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Well, here you go! The sequel to "Magic Mirror"!



"I don't know Celty… I'm just worried…" The blonde in a bartender uniform sat slouched on the park bench next to the legendary Headless Rider. He listened to the water fall into the fountain behind the bench while lighting yet another cigarette in an attempt to quell his anxiety.

The dullahan placed a hand on Shizuo's shoulder in a comforting way as she showed him the message on her PDA."[It's not like this is out of the ordinary for him or anything…]" She gave his shoulder a small reassuring pat before bringing her hand back to type again. "[He does jobs like this all the time.]"

"Yeah… But I just have this bad feeling…" Shizuo sighed. "And I've learned to trust my instincts."

It had officially been three months since the relationship between Shizuo and Izaya had begun. Only two months since Izaya approved the term 'boyfriend' to refer to the relationship they had. And just one month since the two had let the news work its way into the public.

In the past three months, Shizuo had seen much of what qualified as work to the informant, and most of the time, it didn't bother him. But when Izaya mentioned what this particular job entailed… Well, Shizuo had to resist the urge to tie Izaya up and not let him leave his apartment.

Apparently, Shiki was in the process of negotiating the trade of what he referred to as 'chocolate' (which Shizuo soon realized meant 'guns') with a group based in Russia. Izaya was asked to attend a meeting between this Russian group and the Awakusu-kai to serve as a translator, and to aid in the negotiation process.

The glint in his reddish-brown eyes told the blonde that Izaya was ecstatic about this… What he called an 'opportunity' to get more involved in Awakusu-kai dealings.

"It just seems so dangerous…" Shizuo said, leaning back against the bench. "…Being around those people… Even more so when guns are involved. Damn mobsters are so violent… I guess I'm just worried about Izaya's safety and all, you know?"

"[I understand, Shizuo. It's only natural for you to worry!]" At this, Shizuo nodded in agreement. "[But I'm telling you, he can handle himself. He knows how the underground works, so you're just going to have to trust him to get the job done quickly and safely.]"

"Yeah… I guess you're right…" Shizuo stood and put his cigarette out on the ground before turning to the dullahan. "Thanks, Celty."

Celty nodded her helmet, and stood up as well. "[See you later!]" She typed the message and showed it to Shizuo as she climbed on to her motorcycle.

Shizuo waved as Celty sped off on her bike and disappeared as she turned a corner. Slowly, Shizuo made his way back to his own apartment, hoping he would get a call from Izaya soon letting him know that his boyfriend was safe.


Behind the fountain Shizuo and Celty had been talking next to, a small group of teenagers sat listening in on the troubles of the Fortissimo of Ikebukuro. They sat in silence for a few minutes after the blonde left before one kid—the one with the largest build—addressed the small group.

"Well boys," Hitoshi began, "I think we know what we have to do."

One of the kids, about average height with dyed light brown hair and a knowledgeable look in his eyes, cleared his throat quietly before speaking. "You're not really thinking that's going to work, do you?"

"What's not going to work?" Another kid interjected. "I don't get it!"

Hitoshi seemed to ignore the first comment in favor of standing up on the ledge of the fountain as if it were a podium to announce his brilliant plan.

"Heiwajima Shizuo's weakness… Is that Orihara Izaya!" The gang leader said with a wide grin. "All we have to do is kidnap him, and BAM! We've got Shizuo in the palm of our hands!"


The sun had just begun to set when Izaya stepped out of the Awakusu-kai base in Ikebukuro. Taking a deep breath of the city air, Izaya stepped out into the streets filled with people going to a destination unknown to the informant. Not that it bothered him to be clueless as to what each person in his vicinity was thinking or anything. Actually, it intrigued him to think about how little he knew about each individual; yet at the same time, he knew everything about all of them since they were all the same in their basic nature.

But one had always been different. His newly appointed boyfriend, Heiwajima Shizuo, had always been somewhat of an enigma to the informant. Moreover, even after three months of talking to the man almost every day, Izaya still found predicting the blonde's actions easier said than done.

Even after three months, the blonde still managed to surprise the informant.

After three months, Izaya was still discovering things that he loved about Heiwajima Shizuo…

… Like the way he worried all the time.

