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[Calling]: Communication through communication link or phone.

(Ichika POV)

It was dark; it was so dark that I cannot see anything. My hands and body were bind, that much I am sure of for I can feel the ropes around my body. I cannot believe my luck, of all the times to get in trouble, more specifically kidnap it has to be in the eve of the Mondo Grosso quarterfinals. 'Damn, I want to watch my sister defend her title.' I helplessly thought as I tried to loosen my bindings. 'Those guys did a good job.' I groaned in my thoughts. This is not the time to compliment those scumbags.

I cannot believe this, I absolutely cannot believe this. How can I allow myself to be kidnap?

"I need to get out of here." I muttered to myself as I felt the ropes bruising by wrist but I couldn't care less. The only thing I care about is getting out of here alive, in time to watch my sister win the Mondo Grosso.

I suddenly stopped moving when I hear the door slowly being open. Several scenarios began to run in my mind, none of them ending well.

'Am I going to die here? Alone, without even telling my sister how much I truly appreciate her, how much she means to me.' I thought in dread as I waited for my maker to take my life away, sweat pouring down my head, fear dominating my very being.

I waited grimly as I hear footsteps nearing my position, the sound of sobbing clearly recognizable…Wait a minute, sobbing, somebody is crying? I raise my head and almost choke in my own saliva when I saw a girl just about my age (10) being dragged inside the room. She has blue hair and dark red eyes, and she was wearing an expensive looking, casual dress with two hairpins on both sides of her head. She was balling her eyes out as the person who was dragging her pulled her by the hair forcefully. Seriously, that guy is a scum, treating a young girl like that, unforgivable.

I watched helplessly as that person threw the little girl to the chair in front of me, causing it to fall down, and the back of the girl's head hit the hard concrete below. She gasped in pain and I tried to control my anger as I watch helplessly on.

"Stand up," The person yanked the girl up to her feet and shoved her to the chair forcefully. "If it weren't for the fact that you are worth money, you would be dead by now." The person sneered at her as he tied her to the chair. I averted my eyes at this, feeling sick to my stomach.

After a minute or so, I heard a loud slapping sound, and that was my limit. I broke the ropes that were binding my hands but I did not move, my commonsense telling me to wait. I hear the person walking away from the girl and stood in front of me. I did not react and merely pretended to sleep. "Get out of here; get out of here please get out of here." I mumbled repeatedly as I clench my fist tightly. I hear the man snort before walking out of the dark room.

I waited for the man to close and lock the door before moving. I loosen the ropes that tied my body to the chair, wondering why they didn't use handcuffs or chains, those things were impossible to break. As I broke free from my bindings, I slowly made my way towards the crying girl, I move slow and careful to not frighten her. It seems that she was crying pretty loudly as she did not notice me kneeling in front of her.

"You poor girl." I said with a gentle tone as I slowly lifted her chin so that I could have a good look of her. The first thing I notice when I lifted her head was that she was wearing glasses and tears were falling down her cheeks, a red slap mark easily seen on her right cheeks.

'Chomp!' I jerked my hand away from her when she suddenly bit my fingers. "GET AWAY!" She shouted at me as she squirmed in her bindings. I startled her. "Otōsan! Okāsan! Oneesan!" She yelled repeatedly and I panic immediately. I could not have our captors realized that I have broken free from my bindings.

Thinking quickly, I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a warm embrace. "Calm down, calm down, I'm not going to hurt you." I whispered to her as I began to hum a lullaby Chifuyu-nee sang whenever I feel afraid.

It seems that the lullaby work as the girl calmed down a little and stopped squirming, that's good. I quickly break the embrace and pressed my forehead to hers. I gave her a small smile as I wiped the tears off her eyes. "You're very pretty" I told her the first things that that came up to my mind as I patted her on the head. She blushed at that, which I found very cute.

I quickly undid her bindings but before she could stand, I motion for her to remain seated. "Not yet," I told her as I glanced at my surroundings, trying to find at least a weapon to use. I smiled a bit when I spotted a lead pipe, it wasn't too big but it's useable, and that's all I needed.

I retrieve the lead pipe and slowly walk towards the door. I knew for a fact that there are guards outside the room so it is better to incapacitate them. "Chifuyu-nee, here is all the self-defense training you force me to take for the past five years." I muttered, praying to Kami-sama, to Jesus, to Buddha, and to Allah that this works.

