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[Calling]: Communication through communication link or phone.

In a dark room, five women were being briefed for their upcoming mission. "Ladies, this one is our target.I want her to be brought back alive." Their leader ordered as she pointed at a picture of a girl with light blue hair and glasses.

This was the same girl that they had just kidnapped yesterday.

"And what about the boy, what will we do to him?" One of the five asked.

"Kill him; he is useless to us now." The leader replied with barely a thought to the boy in question.


The sound of the safety of a gun being removed was heard as psychotic laughter echoed around the room. "I'll do it, I'll kill him." The youngest one said in a gleeful tone.

"Fine, he is yours, M, but do not kill anybody but him. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?" Their commander shouted at the youngest one there.

M smiled sadistically as she gave their commander a nod. "I'll try to resist, but no guarantees." She laughed again as her commander gave a sigh.

(Scene Change) (Normal POV)

"I'm sorry for troubling you so much." Kanzashi apologized as she stared at the ground while Ichika placed a tray of food in front of her. She couldn't believe that the angel that saved her would serve her breakfast in bed.

Ichika patted her on the head while giving her a smile, not knowing the effect it had on Kanzashi. "Sarashiki-san, you are my guest, I should treat you properly." Ichika stated with a firm tone. Her stomach growled in hunger because of the aroma that the food was emitting, much to her embarrassment.

Ichika didn't laugh at her embarrassment and merely gave her an understanding smile. "I don't know about you, but I haven't eaten a thing since yesterday afternoon." Both of their stomach's growled in unison, causing both of them to chuckle. "We should eat to regain our strength. Don't worry, I'm a good enough cook and I didn't put anything funny in your food." Ichika assured her before eating a loaf of bread himself. Ichika had cooked a well-balanced meal for his guest while he settled for ten loaves of bread. Most would find this unusual, but it was par for the norm for him.

Watching the angel eat in front of her, Kanzashi couldn't help but glance at the food prepared he for her. The breakfast that Ichika prepared for her was simple enough: Bacon and omelets, three pancakes, a fruit salad, and a cup of hot chocolate. It wasn't much for her since she'd eaten grander and much more expensive food before, but it was personally made by her savior so she couldn't help but blush in appreciation.

Kanzashi took the chopsticks on the side and taste the omelet first; her eyes widened a bit as she bit into the egg. The omelet was seasoned perfectly and tasted even better than what some of the chefs from home made. "Orimura-san, what did you put into this omelet?" Kanzashi asked politely.

"Eggs, ham, fresh milk, salt, cinnamon, and I think I added a pinch of pepper." Ichika answered as he finished his last loaf of bread.

Kanzashi nodded, impressed that the angel was able to create such a tasty dish by using only simple household ingredients. She began to eat the food presented to her in a steady pace, taking notes of the flavors thatcame at her tongue.

Ichika, having finished his breakfast, left Kanzashi for a bit to fetch something from the corner of the room. The safe room that Chifuyu constructed was wide enough to accommodate a medium size bed, a large sofa, a 24 inch flat screen TV, a stove, and a medium size refrigerator while leaving enough room for at least five people to move comfortably.

As Kanzashi ate in silence, she couldn't help but feel blessed. She never would've thought that by getting kidnapped, she would meet the love of her life. Sure, people might say that she's too young or too naïve to know what true love is, but those people weren't in the same position as her. They didn't have an angel telling them beautiful words and comforting them right after one of the most traumatizing events that happened in their life.

Kanzashi couldn't help but remember the words that her mother told her when she was seven years old.

"When you look at the eyes of the person you desire, and if you can see a future worth dying for in those eyes, then that person is the one for you. Once you find that person, never let him go."

It might've been foolish for her to say this, but the moment she laid eyes on Ichika, the very moment their eyes met, she could see herself satisfied in his arms. She could see a future worth dying for. She might've been young, and this may have been foolish for her part. But she knew she was sure that Ichika was the one for her.

She had fallen for him at first sight.

Her musings were interrupted when she heard the door opening. She turned her head only to see the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her young life, a woman who was more beautiful than her own mother, which is saying something.

The woman didn't pay her any attention as she stood in the door; her eyes only focus on the angel.

"Nee-chan," Ichika shouted as he abandoned everything he was doing and embraced his sister lovingly. "Congratulations, nee-chan, you were amazing." Ichika complimented as he melted in their embrace.

"That was nothing, those two were merely third rate pilots compared to me." Chifuyu stated with a gentle smile. "What about you, are you okay?" Chifuyu asked in a soft, yet clearly worried voice.

Ichika smiled at her as he snuggled on his sister's shoulder. "I wouldn't be your brother if I died like that, and I couldn't afford to die while I was protecting someone." Ichika broke the embrace and walked towards Kanzashi. "Chifuyu-nee, this is Kanzashi Sarashiki-san. She was kidnapped as well, so I took her when I escaped." Ichika said as he patted her on the shoulder.

Kanzashi blushed at bit, but immediately stood up. The strongest woman that came from Japan was eyeing her in a calculating manner and it began to unnerve her. "My name is Kanzashi Sarashiki. It's an honor to meet you, Orimura-dono." Kanzashi introduced herself with a polite tone.

