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The only things Shizuo could process were the feel of Izaya's warm hand around his, and seeing his coat swing back and forth as he ran. The image he just saw was burned into his eyes as he allowed Izaya to pull him away from the scene.

One thought resonated in Shizuo's mind as he ran.

Izaya was alive. Alive, and safe.

But how…?

Finally finding his voice, Shizuo stopped running, pulling on Izaya's hand to stop him as well. "Izaya!"

"What is it, Shizu-chan?" Izaya said, panting slightly. It was then that he remembered Izaya's injuries.

"You're bleeding… We should go see Shinra."

Smiling warmly, Izaya let out a small chuckle. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea…" He shrugged his injured arm, wincing slightly as the pain reminded him of his wounds. "Might need stitches or something…"

"So…"Shizuo began as Izaya led the way to Shinra's place, "Are you going to tell me what happened back there?"

"Do you really want to know, Shizu-chan?" Izaya questioned, looking straight ahead.

Grabbing Izaya's arms while avoiding any injuries, Shizuo spun the informant around so he could see his face. "Damn it flea, I've been running all around the fucking city for an hour worrying about you! OF COURSE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!"

"Mind your temper, Shizu-chan! I'm just messing with you!" Izaya teased, turning to continue walking towards Shinra's place while Shizuo followed closely behind.

"Just…" Shizuo paused to take a deep breath to calm himself. "Just tell me what happened."

"Well… Long story short, I let them kidnap me."

Shizuo stopped in his tracks at those words. "What?"

Izaya turned around and grabbed Shizuo's hand to keep him walking before he spoke again. "Okay, I didn't plan to get kidnapped today… But they showed up while I was on my way home, and I thought it might be fun to see where it would lead!"

Letting go of Izaya's hand, Shizuo sped up his steps so that he was walking beside the informant. "How the fuck is getting kidnapped fun?" He exclaimed.

Izaya pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "I didn't mean to make you worry. Really. You see, when they surrounded me, I could have just slipped between then and ran for it. But then I realized that they were the same kids who had been trying to kill you three months ago… And well…" Izaya trailed off. When he spoke again, his voice was much quieter. "I didn't want them going after you again… Even if they are completely incompetent…"

Realization hit Shizuo like a truck—and he knew from experience that this was an appropriate comparison for how he felt just now. Shizuo's chest actually hurt when he thought about Izaya experiencing pain on his behalf. Even though they both knew that those teens wouldn't be able to bring Shizuo down that easily, the blonde was touched that Izaya would go to such lengths just to be sure.

"Izaya… I understand. Thanks…"

Izaya turned to look at Shizuo for a moment before giving the blonde a short nod, and continuing his story. "Anyway… The one thing I wasn't expecting was for them to use chloroform on me… I'll admit that pissed me off a little, but… But when I woke up… Well, it wouldn't have taken a genius to figure out that they didn't tie me up very well."

There was a smile on Izaya's face as he watched the gears in Shizuo's head turn at his words. Izaya imagined smoke coming from the blonde's ears, and stifled a laugh at the mental image.

"Are you telling me that you—"

"—could have escaped any time I wanted, yes." Izaya finished Shizuo's thought for him, a little concerned that the strain of following Izaya's story might actually make smoke come from his ears.

"But you didn't… You… You let them hurt you. Why didn't you just leave as soon as you woke up?"

"Yes, it hurt a little. But the entire situation was just so interesting!" Izaya's eyes turned downcast, and his smile faded a bit with his next words, "And I will admit… I was a little curious to see if you'd actually come to rescue me…"

"Why wouldn't I?" Shizuo sounded taken aback by Izaya's 'curiosity'. "I thought you were going to be killed! I… I didn't want to lose you…"

Stopping abruptly, Izaya turned to Shizuo and wrapped his arms around him, burying his face into Shizuo's chest. "I know…" Izaya's words were muffled, "But… I just needed to see it happen with my own eyes…"

Feeling Izaya wince as Shizuo placed his hands on Izaya's shoulders reminded the blonde that his boyfriend still needed medical attention. Gently, he pried Izaya off of him, shifting his grip to hold Izaya's face in his hands. Shizuo paused for a moment to look into those eyes, thumbs lightly bushing across Izaya's cheekbones. Izaya simply stared back with eyes that suddenly looked exhausted.

"C'mon." Shizuo said, dropping his hands to hold one of Izaya's again. "We should get you to Shinra so he can look at your wounds."

"Okay." Izaya murmured with a short nod.


"Izaya! What happened to you?" Shinra's questioning began without even a proper greeting to his friend.

"Oh, nothing really…" Izaya pushed past Shinra, making his way towards the couch so he could rest. "I just got kidnapped is all!"

"On purpose." Shizuo added.

"What?" Shinra looked back and forth between the two as Izaya practically fell onto the couch. "Never mind… Just wait there while I go get the supplies and explain it to me while I take a look at you."