I took a deep breath before knocking at the door as hard as I could. I waited anxiously for a reaction, for the reaction that I want. After a second, the longest second of my life, I got my reaction. Three armed men stormed into the room and I was ready for them.

I swung the pipe as hard as I can on the kneecap of the nearest man, and I think I shattered the bone because I heard a distinct cracking sound. I followed it with a swift blow on the side of the neck, causing the man to collapse to the ground. I then swung the pipe horizontally to knock the gun that was pointed at me away before hitting the man on the ribs, causing him to kneel. With a swift blow of the crown, the man drops face first. Before the last armed man can approach me, I close the distance between us and delivered a swift kick on his 'jewels' before hitting him across the head. The man's head jerk sideways and I swore to Kami-sama that there was a loud cracking sound just before he fall face first on the concrete floor.

I took a deep breath before glancing at the girl who was kidnap just like me. She was gazing at me with an awestruck look. I smiled at her as I extended my hand towards her. "Let's get out of here." I told her with a gently smile as I took a phone from one of the unconscious man.

The girl did as she was told and walk towards me. Looks like I am still going to watch my sister in the finals of Mondo Grosso. I just hope her opponents are able to stall her long enough.

(Scene Change) (Ichika POV)

The unknown girl and I have been sneaking around the huge building where we are held captive for ten minutes now and I cannot help but marvel at how lucky we are. We're clearly in some Military Base; I have seen enough of those thanks to my sister's frequent visits to military bases throughout Japan. In the ten minutes of our search for the nearest exit, no one had seen us. Either our captives are unaware of our escape or they just left us in that room alone, with three armed personnel guarding us, for dead.

"How big is this place?" The girl that was holding my hand asked as we went down another floor. We have been through five floors already, all of them leading into a staircase and a long corridor. Who was the nutcase who designed this base? Has that person heard the term less is more or the bigger they are the harder they fall?

"Just keep running." I told her before hearing some footsteps. I quickly opened a utility closet and push her in; I followed and close the door.

"Sorry," I muttered as I held her close, my arms on her shoulders. The utility closet was small and it has several cleaning supplies in it, and because we are both average size ten year olds, it occupied us both with great difficulty. She blushed a bit and I don't blame her, the temperature inside this utility closet is very hot.

There was an awkward silence between us since we left that dark room, not that I blame her for not talking to me. After all, she technically trusted her life to a complete stranger, to me. I will not let her down.

"Can you tell me your name?" Normally, in our current situation, silence would be good, but this kind of silence is just plain out awkward.

"K-Ka-Kanzashi Sarashiki," She answered me shyly, her voice trembling a bit. She is still afraid, maybe even traumatize of what happened to her, not that I blame.

"I'm Ichika Orimura," I introduced myself to her in a soft voice. We do not need those guards knowing our current position. "In normal circumstances, I would say nice to meet you, Sarashiki-san, but…" I trailed off a bit, causing her to chuckle, albeit weakly, at my joke. Anything to lighten her mood would be good in our situation.

After her weak chuckle, our eyes met and I finally had the displeasure of looking at her fear filled eyes. Girls like her should not have eyes like that. I tried to think of way to lighten her mood and suddenly remembered the phone I stolen from one of our captors. Taking the phone from my pocket, I suddenly have an idea.


"Y-Yes," Need to do something about that stuttering.

"Here," I handed the phone to her. "Call your parents, let them know you're safe." For the time being but I did not dare say those words.

"W-W-What about you?" She asked me with a shaky tone. "Won't your parents worry too?"

I chuckled bitterly at that. "I don't have parents." I told her with a rueful tone. Sarashiki-san was stunned at this but I shook my head. "Call your family, and after that, give the phone to me." I told her too close all the subject regarding my parents. Chifuyu-nee and I didn't need them for ten years; we certainly didn't need them now.

Sarashiki-san looked at me for a second before entering a number in the mobile phone, with a deep sigh, she press the call button. There was static for about five seconds before a deep voice echoed inside the small, compact room.

[Who is this?]

"Otōsama, it's me." Sarashiki-san said, and I held her closer because of the fear that her voice was emitting. I really don't like seeing a scared girl.