Chifuyu raised an eyebrow at her introduction. "You come from a rich, traditional family, don't you?" Chifuyu stated calmly, startling her. "Don't deny it little girl, the way you refer to me as "–dono" is a dead give away. That and the fact that the Sarashiki family is one of the leading I.S manufacturing companies in Japan and in Russia." Kanzashi was shocked, how could she have figured those things out with just her greeting?

After a moment, Chifuyu spoke once again. "You better contact your parents;I don't want a small army storming this house." Chifuyu said as she motioned for them to step out of the safe room.

Ichika grabbed her hand and escorted her out of the room, much to her enjoyment. She didn't see the critical look that his sister was giving her, a look that spelled doom and death.

(Scene Change)(Kanzashi POV)

"Here, use this phone." The angel offered me as he led me to a landline phone. "I know its old fashion, but my sister insisted that you use the landline." He explained with a sheepish smile.

I bowed my head in thanks. "Thank you, thank you so much." I said in gratitude, my heart filled with joy. His kindness was very endearing and made me sure of my choice. "You've done so much for me, a mere stranger."

The angel smiled sadly as he lifted my chin so that our eyes could meet. I could feel my heart beat nervously as his eyes overwhelmed me again. "It was a pleasure to help a person who's loved by her parents. I'm jealous of you, you know." He said softly to me, which caught me completely off guard. How could someone so strong be jealous of someone so weak like me?

"You have really loving parents, while my parents abandoned me and Chifuyu-nee." He chuckled bitterly and I could feel the hate in his voice.

"That must have been hard for you." Iwhispered as I gave him a pitying look. How could someone abandon this beautiful angel?

"Not exactly, they left right after I was born. I barely knew them; I haven't seen them, not even a picture of them." Now that was just sad. "And if you ask me, I don't want to meet or even see them. They aren't family. Chifuyu-nee is my only family and that won't change." His voice at that moment, it sounded like a does his voice sound so heavenly when he's saying the name of his sister? I don't understand, a part of me felt jealous and another felt like it didn't want to know.

There was an uncomfortable silence between us before the angel left me in peace, leaving me alone in the room. My eyes lingered on the angel for a bit, his words giving me new found appreciation for my loving parents. They were always busy with work and they always compared me to my older sister, but at least they still love me, the imperfect me. I dialed the number of my father before pressing the call button.

[Whoever you are, make this quick, I am very busy.] My father's stern voice echoed in my ears.

"Otōsama, it's me." I replied in a calm voice.

[Kanzashi,] I was glad to hear the relief in my father's voice; his usual demeanor fading for a moment. [Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?]

"I'm fine, Otōsama, in fact, I'm better than fine, I'm safe." I told my father before thinking ofthe angel who saved me again. I needed to thank him. "I'm not with my kidnappers anymore."

[You were able to escape, how?] My father asked, intrigued with this new development.

I thought of my brave angel; the courage in his eyes when he saved me made my heart beat wildly. I smiled in bliss, joy flooding my heart. "Otōsama, would you believe me if I say an Angel saved me?" I asked without thinking.

It took me a while to realize what those words could mean to my father, but it was already too late. [WHAT!]

I instantly notice several voices in that response. *Sigh* my father had me in speaker again. "Do you have me on speaker?"

[Yes, we have you in speaker.] My mother voice answered and my heart did a back flip. My mother was there too!. [Now, could you please repeat that dear.]

I sighed again as I told them what happened last night. I left out the part where the angel miraculously operated an I.S.I knew for a fact that a male piloting an I.S would cause a major uproar and he would be caught in the middle of it. I didn't want to give him that kind of and I know that his sister won't think twice of killing me, and I do not want to die yet.

After a minute of silence, my father once again spoke. [Orimura Ichika is the name of the boy that saved you, right?]

"Yes, Otōsama."

[Orimura, I think I heard that name before.] My mother said with a thoughtful tone. [Isn't that the name of the two time champion of Mondo Grosso?]My mother asked.

"Yes, they're brother and sister." I answered in an uneasy voice. My mother's an I.S fanatic, she even pilots one and she's very good at it. I wonder why she never tried to compete in the Mondo Grosso?

[Cool, can you get me an autograph from Chifuyu-dono?] A new voice asked. That was clearly my sister, and for once, I was glad to hear her voice.

[Tatenashi, please, now isn't the time for that.] I heard mother reprimand her.

[Can I have a word with Orimura-san? I must give him my thanks for assisting you.] My father requested softly.

Before I could reply, another voice echoed in the phone, a voice that made me sweat in fear and my insides freeze over. [That won't be necessary, my brother helped her willingly, so no thanks are required.] I was startled to hear that voice, and apparently, so was my family.

[Who is this?] My mother asked after regaining her composure.

[Chifuyu Orimura, I'm the older sister of Ichika Orimura, any business you have with him will go through me first.] Her voice alone was enough to make anyone nervous and fearful.

