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The Wicked Week

Chapter 7: Sunday Mornings, Saturday Nights

Hermione Granger loved many things.

She loved the smell of large books. The faint papery-tree scent made her sigh in contentment.

She loved to read books. There was something so satisfying about diving into an ancient tome and devouring its every word.

She loved her long egg-white plumed quill with which she would write her homework.

She loved to dissect a problem. The thrill that ran through her veins at the prospect of looking at all the parts of a puzzle and figuring out the answer could make a smile appear on her face.

She loved being top of her class. It gave her a great sense of pride that her intelligence and hard work would be acknowledged by the title of Valedictorian at the end of next year.

She loved knowledge. As the old Muggle sayings went: Knowledge is Power / All knowledge is worth having.

What she didn't like was the presence of inferior- minded people.

She hated being lied to. More than anything in this world she abhorred liars. They made her skin crawl.

She detested being talked to in a condescending manner.

She also didn't like being stumped, being thwarted, or being tricked.

The fact that Harry, her friend, not only lied to her repeatedly, but also thwarted her attempts to obtain information, andhad tried to trick her made her blood boil.

She had been sulking in the common room after an uncomfortable dinner, where Harry refused to speak to her despite her best attempts, when she saw him dash up the stairs. To make sure that she stayed hidden from his sight, Hermione cast a Notice-Me-Not upon herself. She smirked at her own cleverness and decided that she would follow him once he returned from the dorms. For some unknown reason she knew that he would come back, that he would reveal what he had been hiding from her.

She only had to wait a few moments before The-Boy-Who-Lived reemerged and briskly exited through the common room door. Wanting to keep up with him, Hermione bolted from her chair and pursued her prey.

She followed him down the moving staircases, down hallways, till she saw him stop just outside of the dungeons.

Hermione clenched her teeth at the location.

This has to have something to do with Professor Snape. He wouldn't have come down here if it didn't. They have both been acting so odd. I'm going to find out. I have to. I know he's going to lead me to the information I want.

With narrowed eyes, she saw Harry pull his Invisibility Cloak from his bag.

Blast! I'll never….wait. If I'm right, then he'll make his way down to Professor Snape's private quarters. I'll just head there if I can't follow him while he's wearing the cloak. But I'm pretty sure that I can. If no one else is in the hallways, I'll hear him walking. Harry never did grasp the concept of stealth.

Hermione scanned the hallway for signs of other students, luckily there were none. She slowly followed the clip of hard-sole shoes on stone floor. To mask her own movement she cast a silencing spell on her feet. She had found the variation of the spell in a book she had read last summer, but had never tried it. To her delight it worked quite well.

Too bad for Harry that he didn't know the spell. Hmm should have read the book. I did suggest it to him.

Making sure to stay far enough from the sounds, Hermione carefully navigated her way through the halls. She didn't want to be caught by Harry, but she justhadto know what he was keeping from her. It was driving her mental.

Finally the sounds stopped right outside Snape's door. Hermione ducked behind the large statue of Salazar Slytherin and waited. Sure enough the large oak door opened. Hermione bit her lip to keep from gasping out. She had known it had to do with Professor Snape. Had known it deep in her bones, but it was still shocking. Harry was a student. Severus Snape was a Professor.

They should know better. Totally inappropriate.

As the door began to close Hermione saw her suspicions confirmed once again when Harry flung off his cloak and beamed up at the slightly bruised face of Severus Snape.

Rage filled her body when through the tiny slit that was left she saw Harry move to embrace the older man.

She didn't know what she was going to do. She didn't have enough evidence to prove they were having a relationship….not yet anyway. No one lied to Hermione Granger and got away with it.

Not even her best friend.

Harry didn't want to wake up, fearing that if he did this would all be a dream. Tentatively turning his head, he came face to face with one Severus Snape. Quickly he turned away, burrowed deeper into the warm cocoon of bedding, and tried in vain to keep from smiling.

I'm in bed with Professor Snape. Severus Snape. Severus.

Harry's grin threatened to split his face it was so wide.

Oh Merlin, Mab, and Morgan how did this happen? I'm in bed with Snape….with Severus. Bloody hell. Never would have thought I would be here last Sunday.

Harry turned back to face his lover. Last night had been brilliant, but waking up for the first time to find his lover beside him, made something inside Harry flutter. With feather-light fingers he traced Severus' prominent nose, inky eyebrows, and pouting mouth. The man had a delectably full lower lip that made Harry want to bite and suck it. Giving into temptation he placed a soft kiss to the mouth he was slowly becoming addicted to.

Snape stirred at the touch. Soon Harry found himself flipped onto his back and practically purred at the feel of the delicious weight pressing into him.

"Good morning," Harry said, slightly breathless from kissing.

"Good morning Potter."

Harry cocked an eyebrow reminiscent of the trademark one his lover frequently sported. "Harry, Severus. I'm in your bed…naked. I think you can call me by my first name."

"My apologies. Harry."

Harry shivered. The way the man sinfully seductive voice spoke his name made him instantly hard.

Definitely have a kink about his voice.

Cut for Censors

"Good morning Harry,"Snape's dark chocolate voice purred.

"Good morning Severus," Harry chuckled breathlessly.