There was silence for a while and I fear that her parents cut her off but that doubt vanished immediately when I heard a loud shout. [KANZASHI!] That reply came from several people, and I am glad for Sarashiki-san for having a caring family.

But we have one, small problem. THEY WERE TOO LOUD.

The door of the utility closet suddenly open, and the guards looked shock at the sight of us. Using the element of surprise, I quickly smash their faces with the lead pipe that I was carrying before picking up Sarashiki-san bridal style and running as fast as my legs could carry. Not before grabbing another phone.

"Tell them to keep their voice down." I hissed as I heard the guards screaming at us to get back. Fat chance that would happen.

[Kanzashi-chan, are you okay? Are you hurt? Who are you with?] A feminine voice asked hysterically between sobs. Must be her mother.

"I'm okay," Sarashiki-san answered her voice calming down a bit after hearing the voice of that woman. "I'm with another person, he was kidnapped too." Glad she mentioned me.


WAIT A MINUTE, are they shooting at us? PLEASE TELL ME THEY ARE NOT SHOOTING AT US. My question was answered and my hopes were shattered by the sound of MULTIPLE gunfire. "Come on," I groaned as I search for a place to hide.


"Father please, keep your voice down." That's a little too late. I kicked the door open across us before gently laying Sarashiki-san on the floor. I quickly close and lock the door before using everything my hands could reach to barricade it. As I barricade the door, I eavesdropped at Sarashiki-san conversation with her parents.

[Are you okay? Were you shot?]

"Otōsama, calm down, I am okay." I'm glad Sarashiki-san has settled down her nerves. "Ichika-kun saved me." When did I become Ichika-kun, we've just met.


"Ichika Orimura, he was kidnapped by the same people who took me. He saved me from my kidnapers."

[Then we owe him a great deal.]

"Don't get your hopes up?" I exclaimed loudly as I pushed the last object my hands could reach on the door, praying that it will take them time to break through the barricade door. "We're safe for now but we are trap." Guns behind us and if my guess is correct, a huge fall in the front. Thank God they don't have I.S. with them.

"Orimura-san," Sarashiki-san called worriedly.

I raised my hand at her before giving her a weak smile. "Talk to your parents for a while." I told her as I grabbed the phone that I swiped from the grunt that I took down. I dialed a number before pressing the phone on my ear. I half-wish that she doesn't answer my call.

[I'm busy, who is this?] My life and luck suck so much.

"Chifuyu-nee, are you in the finals already?" I asked, smiling at the sound of my sister's voice. This may be the last time I hear her voice.

[ICHIKA!] I flinched as my sister yelled my name. This isn't good. [WHERE ARE YOU?]

"Calm down, Chifuyu-nee,"

[CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN, YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN WHILE YOU'RE BEING HELD CAPTIVE BY SOME PEOPLE!] Who was the dumb ass who told my sister of my current situation?

"Chifuyu-nee, I'm alright, I was able to escape." For a bit anyway but I hoped that calmed her down.

[You are still in danger, aren't you?] My sister is halfway across the world and she still can read my mind. She is so amazing.

Seeing that I can't lie to her, I told her of my current predicament. "I barricaded a door between me and several grunts with guns. I am together with another victim and we are in a room…" I scanned the room for a bit and I was startled when I saw an I.S… This was a hangar.

[Ichika, are you still there?] I ignored my sister as I walk towards the Inactive Form of the I.S…

"Chifuyu-nee, I found our way out." I told my sister gleefully as I glanced at Sarashiki-san. "Sarashiki-san, come here for a bit." I called her as the girl in question looked at me for a bit before walking towards me, the phone discarded on the floor. Is she done talking with her parents?

"What is it, Orimura-san?" Sarashiki-san asked me while looking at me curiously. Strange, all the fear I saw in her eyes suddenly vanished.

Must be the doing of her parents.

"Do you know how to use an I.S.?" I asked her hopefully as I tapped the machine in front of me.

Sarashiki-san looked surprised at that question before glancing at the machine behind me. Her eyes widen at the sight of the I.S. "That's a Raphael, a 2nd Generation Multipurpose I.S., the first ever multipurpose I.S. ever produce." Sarashiki-san commented. She is well inform.

[He is asking you if you can pilot it, not its specs!] No need to shout Chifuyu-nee. When did I turn the phone to speaker?