[Orimura-dono, we are in your family's debt.] My father said with a solemn tone, and I could tell that he was intimidated. Strange, my father's a strong man and nothing ever seemed to faze him. I began to wonder what kind of strength that woman possessed. [You have no idea how grateful we are for your brother for helping her escape.]

[No need for that, my brother's a naturally kind person. He just did what he thought was right.] She stated calmly, her voice booming with pride.

[Still, our family owes you a great deal.] My mother stated calmly. [If there is anything you want, name it and our family will give it to you.] She offered kindly.

[There is no need for that, we do not accept charity.] She rejected firmly, and somehow, I wasn't surprised by that answer. [Our address is XXXXX, you can pick her up anytime you want. Don't worry; we'll treat her as a guest.]

She hanged up and there was a moment of silence for all of us before my sister spoke with a shaken tone. [She's scary,] She is beyond scary; I corrected her in my thoughts. [Man, I pity her brother, he must have it hard.]

I growled loudly at that. "Her brother is an angel, a wonderful, strong, brave, and dashing angel." I stated firmly, before snapping my mouth shut. What did I just say?

My sister started laughing at that and I knew that I would never hear the end of this. [Really? Oh~, I get it! You must be-]I hanged up immediately, not wanting to hear her tease me.

"Baka," I mumbled under my breath. Whether it was for her or for me, I didn't know. I knew for a fact that I would never hear the end of this. Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut?

"Hey, Sarashiki-hime." My body stiffened at the sound of that voice. I slowly turned my head to look at her, trying to keep my composure in front of her overwhelming presence. "I appreciate the fact that you didn't tell them about my brother's little discovery."

"I owe him more than that." I whispered under my breath, my legs almost giving in. Her presence was Aura that she was emitting was beyond terrifying. I grabbed my throat just to make sure that I still had a pulse. 'How can he love this person?' I thought to myself.

"I ask myself that every day." Did she just read my mind? How could she read my mind? "Make yourself comfortable, you'll be here for awhile." She told me before she left the room. I thank every God that exists that she left me in peace. I collapsed on my knees as I tried to breath normally again. How can someone with a presence like that be human?

"She's overwhelming, isn't she?" Although I was shaken, my heart calmed down at the sound of a familiar voice.

"How could you live with her?" I asked him curiously. Just being in the same room with the angel's devil sister made my entire being shook in fear. How could he withstand that kind of person?

To my surprise, he smiled like he had just achieved his lifelong dream. "My Nee-chan is the most elegant and sharpest sword. She's a blade so sharp it would cut anyone who gets close to her."Okay, I agree with that part. I'd even bet that she could cut me to pieces with just a mere glare. "I'm her brother, I was tailor made to be her sheathe." I looked at him with a bewildered expression after hearing that. Those words sounded so passionate that it was disturbing.

"You make it sound like your very existence is dedicated to her." I noted softly.

"I owe her more than my existence." He looked at me and I almost cried at how solemn his eyes were. "I owe her more than I could ever repay in this lifetime."

I froze on the spot as my heart ached in pain. How? How could an angel like him be dedicated to someone like her? How can an angel like him have a devil for a sister?

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)

I smiled happily as I gaze at the sleeping form of my sister. No matter how many times I looked at her, I never cease to wonder how someone so beautiful could be so strong. She's so strong and elegant that anyone, man or woman, couldn't help but admire her.

I draped a blanket over her before leaving her in peace. My Nee-chan is tired, she needs rest and I don't want to disturb her. As I left the room, I frown at the sight of Sarashiki-san. She was looking out the window with a depressed look in her eyes. I wonder what's wrong.

I approached her quietly, hoping that Chifuyu-nee didn't scare her that much. My sister's so strong that people who aren't used to her tend to end up as quivering wrecks. I still remember the time when some school friends came to visit and Chifuyu-nee arrived. I had to explain to their parent's that I didn't hurt them and that it was all just a misunderstanding.

The fact that they were all on the floor shivering and nearly in tears crying about a monster coming for them really didn't help. That was the first time I ever saw Chifuyu-nee look shocked.

"Sarashiki-san." I called and I was glad that she looked at me. "You okay?" I asked her worriedly.

She gave me a small smile before nodding. "I'm fine, your sister just scared me a bit." Yeah, that's understandable. I sat beside her before putting my arm around her in a comforting manner. Her face flushed red a bit and I didn't blame her. The temperature today is very hot.

"Sorry about that, my sister's always like that." I told her apologetically.

She gave me an incredulous look at that. "How could you live with someone that constantly emits that kind of Aura? My parents are strong in their own way, but even they don't give out that kind of presence."

"I'm used to it." I answered her plainly. "Truth be told, she cooled down a bit. She was worst when she was in middle school." I commented, remembering the days when my sister's mere presence was enough to cause strangers to faint.

In her defense, it's not like she could help it. Being strong has its disadvantages.

Sarashiki-san gave me a funny look before sighing. "It must be hard for you."

"Not really, Chifuyu-nee is strict and she expects a lot of things from me, but that's understandable. I'm her brother, after all." I said with a solemn tone. "And all the pain that she puts me through is a way to make me stronger and it's worth it just to see her smile." I added with a chuckle.