He wrapped his arms around his lover, bringing him tighter, wanting nothing between them. He knew that he was ready…now more than ever.

Cut for Censors

He knew it was a silly thing to ask, but he needed for the older man to stay inside of him, to feel that connection. Snape stared at him with an unreadable expression on his face, then lowered Harry's legs and prompted him to roll on top of him so that they could stay joined.

"Thank you," Harry whispered against a pale nipple.

In that moment Harry knew nothing but complete and total happiness before drifting back to sleep, vaguely aware that Severus spoke.

"…You're welcome."

When Harry awoke, he found himself alone. He scanned the room, but Snape was gone. Throwing back the covers, Harry padded to the bathroom to find the robe that he saw there last night. Enfolding himself in the worn garment that smelled of his lover, he made his way out to the sitting room.

"Severus," Harry called out.

No one answered.

He walked around to peak into the small kitchenette. "Severus?"

No one was in there.

The sound of the front door opening pulled Harry back to the sitting room.

"Ah. You're awake." Snape, looking as sexy and seductive as ever, stood stiffly by the front door, hands clasped behind his back.

Harry noticed that Snape's demeanor was cold, his eyes hard.

It made him nervous.

"What's wrong," Harry asked, fighting desperately to sound composed.

"Nothing is the matter Potter," Snape's clipped words cut something inside of him.

"Harry," he insisted. "I'm Harry now. What's going on?"

Robes billowing, Snape stalked to the other side of the room, trying to distance himself from Harry. "What do you mean Potter?"

"Severus," Harry barked harshly as he crossed the room and grabbed the thin black robes. "Tell me right now. What's wrong with you? You were fine this morning and now…"

"Take your hands off me. What do you think we're doing? Do you think this mean something-" Harry only just caught the flash of emotion that went through Severus' onyx eyes, it was so fast.

Oh my gods….he's…he's….

Harry laughed at the shock of the realization. "Merlin, Severus…I….you're scared!"

"I am not!"

"You are! Why are you scared? Are you scared you might actually like me?"

Severus scoffed at the accusations and questions. " You are quite mistaken Potter, I am in no way scared. Why should I be scared? I have no such—"

Harry violently tugged on the robes clutched in his hands and viciously kissed the man. For a moment the lips were unyielding, but soon opened. Their tongues tangled, dueled for dominance. Severus moaned. It was the sexiest thing Harry had ever heard, but he reluctantly pulled backed.

They needed to talk.

"I know you like me. But…umm…What are we doing? What are we? Is this a…what is this?"

Harry couldn't believe he had asked. He braced himself for a snide, snarky comment, but was shocked by the uncertainty he heard in his lover's voice.

"I'm not…" Dark eyes held his then darted away.

Severus peeled himself out of his embraced, moved towards the sofa, and sat on it heavily. " That is to say… I don't know."

"You don't know," Harry replied with furrowed brow.

Snape clasped his hands inside his robes. "No. I- " he hesitated for a moment before speaking once more. "I must admit that I never intended for your detentions to turn out the way that they have. That is to say… I never thought, outside of humiliating you by undressing you, that…" the Potions Master took a steadying breath.

"You humiliated me by dumping that substance on me in front of my colleges and my students. Then had the nerve, the unmitigated gall to spy on me in my office. I was furious. I wanted you to pay. I wanted you to feel what I felt when you spied on me during my state of undress. But, if you had not… if you had not thrown yourself on me during Wednesday's detention...I never would have initiated a sexual relationship with you."

Harry, unable to look the man in the eye, bore a hole through the floor with his gaze. He hadn't thought about what had caused them to be in this situation and instantly felt remorse for his actions. Before…he hadn't thought that the man had feelings. Now…

"I'm sorry that I made you feel that way. Truly. I never…" Harry trailed off. "Do….do you regret it? Starting one I mean. A relationship with me. Because I don't. I can't," Harry softly spoke as he sat down next to his lover.

"No, as loathe as I am to admit it. I cannot fathom how I ended up in this place, but no I can't regret my time with you. I never would have thought myself capable of being made happy by anyone with the last name Potter," Severus admitted with only a touch of snark.

Harry moved into Severus' lap and placed his ear over his lover's heart, listening to the steady beat. "I'm glad I make you happy…that you're not sorry. I do truly like you Severus. I want to get to know you. I….I want to see what this…this thing between us turns into. Are you alright with that?"

Snape did not answer with words, but with confident actions. He captured Harry's lips with his own. Someone moaned, but neither knew whom. Slowly Snape withdrew. "Is that enough of an answer?"

"I don't know. I think I might need to hear it," Harry said coyly.

"If you need words, here they are. I am interested in perusing a relationship with you that is not solely based on our sexual chemistry. Though I would still like to explore that aspect as well."

Harry smiled brightly. "Good."

He had never been so happy, never had something so wonderful to look forward too. He and Severus were going to explore together. Be together. Let the gods themselves tremble if they dare try to tear them apart.

The lovers embraced again on the small sofa, falling just a bit more for the other. Taking their first step into the unknown.

To be continued… in the sequel The Yearning Year

Sunday Mornings, Saturday Nights is a reference a song by James Otto