Sarashiki-san flinched at the sound of my sister's voice, and I don't blame her. My Chifuyu-nee can really be scary. It took Sarashiki-san a second to regain her composure before shaking his head.

I groaned softly at that. "Chifuyu-nee, can you give her a crash course in piloting an I.S.? It's a matter of life and death." As I finished saying those words, a small explosion could be heard just across us.

Not now, we need more time.

My sister seemed to hear that explosion because her voice became uncharacteristically loud. [Give the phone to that girl, NOW!] I shoved the phone to Sarashiki-san's hands and pray to Kami-sama that we'll live through this. I wanted to experience acting like an overprotective and possessive little brother if my sister ever gets a boyfriend.

[Listen to me and listen well, the only thing you need to know to operate an I.S. is that it reacts to your mind and body. It is basically a….] Another explosion shook the room causing Sarashiki-san to almost drop the phone. I caught the phone and accidently touch the I.S…

Something strange happened the moment my hands touch the machine.

As soon as my finger brushed the armor of the I.S., a bright light flashed. Suddenly a wealth of information poured into my brain. Everything about the I.S. suddenly flooded into me, from operation methods to capabilities, characteristics, movement range, and current equipment. The sensation of the IS's armor surrounding my body was amazing. In addition to the information I received, my senses were also enhanced hundred folds. I could suddenly see everything around me in perfect clarity; I could even hear the heartbeat of Sarashiki-san, whom was currently looking at me in awe. My whole body felt as light as a feather, yet strong.

"Orimura-san," Sarashiki-san called me. "You're a boy right?"

"Yes, yes I am." I answered as the I.S. suddenly emitted a loud buzzing sound before a hologram screen appeared beside me. I glanced at the screen and I was startled to see my sister's face. She looks startled, much like me, which was unlike her. Wait a minute; did I call my sister in the middle of her match? I hope she's done with her opponent, I do not desire to be a distraction.

[Ichika, are you piloting the I.S.?] My sister is as shock as I am. If my memory serves me right, only women are capable of using the Infinite Stratos.

I was brought back to reality when I heard another explosion from behind. Ok, need to get out of here first, and then panic about this later. "Chifuyu-nee, how do I move this thing?" I asked frantically as I grabbed Sarashiki-san and searched for the nearest exit.

[Just move your body, the I.S. will respond to your movements.] I did as I was told and run to the nearest wall. Strangely, I felt fast, agile even. [Request for the armament and tell me what weapons do your suit have.]

"Armaments," I shouted and another screen appeared in front of me. "Chifuyu-nee, I have a bazooka, a rifle, and a knife."

Chifuyu-nee adopted a calculating look before nodding. [Is your suit capable of Ignition Boost? Is it an Aerial type or a Hover type?] Ignition-what, Aer-what, ah damn it; I don't understand all that jargon.

"Hey, are you capable of using Ignition Boost and what type are you?" I asked the I.S. like an idiot. Surprisingly, it responded. "It's an Aerial type and yes, this suit is capable of Ignition Boost, but the suit can only use it for three minutes, and it has seven minutes cool down."

[That would do, use the Bazooka to make an exit, and then run as fast you can.] My sister instructed me. Acting dumb, I did as I was told. I requested for the bazooka, and surprisingly, it materialized in my right-shoulder. Man, Tabane-san really outdid herself.

"Sarashiki-san, hold on tight." I told her as I held her with my left arm before mounting the bazooka on my right shoulder. The aiming system quickly locked on to my target, which was pretty useless, seeing that my target is a wall. I fired two shots and the explosion dismantled the wall, leaving a gaping hole.

Another explosion echoed in the hangar, and I saw from my I.S.'s sensors that two enemy I.S., the same model as what I am using, stormed into the room. I aimed the bazooka at them, and fired four shots before dematerializing the bazooka. I did not bother to look at the damage I cause as I willed the I.S. to fly. It did as I wish as it flew straight through the hole.

[Activate the Ignition Boost, and get as far away as possible.] I could hear the fear in my sister's voice. God, I'm a lousy brother, worrying my sister like. Bad, Ichika, bad.

'Ignition Boost, please work.' I thought, not knowing how to use that piece of technology. Luckily, the I.S. responded with my plea and the sudden burst of speed almost cause me to let go of Sarashiki-san but I held firm. I will not drop her to her death; I will never forgive myself if that happened.