I've noticed Sarashiki-san's expression change for a bit before reverting back into a passive expression. She's cuter when she's smiling I admitted in my thoughts.

"How can you stand being the brother of the world's strongest woman?" She asked me suddenly. "People expect great things from you because you're her brother, and you two must be compared a lot." She mumbled that last part under her breath and I realize what her problem was immediately.

"You have a sister too, right?" I asked her and the surprised look in her eyes was all the answer I needed. I shook my head for a bit before patting her on the head. "You shouldn't compare yourself to her, and you shouldn't listen when people compare you to her as well, you'll just hurt yourself in the end." I advised her gently.

"You don't understand." She told me and I was a bit taken back at how sad her voice was. "She's everything my parents wanted for a daughter and she's the ideal heiress of our family. I just exist because our family needs insurance if something happens to her." Okay, now that's just stupid.

"You shouldn't think that, your parents love you…."

"…I don't doubt that, but when it comes to family, and I mean our entire family, I'm just my Oneesan's replacement."Sarashiki-san muttered with a defeated tone, yet, I could sense the acceptance in those words. "But, I don't actually blame them for that." She exclaimed as her eyes was set firmly on the window, gazing at the sky with a bitter expression.

"My Oneesan, she's perfect." She said softly and I suddenly had the urged to stop her from speaking, but a part of me held me back. Something tells me that she needs to get this out of her chest. "In everything she does, she does it perfectly. From household chores to Sojutsu (art of the spear), her fighting skills are exceptional for her age and she's already mastered two martial arts…" That's not that impressive. When I was three, Chifuyu-nee had already mastered over twenty martial arts. I should know, when I was seven, I felt over a hundred techniques from ten different kinds of martial arts. I think I was dropped on my head more times than I could count.

"… And she's very charismatic and a natural leader." She instantly became quiet after saying that. "She's also a natural I.S pilot." That, again, is not impressive; I have a sister who uses an I.S like it's her own body.

"She's eleven, you know, and yet she's good enough to pilot an I.S efficiently." Sarashiki-san sighed dejectedly as she hung her head in shame. "And I know for a fact that if my parents have to choose between me and my sister, I know that they'd choose-" I hit her over the head lightly before she could even finish that statement. Her words are just plain stupid, retarded even.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" She yelled at me, and for the first time, she gave me a glare.

"That is for being an idiot." I told her witha sharp tone as I force her to sit down beside me, my hands firmly on her shoulders. "Who is your sister but more importantly, who are you?" I asked her calmly, catching her by surprised.

"I don't know the name of your sister but I know yours. Tell me, who are you and tell me who your sister is."

She was a bit startled by those words, but she answered nevertheless. "I'm Kanzashi; my sister's name is Tatenashi Sarashiki."

I nodded in satisfaction with her answer. "And are you your sister?"

"Pardon?" She titled her head to the side in confusion.

"Just answer the question, Sarashiki-san." I requested gently as I noticed her confused and startled expression.

She shook her head, and I figured that she couldn't answer me, not with words, not yet at the very least. "Your name is Kanzashi Sarashiki, and you are Kanzashi Sarashiki, you're perfect in your own way and that's what's important." I told her and I knew that she needed to hear this, to hear the things that I'm about to tell her right now. "If you want to be your sister, then I suggest you give up because no matter what you do, you can't be her. A person can't be someone else no matter how hard they try." She was about to speak but I motioned for her to stay silent.

"I don't know her and I don't know you that well, but with those words that you said to me, you may not want to hear this, but you're trying to surpass your sister by being her, by becoming her. You describe her to me in a way that you see her, disregarding her true self." I told her softly as I grabbed her hand and put it over my cheeks. "You love your sister but you're overwhelmed by her, you're jealous of her since she can do things that you can't or because she possess talents that you don't have or because she can learn things faster than you. And because of that inferiority, you forget who you are and you may even hate start hating your older sister before long if this keeps up." The image of my childhood friend, Houki, and her sister filled my head. I close my eyes as I search for words that can cure her inferiority complex.

"You may forget me after sometime, but I want you to remember this: You are you, and your sister is your sister. She's good with her thing, and you're good with your own thing. You're unique in your own way and no one can take that away from you. Your sister maybe able to do things that you can't do, but I'll bet that you can do things that your sister can't do." I stopped as I took a deep breath. "Don't call yourself useless, don't compare yourself to you sister, because, at the end of the day, you're you, you are Kanzashi Sarashiki, and no one can change that."

As I open my eyes, an unexpected sight met me. Sarashiki-san had tears in her eyes. I feared that I may have gone too far, but her smile, her smile assured me. Her smile was the smile of pure joy. Her arms were suddenly wrapped around my neck and she pressed her forehead onto mine. The image of the blue sky filled my thoughts as her blue hair covered my eyes. The light of the sun reflected her cuteness.

My heart began to beat rapidly as she leaned towards me. "Tenshi," She whispered, causing me to blush furiously.

