After my twenty minute cry and near panic attack at the hospital, I felt much better. Not good enough to make what was happening better, but good enough to pull myself together and get home. It was going to be a rough few days until Tai got back, but at least I didn't have the kids. I would get the house clean, flget some work done and relax a liilttle bit while waiting. It would be good for my mental health.

I unlocked the door to the apartment and walked in, laying my keys on the counter and grabbing a water from the fridge.

"Hey Sor, you home?" I froze. I hadn't expected Tai to be home today. Biyomon said that they thought it would be soon, but she had been very clear in the fact that it would probably be Sunday. I was supposed to have at least two days.

I closed the door and turned around to be a very sleepy Tai standing behind me. He smiled, then wrapped his arms around me. He released me after only a minute.

"Good to finally see you again. I was hoping to see the kids too, but I'm guessing they're at Matt's?" he asked, still smiling. I felt terrible that I was going to have to wipe it clean off.

"Yeah. Tai, we need to talk. Where's Agumon?"

"He's in the Digital World. Biyomon said she needed him for something. Listen Sora, if this is about the other night, if it's a one time deal, I understand. You just got out of a marriage and I'm gone a lot. We were drunk and everything too."

"Tai, we've got a bigger problem. Sit down, we really need to talk."

He looked at me confused, but interested. I sat down across from him.

"We didn't use a condom. I'm not on the pill. I'm pregnant."

"You're what?" Tai was wide eyed and in shock. I couldn't blame him. I had been pretty surprised myself. I had assumed that Tai had just gotten rid of it. I had only realized it was a problem when my period hadn't started. "Are you sure?"

"Jyou did the blood work this morning. That's where I was. I don't know what to do."

Tai sat there for a moment, processing what exactly was going on. After a few minutes he broke into a wide grin.

"This is great! I'm going to be a father! What do you think, Sora? A girl or a boy? I'm thinking boy, but it might be fun to have a girl too, as long as she's not too girly. We'd never figure out how to deal with her. God, we're going to have to get married too. Kaasan will kill me if I don't, not to mention the press-" Tai stopped, realizing that I was nearly as elated as he was. "What's wrong, Sora? Why aren't you excited?"

"I- we can't get married, Tai. I'm not going to marry you just because I got pregnant. I'm not getting married out of honor again. I want to both parties to be in love this time."

Tai reeled back as if he were smacked. I cringed. I hadn't meant to be so harsh. I didn't want Tai to be on the wrong end of a fake relationship like I was. I had no problem changing the dynamics of our relationship. All it would mean is sleeping in the same room and having sex, but if we got married, Tai would feel honorbound to staay with me through thick and thin.

"It really didn't mean anything to you? Just a one night stand and a child to prove it? Nothing else?" The hurt on his face was tangible. I suddenly wondered if it had meant something to him. I had thought he was just drunk, but maybe there was something more.

"No. I," I paused, unsure if I should say what I had started, but decided to carry on. "I love you, Tai. I just don't want you to do this and it be a mistake. I know you. You'd feel bound to honor your agreement. I don't want that for you."

"Sora, you know I never gave up that crush on you, right? Ever since we were like six, I've had feelings for you. Everytime you and Matt made a move forward in your relationship, I was devastated. When you called me to tell me you needed a place to stay, I wanted you here, safe, especially when you told me about the divorce. I'm not going to lie, I was hoping for more. I was never going to persue it, but I did hope. When I woke up next to you in bed, I thought I was dreaming. I was terrified that I'd fucked up, especially when I had all that time in meetings to think. I want to marry you, Sora. If you want, I'll even agree to divorce you if I'm not happy and with how things are. I'll do whatever it takes to get you to agree. Because I love you, Takenouchi Sora."

I was taken aback by his words. I hadn't expected that. I had never had this type of passion thrown at me before. I'd never had the chance to. I didn't have the words in my vocabulary to response, so I decided to show him instead.

I grabbed him, pulling him to me and pressing my lips to his. It only took seconds to devolve, our tongues crashing together. We paused after a moment, gasping for air.

"Is that a yes?" Tai asked, panting

"What the hell do you think?" I said before throwing him on the couch and crawling on top of him.

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