For a minute and a half, I held Sarashiki-san as tight as I could for me not to drop her. The speed that the I.S. was currently moving was surprising. Does my sister fight like this every time? After the longest two minutes of my life, the acceleration stopped and I flew in moderate speed, speed that I could bare. I then noticed that it was already night. The moon was up, and the stars shone brightly around it.

"If it weren't for the fact that our lives are on the line, this would be the coolest thing I've ever done in my life." I commented as the immediate danger finally seize.

[Don't get cocky, idiot.] Even thought she said that, the relief in Chifuyu-nee's voice was evident. She truly did care about me.

"I know, I know, they have I.S. as well so I should focus in getting to safety." I said weakly before smiling at her. "Aren't you supposed to be preparing for you fight?" I asked her with a cheeky tone.

My sister smiled before snorting. [I'm already in the finals; my opponent is currently being decided.] That means I've been held captive for at least six hours. Time flies when you're thinking of ways on how to escape.

"Hey, Chifuyu-nee, win this one, okay." I don't know the reason why I got kidnap but sitting in that cold room for hours gave me a theory. I did not belong to an important, or a rich, or an influential family, so the only reason for me would to get kidnap is to prevent my sister from winning the Mondo Grosso.

[I don't care about the tournament anymore; I am flying over there right now.] No way, I am not going to cost my sister the victory that is rightfully hers. I would be the worst brother in the world if I allow that to happen.

"Chifuyu-nee, don't forfeit your match."

[Why shouldn't I? You're more important than some title.] I love you too, sis.

"Because you're going to do what those people that kidnapped me wants you to do." That caught her attention. "Think for a second, why would they kidnap me in the eve of the quarterfinals of the Mondo Grosso. Whoever kidnapped me knew that you are a front runner in winning this tournament and they want to make sure that you lose. I can't have that in my conscious, Chifuyu-nee, I just can't. Whoever is your opponent, she is no match for you, your second Mondo Grosso title is guaranteed. Don't give up your glory for my sake." I begged her desperately.

[I don't care about glory, I care about you.] Chifuyu-nee is so sweet.

"And I care about you too, Chifuyu-nee. You're the most important person in my life, and I want you to have the glory that is rightfully yours." I told her sincerely and firmly. "I'll be safe, I assure you. I'm your little brother, and even thought I am not as strong as you, I am capable of taking care of myself." I said those words to convince myself, and she knows it.

[What kind of an older sister am I if I didn't protect you while people are trying to hurt you?]

"And what kind of a little brother am I if I cause your downfall?" I replied, feeling the tears falling down from my eyes. "I am sorry that your little brother is so weak, but I am grateful for having such a perfect sister like you. You're everything I want and needed in my life, you're my only family, and as your little brother, I want you to have everything, including this victory. So please, I beg you, don't quit because of me. I can't live with myself if that happens." I told her as I openly cried in front of her.

(Scene Change) (Chifuyu POV)

Halfway across the world, Orimura Chifuyu was in the verge of tears for the first time in her life because of the words her brother told her. Those were the sweetest words that she had ever heard, and it came from her most beloved treasure.

[Trust me with this, Chifuyu-nee, the first thing you'll see when you get home, will be me, congratulating you.] He assured me and as much as I want to doubt those words, as much as I want to fly from Germany to Japan just to make sure he is safe, I just can't. I cannot dare break his belief in me as the strongest.

With a sigh of defeat, I conceded. "Get to our house, and hide in the security room. Don't get out until I get you out." I instructed him with a firm tone.

[I understand, stop worrying about me, Chifuyu-nee.] That will never happen. [Do you have an opponent to demolish?] Ichika no baka, focus.

"Let me worry about that, worry about yourself." I told him fiercely. Whoever will be my opponent, I will tell you right now, you will not last a minute against me. "Go now, get to safety."

[I know, Chifuyu-nee.] Then hurry up and get to safety, your killing me here.



[I love you,] As the communication line between me and my brother was cut off, those words stunned me.

Ichika, my little brother, had never said those three words to me before. I knew, I always knew he appreciates me and all the things I have done to him, but I am his older sister, it's my responsibility to take care of him. But I never would have thought that he…That he would…

[Seeing that your brother is out of harm's way is it safe to say that the deal is now null and void.] My musing was interrupted when I heard the female, German General that was helping me locate my brother through the public communication link. [I pity, we wasted a lot of resources just to locate your brother.]