"Sarashiki-san," I mumbled uncomfortably. This was the first time a girl is pressed up onto me like this.

"Kanzashi," She mumbled as our lips were mere inches apart. "Call me Kanzashi," She told me as she proceeded to lean towards my lips.


The window beside us suddenly shattered and exploded which caused Sarashiki-san to suddenly jump off me. I tried to search for the projectile that broke the window, but I found none.

"I would appreciate," Uh-oh. My sister's awake and she sounds angry, dangerously angry. "If you do not try to molest my brother, Sarashiki-hime." We both turn our heads and were met by the sight of an angry Chifuyu-nee. She looks so pretty when she's angry, unfortunately, she's angry at me.

"You," Chifuyu-nee pointed at me. "Make me lunch," My sister ordered. "And you," Pointing at Sarashiki-san. "Leave my sight and your parents will be picking you up in a full body cast."

As the killing intent flooded the house, I wondered if my sister's glare shattered the window. Her killing intent is beyond anything I have ever felt in my life.

Again, she's really, really beautiful when she's angry.

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)

There's a first for everything. For example, this is the first time I've ever had a girl accompany me in playing the best game in the market, IVS. It's a game that broke a million sales within one month and it uses the data of the first Mondo Grosso. We're playing a tag-team fight and I'm using my sister's character, who I've already mastered, all thanks to the fact that I have nothing to do this spring break.

I'm surprised with Kanzashi-san. I've never met a girl before whose good in playing video games, and when I say good, I mean she's better than good. She is using the Russian representative of the first Mondo Grosso and she's keeping up with me. The level of difficulty of the game's up to insane, but we're still beating our opponents decisively.

"I wonder if fighting in an I.S in real life would be this easy." I mumbled as I pressed the controls in a very fast pace.

"If that's the case, then I would have beaten my sister years ago." Kanzashi commented as she finished off our computer-operated opponents and the next level started. "Still, if you want to learn how to pilot an I.S, you can always ask that monster you call a sister." I'm happy that she's being casual with me, but why does she call Chifuyu-nee a monster? Sure, she's really strong, and her glares can shatter mirrors, and her mere presence can cause a man to faint, and her killing intent is enough to induce people to a coma, and her Aura-

Okay fine, my sister's the closest thing to a monster you can find here, but she is not a monster. No monster can look that beautiful. (Obviously never read manga)

"You're thinking something rude about me, aren't you?" My sister shouted from the next room.

"How does she do that?" I asked myself. Seriously, we're separated by seven inch concrete and she can still read my mind. Can older sisters do that?

"My sister can't read minds, and I thank God everyday that she doesn't have that talent." Let me rephrase my last statement. Can girls I know read my mind? "Head on the game, Ichika, head on the game." Kanzashi told me. She's completely enticed with the game. Strange, I thought girls in her age would be interested with dramas, telenovellas, ugh, it makes me sick just thinking about those mushy stuff. I'm glad I finally found a girl that's interested in video games.

I wonder if she's interested in anime and manga as well. If she is, then she and I'll be close friends in no time.

"Combo, combo," My attention was brought back to the game as I countered a combo before countering with a combo of my own. "Take that and that and that, and our win." I gave her a high five as we finish the game in half an hour, even faster when I am playing with Dan. Rin can't play a video game even if her life is depending on it.

"So, we finished the game, what do you want to do now?" I asked her curiously as I turned off the game console.

"Do you have any anime DVDs here?" She asked me and I instantly gave her a startled look. A girl that likes video games and anime? I'd love to have her as a friend right now!

It seems that she was embarrassed by my stare because she started explaining herself. "I know it's unappealing for a girl to like those things… "

"No, no, don't misjudge me, I find that cute."I admitted with a smile. "Well, if you want, I have the complete Gundam series that aired in the past twenty years." I offered her, wondering if she likes the Gundam series.

She looked thoughtful for a bit before nodding. "Do you have Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny?" That was a relief.

"I have them in High Definition." I said with a shy smile. She smiled back at me as I went to get the DVD's from their cases. This is probably the first, and hopefully not last, time I would enjoy watching anime with a girl.

"Sarashiki-hime," When I was about to play a DVD, Chifuyu-nee called. "There are four limos outside; they have your family's insignia." Chifuyu-nee said as the two of us look out the window. True to what Chifuyu-nee said, there werefour limousines parked outside our house and each of them had an insignia of a lance crossed over a water wave.

Beside me, I could hear Kanzashi sighing both dejectedly and in relief. "It's been wonderful meeting you." I could hear Kanzashi telling me.

"We'll meet again, I'm sure of it." I whispered to her with a comforting tone. I turned my head towards Kanzashi, giving her a smile. She smiled back before grabbing my hand and placing it firmlyon her chest.

"Escort me, please." Kanzashi requested in a whisper.

"Of course," I answered as I led her to our front door. I could hear Chifuyu-nee following us from behind and from the Aura that she was emitting, I knew that either something is up or she doesn't like the people outside.

