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I didn't know what to do to stop his pain. Watching Damon slowly die from a werewolf bite was by far the hardest thing I had ever done. When he grasps his chest and practically starts screaming in pain I scramble up into the bed and wrap my arms around him. I can't lose him, I love him too much for that.

"It's okay." I murmured repeatedly trying to get him to calm down.

"It's not okay. All those years I blamed Stefan, no one forced me to love her. It was my own choice." He said and everything he said was slowly breaking my heart.

"Shh." I said trying to calm him down.

"I made the wrong choice. Tell Stefan I'm sorry." He said and I nodded more tears coursing down my face.

"I will." I promised.

"This is more pitiful than I thought." He said.

"But there's still hope." I insisted. I hadn't been able to admit to anyone let alone myself how much I loved him.

"I've made a lot of choices that have gotten me here. I deserve this, I deserve to die." He said.

"No, you don't." I insisted moving down to lie beside him.

"I do. But Elena it's okay, because if I had chosen differently then I wouldn't have met you. I'm so sorry. I've done so many things to hurt you." He told me and I tried to be strong for him.

"It's okay, I forgive you." I told him knowing he needed that more than anything.

"I know you love Stefan, and it will always be Stefan but I love you. You should know that." He said to me and I started crying again because while I do love Stefan, a much larger part of my heart I was beginning to realize belonged to his brother.

"I do." I said and I felt him smile with his lips against my forehead.

"You should have met me in 1864, you would have liked me." He said, so I raised my head so I could look into his eyes.

"I like you now, just the way you are." I told him knowing it was something else that he needed to hear. Having made a decision regarding where my heart lies, and knowing I will probably only have this one night with him I leaned in closer and pressed my lips to his tenderly.

"Thank you." He whispered.

"I love you Damon." I whispered to him.

"I wish you would have told me that sooner." He whispered but at least now I knew he could die in peace. There was just one more thing I needed to do before I could let him go.

"I need you to make love to me at least once." I whispered.

"What about Stefan? It will always be Stefan." He said. I felt bad because he had just told me to tell his brother to say he was sorry, but here I was trying to drive another wedge between the two of them.

"I'll tell Stefan the truth, I'll say that I love you." I told him.

"I don't want you to do this just for me Elena." He said to me and I shook my head.

"It's just as much for me as it is for you too." I promised him. Sitting up I started slowly taking my clothes off. I knew we didn't have a lot of time before the venom moved to his heart. Damon struggled to sit up and I helped him unbutton his shirt. I left my bra and panties on for the moment while I started helping him with his boots and pants.

"I'll need you to take control this time. I wish we could have done this when I was healthy so that I could rock your world." He said and I was glad his sense of humour was still partially in tact. I knew he was in a lot of pain, but I loved him for wanting to do this with me.

"I'm sure you'll rock my world just fine, healthy or not." I whispered as I finished undressing him. He was strong enough to help me, I just didn't want him moving too much, thus making the venom spread faster. When I kissed him this time, I climbed over him straddling his waist. I left my bra on but quickly removed my panties so our lower halves were pressed together intimately.

"I love you Elena." He said again, it was like he was desperate to sear those words into my mind so I never forgot them.

"I know, I love you too." I said before sinking down on him. I was impressed, somehow, he managed to get hard even though he was dying of a werewolf bite. Once he was fully embedded inside me I slowly started moving. I placed my hands on his chest and he covered my hands with his while I slowly started moving over him. Part of me felt like I was taking advantage of him in his weakened state, but he didn't seem to be objecting.

"I love you." He said again as I slowly made love to him. I wasn't sure if anyone had ever made love to him before. He'd had lots of sex and he'd fucked numerous women, but I wasn't sure about lovemaking. Every feeling we had for each other was coming out in this. "Come here." He said pulling me down so my chest was pressed against his. It was harder for me to move this way but the connection was so much more intense. I turned my head so I could kiss his lips as I managed to still pull my body along his length. It was slow, it was intense but it was the best I'd ever had. It was like my soul recognized Damon as it's other half. Every broken part of me was being put back together as we moved in sync, but I knew that relief was going to be crushed when I lost him.

"I love you so much." I said, I needed him to leave me knowing that for this short while I wanted him to have all of me. Even once he was gone, I knew I was never going to be the same again. I just didn't want to think about losing him while I still had him with me. "I'm so close." I said as I continued dragging my body along his. His body moved with mine, it was like he wanted me to have his all for as long as he could. He started thrusting up into me and within seconds my orgasm hit me like a tidal wave and I felt him follow after me.

"Thank you." Damon whispered to me after we'd finished. I rolled over and lay my head on his chest, desperate to stay with him as long as I could.

"Well it's me you should be thanking." A voice said from the doorway. We both turned our heads to look, making sure the blankets were still covering our bodies. "I mean I'm the one who brought the cure." Katherine said leaning against the doorjamb and I hoped she hadn't been there long. She walked over and smirked as she picked up my pants from the floor. She flung them to me and I quickly pulled them on and got out of bed as she carried a small vial over to where Damon was lying in bed. She quickly pulled the stopper out of it and poured the liquid down his throat.

"Where's Stefan?" I asked finally. I didn't know what was going to happen now that Damon apparently was cured.

"Are you sure you care?" She asked me and I did care. I did love Stefan, but now I just loved Damon more.

"Where is he?" I asked again.

"He's paying for this." She said holding up the bottle. "He gave himself over to Klaus. I wouldn't expect him anytime soon."

"What do you mean he gave himself over?" I asked.

"He just sacrificed everything to save his brother, including you. It's a good thing you have Damon to keep you company. Goodbye Elena." Katherine said before walking away. "Oh, it's okay to love them both, I did."

"We have to get him back." Damon said and I rushed over to where he was getting out of bed and getting dressed again.

"Yeah, we do. But even when we do get him back, it's not going to change the way I feel about you." I promised him.

"Good, because I want to try that again when I can bring my A-game." He told me and I smiled. Starting tomorrow we would start hunting for Stefan, but for right now I just crawled back into bed with Damon and put my head on his chest. Everything could wait for one night.

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