"Is my opponent in the finals decided yet?" I asked her, as I prepared my weapon.

[The last semifinal fight will take place in twenty minutes.] That is not good enough.

"Let's make another deal." I told her firmly as I head to the arena. "If you grant this favor, I will go through in my end of the bargain in our original deal."

[Name it,] Just to get me to teach a bunch of brats, they would give me everything I want. They must be really desperate to improve the quality of their I.S. corps.

"Insert me in the next match; the finals will now be a three way fight." I told her coolly as I stop to wait for her respond. "As the host of the Second Mondo Grosso, you have the means to make that happen."

I waited patiently for a reply, wanting to win this damn tournament for my brother before flying back to Japan to ensure his safety. After a second, she responded. [Give me five minutes.] That is what I want to hear.

The link was cut off and I decided to call an old, annoying friend through a private link, a communication link exclusive to me. "Tabane,"

[Hello, Hi hi? Every day!]

"You are lucky that my brother is worth contacting you." I told her with a semi-irritated tone.

[Ah yes, Ikkun's kidnapers.] I growled loudly at that. [Chill, Chill, Chi-chan, I've already wipe them out, no survivors.]

"Are you sure?" I am not surprise at Tabane's ability to kill people; in fact, she earned herself a hug from me the very next time we meet.

[Sure, I'm sure, I, the perfectly flawless and the wonderful genius; Shinonono Tabane will always eliminate those who tried to hurt my precious people, using means that would make their last moments as memorable as possible.] The cheerfulness in her tone unnerved me a bit but I quickly brush that feeling off.

"One more thing, about my brother…" I trailed off, knowing she already knew about this development.

[Not my doing, I am as surprise as you and Ikkun. Though, I would admit, this is interesting.]

"If you even think of using my brother as a test rat, I will bury you so far down the ground, that not even you will be able to dig yourself out." I threatened, my voice shaking with rage.

[Chi-chan, relax, no need to go medieval on me.] Why do I have the sudden urged to break that woman's neck? [Still, do you intend to give Ikkun the White Knight?]

"That goes beyond saying." I ended the call at that note. Ichika, Otōto, you gave your Nee-chan a new reason to live. I will make sure that you surpass me.

The White Knight will rise again.

[Orimura Chifuyu, its time,]

It's time to get this over with. Those two better prepare for I intend to destroy them. After all, my brother is expecting me to win.

(Scene Change) (Kanzashi Sarashiki POV)

This day has been so strange. First, I was kidnapped by some strange people, then I was save by a rather dashing boy, and the said boy piloted an I.S. to help us escape, which is strange by itself because last I check, there is no known male pilot of an I.S., and now, I am sitting in a comfortable sofa, inside of a fancy looking bunker that he calls a security room. Orimura-san provided me with a blanket which is now wrapped around me. The TV was on and it was showing the finals of the second Mondo Grosso. Apparently, Orimura-san's sister is the famed I.S. champion of the first Mondo Grosso…

Let me correct myself, Orimura-san's sister is the famed two times Mondo Grosso champion.

"That's my sister," I hear Orimura-san mumbled pride evident in his voice. He was startled when he found her sister fighting two opponents but calmed down immediately when he witnessed her dominating her rivals. Seeing that smiled on Orimura-san's face, I quickly became baffled. Why is he so happy?

With a sigh of relief, he turned off the TV before looking at me with a gentle expression. "Do you want me to prepare the bed for you. It's ten in the evening and you must be exhausted." He offered me with a smile that causes my heart to beat rapidly. Why is he so nice to a complete stranger?

I did not answer him but regardless, he went to the only bed in the bunker and started preparing it. He is such a strange boy.

Suddenly, the events of the day suddenly dawn to me. I was kidnapped by some unknown people, I was saved by a complete stranger who is as old as me, and I wasn't even able to help him. A feeling of dread washed over me as I felt so useless. How can I depend on a stranger to take care of me?

I curled myself up in a fetal position, trying to give myself comfort. If it was my Oneechan in this position, she would have helped Orimura-san escape, and knowing her, she might have even piloted that I.S… Why can't I be as strong as her?