As I opened the door, I could see at least see seven people getting out from each limousine. Those people surrounded the only blue limousine among the four. A woman wearing a Victorian-style maid outfit opened the door and a man with eyes similar to Kanzashi stepped out. He was clearly Japanese and the Aura that he has reminded me of a noble warlord. A woman stepped out as well, and she was probably the second most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. Her beauty was exotic and if I have to guess, she's probably Russian. The next person who got out from the limousine was a girl a year older than me. She had short blue hair and dark red eyes, similar to Kanzashi; she must be the older sister Kanzashi mentioned. She was followed by a girl wearing glasses and a girl wearing….what the…is that girl wearing a baggy Pikachu outfit?

"Chifuyu-nee, why is that girl wearing a Pikachu outfit?" I asked in disbelief.

"That's Honne; her style's a bit...off." Kanzashi answered me with a small smile. I envy her; I truly envy her. A large family she could spend time and grow up with.

"Rightfully so, if you met our parents, any parents are worth the envy." My sister commented. Again, how does she do that?

Patting Kanzashi on the back, I gently push her towards her waiting family. "You should go." I said to her gently.

"I promise, this won't be the last time you'll ever see me." Kanzashi told me and I hope that it was true.

"And I promise you this, we will see each other again." I assured her as I watch her walk towards her parents, a beautiful smile on her face.

When her parents and her sister embraced her, I felt a bit off, like something bad was about to happen.

"Ichika, use this." Chifuyu-nee said as she handed me a remote control. My eyes widened when I saw the controls of our house's security barrier. My sister, being the overprotective big sister that I know and love, installed a shield system around our house. The shield is ten times stronger than the barrier that protects I.S pilots, Tabane-san made sure of it.

My train of thought was stopped when an explosion shook our house. I turned around and I could only watch grimly as five I.S' descended from the sky.

(Scene Change)(Kanzashi POV)

No, please, not now. I thought desperately as several of our family's bodyguard shield us with their bodies.

"Sarashiki-sama, Sarashiki-dono, I.S approaching." My parents' main bodyguard/maid, Sakuno Nohotoke said. I gazed up and paled at the sight of five Russian issued I.S'. The I.S resembled the armor worn by Boris Petrovich Sheremetev during the Russian campaign. The name of the I.S is called Razrushitel (Demolisher) and true to its name, it is a heavy artillery type I.S.

"How many died?" My father asked gravely as Sakuno deployed her own I.S. Sakuno-san's I.S possesses a thick armor with a pair of large shields. She was able to block the gunfire that was directed at us.

"No one, by the looks of it, the explosion was only able to knock them out. They're injured, but not dead." Sakuno answered, not bothering to look at my father as she was continued to block the shots.

"Sakuno, give me a moment, I'm about to deploy my I.S." My mother said as she prepared to deploy her own I.S. "Get the kids to safety, love." My mother told my father.

She didn't have to tell my father twice. He grabbed our hands, and I instantly grabbed Honne's hand since she was still startled by the explosion. My sister was already carrying her personal maid, Utsuho Nohotoke, bridal style, and it was a very awkward scene.

Otōsama began to drag us to a safe location but was suddenly stopped on his tracks when a Razrushitel appeared in front of him, the I.S 's gun pointed at his face. The pilot was wearing a mask that covered her entire face, but I didn't need to see her expression to know that she was about to fire. Before she could fire, the gun was cleaved in half before the machine was sent flying. That happened in the span of 0.00001 second.

"Get in the house!" We turned our heads and we were met by the sight of Chifuyu Orimura in her I.S, the legendary Kurazakura, deflecting bullets that were being fired at us from behind with the use of her sword, the infamous Yukihira, the only weapon she has in her possession, the same sword that gave her two Mondo Grosso championships. The impressive part about this was that she wasn't even looking at the projectiles. An I.S charged at her and, without even moving from her spot or without looking at the enemy, she effortlessly cut off the shoulder armor of the I.S before swatting it away with a simple backhand slap.

Again, why is the devil's strongest demon the brother of an angel?

"Listen to Orimura-dono," My mother shouted as she fended off two with her Personal I.S. My mother's I.S resembled a Roman Gladiator and its main armaments were a trident and a missile-launcher shield. She was piloting our family's experimental I.S, Elegant Lady.

Another explosion shook the area, and we immediately run towards the Orimura household, which was surrounded by some sort of shield. There was a small hole that was big enough for us to fit, and we ran as fast as we could towards it. Orimura-dono and Okāsama fended off our attackers while Sakuno-san hovered above us, her shields blocking stray bullets and missile shrapnel.

Even thought the barrier was only a short distance away, it felt it like we were running towards an impossible goal, maybe it was because we were under gunfire or maybe because my heart was beating a million times a second. I wanted to run, but I didn't dare increase my pace. I knew for a fact that with one wrong move, I would've been a goner.


A shot impacted on Sakuno-san and it was strong enough to push her to the ground, denting one of her thick shields. Honne tried to run towards her mother, but I pulled her back just in time for a bullet to sail past us.