Izaya chuckled to himself, suddenly remembering that he was supposed to call the brute as soon as he was finished with the meeting.

Pulling his cell phone from his coat pocket, Izaya quickly found the blonde's name and pressed the 'call' button.

After two rings, there was an answer. "Hello?"

"Hey Shizu-chan!" Izaya said cheerfully. "I'm alive and heading home now! Okay?"

Izaya heard Shizuo let out a long breath before he spoke again. "Good. So… How did it go?"

"Very well, actually. Everyone seemed happy." The informant said with a short nod.

"Okay. Just get home safely."

Izaya snickered a little at that. "Will do, Shizu-chan! See you tomorrow!"

"Alright. Bye."

Izaya slipped his phone back into his pocket continued walking until something behind him caught his attention.

"Well, what do we have here…?" He whispered to himself, turning into a nearby alley.


"Perfect! He went into an alley! Now's the best time!" Hitoshi said quietly turning to his fellow gang members. "Where's Takeru with the car?"

"Right around the corner, boss!" Another kid replied.

"Okay guys, let's go!" Hitoshi said, gesturing for the others to follow him.

The alley that Izaya walked into let out on the other side of the building. Hitoshi sent five of his gang members around the other side to cut the informant off, while the other five filed into the alley behind Izaya.

Hitoshi smiled when the informant stopped in his tracks when the first five of his gang entered the alley in front of Izaya. The gang leader could see Izaya turn to look over his shoulder, now realizing that he was surrounded.

Recalling their previous encounter with the informant left Hitoshi a little nervous about going on with this plan. Izaya was able to scale buildings, and not to mention he was skilled with that flick blade he carried with him all the time. He'd just have to confiscate it before the informant had a chance to use it…

Confident that they had successfully surrounded the informant and blocked all openings, Hitoshi felt a swell of pride for his gang's abilities.

"Well, well, well…" Hitoshi began, "Orihara Izaya. It seems that the rumors about you and Heiwajima Shizuo are true."

"Oh?" Izaya's eyes widened slightly in mock surprise while his tone remained very self-assured considering his situation. "Are you still after Shizu-chan, then? I thought I told you he's mine."

Izaya had his flick blade out and had it pointed at Hitoshi in an instant. Not willing to give the informant a chance to use it, Hitoshi made his call.


At this signal, the gang quickly moved in towards Izaya, reaching for his arms in an attempt to take the informant's weapon.

Izaya dodged the first few punches aimed at him, and managed to deliver a few small cuts to his attackers. The informant smiled to himself when he saw a bit of their blood drip onto the ground.

One of the teens kicked a trash can over in an attempt to get Izaya to lose his balance, but that was nothing considering Izaya had been dodging trash cans flying at him for roughly seven years.

However, suddenly the gang members' attacks seemed to be growing less random, until they all seemed to come to a silent agreement to move as a single unit.

Three of the teens managed to latch on to Izaya's right arm trying to stop his movement, while three others took firm hold of his left arm to prevent him from reaching his weapon with his non-dominant hand. Struggling in their grip, Izaya continued to grin to himself even though he was clearly at a disadvantage when unable to use his arms. Two more gang members aided in keeping the informant immobile by gripping his legs.

Deciding not to waste any more time, Hitoshi walked up to the now immobile informant, and pried the flick blade from his hand. Once he had successfully disarmed the informant, Hitoshi's confidence flooded back as he looked at the small knife in his hand. Smiling back at the informant, Hitoshi folded the blade closed and pocketed it.

Looking back at the informant's unnaturally calm face, the gang leader couldn't help but notice the hint of disgust while his gaze had followed Hitoshi's hand as he stowed the weapon. 'Ha. Probably disgusted in himself for giving up so easily!'

Hitoshi turned and nodded to the one teen left who held a bottle and a cloth in his hands.

"Really?" Izaya said when the bottle came into view. "Is that necess—"

The informant was cut off when the chloroform covered cloth was gracelessly shoved into his face, effectively forcing him unconscious. Once Izaya's body went limp in their hold, the gang quickly brought him out of the alley and into the car that had been parked directly at the opening of the alley.

"Quick, tie him up before he wakes up!" Hitoshi ordered, following the others into the car.


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