, its tail did a sweeping motion destroying all in its radius, I leapt with all I had to avoid stinger attack. I readied my blade overhead while in mid-air

"Take-" and as if on cue the Borg Calmann lowered it's guard and brought down its shield "This!" with great effort I swung my blade downward on my enemy, orange blood splattered everywhere as my god-arc cut through metal, bone, and whatever the hell an aragami's made off.

Me and the aragami both crashed into the ground, I could hear it screech and howl as it let out a few cries before dying. I laid against a rock as the fatigue of battle finally took its toll. I looked into the sky, the rain falling even harder than before, through half opened eyes I could see the children crying over me. I released the grip on my god arc and put on a hand on each of their heads.

"Listen you little bastards, we live in the kind of world where the strong devour the weak," I coughed and saw a disturbing amount of blood on my hands and continued to speak through the pain and labored breaths "Would you two do me a favor? Don't be weak alright? Don't get devoured by the cruel fate of this world."

The kids continued to cry as they nodded their heads. I could feel my breaths getting weaker, shorter, my time was coming to an end, and the kids knew it too. Just like me as a kid, their eyes were so blank and full of despair that I knew they'd had seen saw a lot of death and carnage at a very young age, but now their eyes were brimming with life and desperately hoping for me to live.

"Hey one more thing, tell Fenrir I'm sorry. Tell my squad I'm sorry, and tell Alisa I'm sorry too." Through blurred vision I could see multiple figures coming in my direction shouting.


"W...ke..up….amnit!" Sorry you guys but I went and took the spotlight this time. My eyes finally closed, the voices stopped coming and then, nothing.

"Zane? Zane... Zane!"

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