"That was close," A voice remarked and I felt a cold shiver to run down my spine. That voice eerily resembled the angel's sister, but without the warmth, the protectiveness, the power that Orimura-dono's voice possessed. Instead, that voice possessed one thing and one thing alone: Pure, sadistic malice. "You, girl." She pointed at me. Her I.S was different from her comrades, it was leaner and she didn't possess any missile launchers that the other unit usually had. Instead, she wielded a pistol-sword in each hand.

A pistol-sword is a sword with a pistol or revolver attached, usually alongside the blade. It differs from a rifle with a bayonet in that the weapon is designed primarily for use as a sword, and the firearm component is typically considered a secondary weapon designed to be an addition to the blade, rather than the sword being a secondary addition to the pistol. In addition, the two components of these weapons typically cannot be separated, unlike most bayonet-fixed rifles. Instead of a mask, she was wearing a visor that covered her eyes and half of her face.

"You scoundrel," Sakuno-san hissed as she materialize a 1.7 meter blade Katana. The sword was a High Frequency blade used to cut through armor.

"You're so not worth my time." I heard her say as she looked over her shoulders. "I would have loved to fight her." The pilot commented while looking at Orimura-dono. Her voice sounded young and if my estimation is correct, she must either be as old as me or older by a year or two. That and you would be slaughtered by that demon.

Sakuno-san did not take that lightly and charged at her recklessly.

It wasn't even a contest.

The enemy spun around to avoid her initial attack before aiming the barrel of the pistol on her midsection. With five consecutive shots, rail guns most likely based on the yellow lights it was emitting, the battle was over. The shield energy was reduced to zero before she got knocked down to the ground by a swift hit to the head.

"That wasn't even a challenge." I heard her say as I watch her, literally, walk over Sakuno-san's prone and unconscious body.

My father stepped in front of us to protect us, but against an I.S he was nothing but a meat shield. My sister tried to pull Otōsama away from the advancing I.S, but he stood his ground and refused to back down.

"The Sarashiki Patriarch, huh?" She said with in a sadistic pointed one of the pistol-swords to my father's head, nearly decapitating him. "You caused us a lot of trouble."

"Thank you, scum." Otōsama said with a proud smirk.

"My orders were simple, get your youngest and get out of here but I think my superiors would forgive me if I kill you." I watched helplessly as the woman was about to blow my father's head off.

'Help,'I thought desperately.


The I.S that took out Sakuno-san suddenly came under heavy gunfire before being propelled backwards by a bazooka shot. The pilot didn't react fast enough so her I.S suffered some damage.

"Man, you're so uncivilized." A familiar voiced echoed in my ears and I turned my head towards the source. My heart flew in bliss at the sight of Ichika. He was piloting the Raphael that he stole from our kidnappers. "Kanzashi, get to the barrier!" He shouted as he materialized a large combat rifle before opening fire at the enemy that almost took my father's life.

The girl who was piloting the custom Razrushitel turned her attention to her attacker and charged at Ichika. Weaving through the gunfire, she approached Ichika in a matter of seconds. I feared that Ichika might've been taken down, but the fact that a boy was piloting an I.S seemed to caught her off-guard, giving him enough time to throw her over his head. He took aim again and fired his rifle at her, emptying the rifle of any ammunition.

"So uncivilized" Ichika muttered before throwing the rifle to his feet. The rifle quickly dematerialized as it reached the ground. He ran towards us and picked Sakuno-san up. "Come on, let's get to the barrier!" He told us as he supported the beaten form of Sakuno-san.

"You're a boy!" My sister said as she pointed at him in surprise. "How could you pilot an I.S?" She asked in disbelief.

"I don't know." Ichika answered simply before getting pushed aside by Sakuno-san. Sakuno-san stepped in front of us and blocked several rail gunshot's, she grunted in pain as she seemed to be holding out through only sheer physical strength and without any shield energy. She wouldn't last long if this kept up.

Ichika seemed to know that as well as he turned his attention to my sister. "Your name is Tatenashi Sarashiki, right?" He asked my sister suddenly.

My sister was startled, but she nodded after a second.

"Good, change with me." He suddenly asked and I finally figures out what his plan was.

"What?" My sister and father asked in unison.

"I'm a boy and I'm new at piloting the I.S. I just discovered that I could pilot one last night and I really have no idea how to use this thing at full capacity." Ichika told her quickly, his voice loud enough to be heard even behind the massive fight that was happening behind us. "Kanzashi told me that you're adequate with an I.S. So..."

"So you want me to use that Raphael to save my family's skin as well as yours." My sister finished his statement in her own words.

Ichika could only nod as he dismounted himself from the Raphael. "That pretty much sums it up." He agreed.

My sister was silent for a bit before she smiled cheerfully, "Your cute" She commented before kissing his cheeks…..ONEECHAN-NO-BAKA,! DON'T TOUCH HIM, HE'S MINE! I shouted in my head as she mounted the I.S in 2.5 seconds. She quickly assisted Sakuno-san in fighting our attacker.