"Are you okay?" I raised my head and saw Orimura-san looking at me, his eyes showing worry. Don't look at me like that, not with those eyes, please. "I know you're afraid, I am too, but we are safe now, that I assure you." He told me with a smile as he tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. Why is he so gentle to a stranger like me?

"Why are you so strong?" I asked him, my voice desperate. Why can't I be strong? Why can't I be like my perfect sister?

Orimura-san looked at me quizzically for a second before sitting next to me in the sofa, his face suddenly looking solemn. "I am not strong, in fact, I am weak. " He told me with a sad smile. "Since the day I was born, I depended on my sister, my strong and wonderful sister. My sister, Chifuyu-nee is the kind of person who could have everything in the world, but she held back because she had to take care of her weak and useless little brother. All her strength, beauty, skills, and power, they are all wasted because she thinks that she is obligated in taking care of me, but in fact, for my sister to have everything she deserves, I am willing to give up my life." Orimura-san suddenly stopped and I cannot help but be taken back. Is he serious, if he really serious? I glanced at Orimura-san's face, and I was stunned at the smile on his face.

"I almost cost my sister her victory today; I really am useless." He chuckled bitterly at that but still, his tone, it is so confusing. "But still, even though my sister would be better off without me, I continue to live on, thinking to myself, 'I'll do whatever she cannot do' and our relationship revolved around that. My sister, as perfect as she is, has some flaws and I did my best to compensate for those. For example, she is very bad in anything that involves housework, so I was the one who takes care of her whenever she's home." I chuckled at that.

Orimura-san and I, we are the same after all; we both have sisters that is out of our reach. But unlike me, Orimura-san was not constantly compared to his sister, and he willingly decided to be his sister's pillar of support. I envy him for his outlook in life.

"But you know what," Orimura-san continued and his words were really enticing me. "We are humans, it's fine to be weak, it's okay to cry, it fine to be a coward, it's okay to be unreasonable, it's okay to irresponsible, it's okay to be selfish, because…"

"We're human…?" I answered; my voice did not held fear this time around.

"That's right," Orimura-san used his fingers to wipe the tears that were falling from my eyes. I did not notice that I am already crying. "Those imperfections, those faults, those things make us human, and those things also makes us beautiful, unique." Why, why is my heart beating uncontrollably with every word he says? Why am I having such a pleasant feeling from just hearing his voice?

I was so deep in my thoughts that I yelped in surprised when he suddenly carried me in his arms, bridal style. I blushed when I accidently press my head on his chest. My heart, my heart felt like it was going to explode. "You called me strong, thank you, but in reality, I'm not strong. I'm...not strong at all." He said so firmly, and I couldn't answer back. He had such strength, and yet he said that he wasn't strong. I really couldn't understand.

"But if you claim that I'm strong, I would be because I want to become strong, and that's why I would be strong." He laid me in a comforting bed and I cannot help but marvel at the sight of his brown eyes. How could eyes like that posses such passion, such beauty? What did I do to be in the caring arms of someone so wonderful like Orimura-san?

"And there's something I want to do after I become strong." He pressed his forehead to mine; I could feel his breath prickling in my skin. It was such a wonderful, divine feeling. "I want to protect my sister, my everything, and my friends using my all; I just want to fight for my friends and for my sister with my all. I want to stand equal with my perfect sister." He caresses my cheeks before wiping the tears that remained in my eyes.

Am I dead, am I dreaming? Because there is no way that an angel like him can exist in this imperfect world?

"And because of that, Kanzashi Sarashiki." My heart skipped a beat when he said my name. Why did my name sound so beautiful when he uttered it? "I'll protect you too." There are no words to desribe this feeling that washed over me.

Those four words shattered my world.

Everything inside me came undone as I stared at the angel that saved me from an unknown fate. All the lines that held me to my life shattered, like a glass falling to the ground. Everything that made me who I was- my love for my family, my discontent and admiration for my sister, my loyalty to my family's mission, my home, my name, my self- disconnected from me in that second.

My entire life shattered before reforming right in front of my eyes, in the form of this dashing angel.

My heart moved.

My rapidly beating heart indicated that in front of him, I was just a 10 year old girl, an ordinary 10 year old girl that has the right to be afraid, to be imperfect.

-Orimura, Ichika.

Is that your name? Is that the name of the person who I have fallen in love with?

Is that the name of my everything?

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