Shizuo went to sit on the opposite side of the couch to give Shinra some room to work as he returned with a small medical kit, rambling about how much he wishes his beloved Celty wasn't busy so she could be there to watch his "amazing medical skills put to work".

"Okay Izaya, let's take a look at that arm." Shinra chirped, noticing that was where most of the blood was coming from. "You're gonna have to take off your shirt."

Shizuo blushed slightly and looked away as Izaya did so, remembering that the last time he had seen Izaya's bare chest, the two of them had been… Doing some fairly indecent things…

After a few moments, he found the courage to look back, watching Shinra poke and prod at two rather deep cuts on Izaya's left arm.

Shinra nodded to himself a few times with that goofy smile on his face. "Yeah, you're going to need some stitches." Shinra reached into his medical kit and retrieved a small bottle and a syringe. "I'm just going to give you a local anesthetic before I start, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah…" Izaya rolled his eyes. "Just get it over with, Shinra…"

"Oh, and Shizuo?" Shinra said turning to face to blonde. "Could you go in the kitchen and grab an icepack for Izaya? His cheek is starting to get a little swollen."

Shizuo returned and handed the icepack to Izaya, who took it and pressed it to his left cheek. When Shinra injected the anesthetic, Shizuo saw Izaya wince as the needle went in.

"Oi, Shinra. Be careful with that."

Izaya let out a small laugh. "Shizu-chan, you don't have to be so protective. It's just a shot."

"Yeah, well…" Shizuo trailed off, knowing that Izaya was right.

There was silence for a moment as Shinra began stitching up Izaya's arm. "So," Shinra said with a sigh, "Are either of you going to tell me what happened?"

"Ah, yes." Izaya said tearing his eyes away from the apparently fascinating sight of Shinra sewing his skin back together. "Long story short, some gang members who wanted Shizu-chan dead decided it would be a good idea to kidnap me, so I let them do it because it sounded entertaining."

Shizuo made a small "Hmph" noise at Izaya's oversight of the trauma that Shizuo endured while he thought Izaya was in danger.

Shinra seemed to pick up on Shizuo's side of the story though. "So you made Shizuo worry because you were bored? Izaya, that's kind of cruel, isn't it?"

"Shinra, how long have you known me? I don't do things like this without a legitimate reason."

"Ah, right. You can always justify your heartless actions." Shinra said plainly, finishing up the final stitches on Izaya's arm.

"You're so mean, Shinra!" Izaya protested, flinching while Shinra finished cleaning the wound as the anesthetic wore off.

"Did you even apologize, Izaya?" Shinra asked while cleaning and bandaging Izaya's other minor abrasions.

Izaya let out a small chuckle, and shrugged his good arm. "Heh… I guess I didn't…" Standing up after Shinra put the last bandage on, Izaya stood behind the couch and wrapped his arms around Shizuo's shoulders. "I'm sorry, Shizu-chan." Izaya leaned in closer as his next words were barely a whisper. "And I love you."


The walk back to Izaya's apartment was fairly quiet. Izaya could sense that Shizuo didn't completely forgive him, and as much as he hated to admit it, the guilt was starting to weigh on to his conscience. By the time Izaya was unlocking his door, Shizuo had just finished his third cigarette in a row without speaking a word. And as if to make him feel even worse, Shizuo didn't even follow Izaya through the door until the informant physically pulled him inside.

"Shizu-chan… I…" Izaya paused to look Shizuo in the eyes, hoping the blonde would understand that he really meant his next words. "I really am sorry for worrying you."

Shizuo let out a long sigh, making Izaya think he really wasn't going to forgive him. Until…

"I forgive you, Flea." He said with a small smile beginning to form on his lips.

Izaya smiled back at the use of that name, and was about to comment on it when Shizuo quickly grabbed Izaya and forced him up against the wall.

"I forgive you, as long as you promise to never do it again." Without any warning, Shizuo's lips crushed Izaya's in a dominating kiss that made Izaya shudder under the touch, and left his body tingling when he pulled away.

"Mmm…" Izaya grinned at his boyfriend, "Maybe I will if this is the result…"

"Flea…" Shizuo said threateningly.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" Leaning close, Izaya gently touched his lips to Shizuo's again. "I promise."

"Good" Shizuo said, sounding relieved.

Izaya leaned into Shizuo, resting his head in the crook of his neck. "I'm tired…" He whispered.

"Well, let's get you to bed then."

Suddenly, gravity was gone as Izaya was quickly lifted off of his feet and into Shizuo's arms, the blonde carrying him across the apartment bridal style.

"Hey, I can still walk on my own! Put me down, you damn protozoan!"

"Nope. You owe me for making me worry so much today. This is part of your punishment."

Izaya crossed his arms across his chest, and gave Shizuo the best theatrical pout he could manage. "Fine."

There was no point in arguing with the brute when he was tired anyway. Whatever 'punishment' Shizuo had in mind, Izaya was sure he could handle it.

After all, he is Orihara Izaya. If Shizuo wanted a humiliation-based war, Izaya could do just that.

These next few days will be very interesting… Won't they, Shizu-chan?


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