Ichika then grabbed both my and Honne's hand before rushing towards the shield. "Come on, we'll be safe behind the shield!" He shouted to us as father carried Oneechan's personal maid and ran towards the barrier.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" I heard our attacker shout. I looked back and watched in dread as she effortlessly knocked Sakuno-san down, hitting her with the handle of the gun before effortlessly pushing my sister aside. She accelerated towards us with Ignition Boost, her pistol-sword ready to strike. I knew that I was the target so I pulled my hand from Ichika's grip before running to the opposite direction. I didn't want to involve Ichika or my family. They were after me, no need for anybody else to get hurt.

"KANZASHI!" I heard my father shout as I tripped to the ground. Why now?

"I'VE GOT YOU NOW!" My attacker screamed and I saw a glint of light shine before my eyes. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain to come.


The sound of metal hitting metal echoed in my ears and I opened my eyes in fear. My eyes widened in shock as I saw Ichika blocking the downward slash with the use of a sword, a sword that was developed for I.S. He turned his head and looked at me. He smiled at slightly before the sword that he was holding broke in half.

He collapsed soon after, blood flowing from his chest to the ground.

He took a killing blow for me….

No, Oh GOD NO…..

(Scene Change)(Tatenashi POV)

This is really not my ideal debut as an I.S pilot, For one thing, I always saw myself winning my debut, not being shoved aside like trash. I tried to regain my balance before searching for the enemy. She's probably my age, thus, I refuse to lose to her.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" My sister shouted suddenly which I could feel was out of despair. Her shout effectively stopped the battle. Everyone in the vicinity turned their heads at the source of the scream and my eyes widened when I saw the boy, that cute boy, being impaled by stray bullet shrapnel. He was blocking a strike that was meant for my sister using an I.S sword, which was impressive considering he was smaller than I was.


He collapsed on the ground and my sister screamed in dread while she was being pulled by that psycho pilot. No, not my sister! I charged at the I.S using Ignition Boost but the distance between us was too much and she was flew away before I could catch up.

Why, why did I fail where it mattered the most?

I saw the rest of our attackers retreating, having achieved their objective. I tried to pursuethem, but a missile was suddenly shot at me. I braced myself before I saw the missile get cut down by Orimura-dono as she rushed to her brother's side. She dematerialized her I.S before kneeling in front of her brother, her eyes filled with tears and fear at the sight of the shrapnel piercing her brother's chest, right beside his heart.

"Ichika, Ichika. Stay with me! You're going to be alright!" So Ichika is his name, interesting. I shook my head and focused on the situation at hand, a situation that was caused by my failure. The boy gave me his I.S, which was still surprising, knowing that I was capable of protecting my family and him. But I failed, I let the enemy brush me aside, and it cost me my sister.

My failure may have even cost him his life.

"Chifuyu-nee," I turned my attention back to him, and watched as he caressed his sister's cheeks before slowly pulling the shrapnel of his chest, causing blood to squirt on his sister's face. "Save Kanzashi..." I was taken aback by his request, and I wasn't the only one. My family was startled by his request as well.

"YOU FOOL!" She shouted as she tried to compress the cut to prevent blood from flowing out of the wound. My father instantly found himself besides the strong woman and her wounded brother. Good. My father's a doctor so he could save him.

"Nee-chan, I'll live through this..." He coughed a mouthful of blood before giving her a kiss on the forehead. "I promise that I'll live through this. But please, save my friend, save Kanzashi. Whatever they're thinking of doing to her…" He suddenly stopped as he coughed a bit.

My father instantly took over and compressed his wound. "Orimura-dono, I'm a doctor, I can stabilize his condition." My father said as he quickly removed Ichika's shirt and used it to cover the wound, stopping the bleeding. My father's a really good doctor; he has seven PhDs to prove it.

"You hear that, Nee-chan? He's a doctor, he can heal me." He's optimistic I'll give him can heal him. He's experienced with wounds like this because of some civil war he fought when he was a teenager or something. "Please, Nee-can, save my friend, save Kanzashi. Her parents went all the way here just to take her back. Don't let them go back empty handed." He requested with a gentle tone, his eyes filled with something that is foreign to me.

Hope. Admiration. Love. His eyes, they were beautiful, but I only caught a glimpse of them before he finally lost consciousness.

The two-time champion seemed have an internal conflict before giving my father a glare, a glare so intense that I could hear the wind crackling. "If you allow my brother to die, I'll butcher your entire family, starting with you." That wasn't a threat, that wasn't even a promise. It was a guarantee.

My father nodded, and Orimura-dono leaned down and kissed her brother on the lips…wait a minute, on the lips! Oh my God. Did I just see that woman kiss her brother on the lips! I didn't, right? God, did I fall asleep and have a dream?

I watched her, blushing at what she just did. She materialized her I.S in the span of 0.0000000000000001 seconds, which was beyond normal I might add. She flew off, my mother following behind her. I wonder if Okāsama can keep up with that woman?

"Sakuno!" My father shouted as he tried his best to stop the bleeding. "Your shield, I need your shield!" He pressed harder on the wound and wiped the blood away as best he could. Sakuno, who was still injured, appeared at my father's side and laid one of her shields besides the boy's prone body. I helped my father put his prone form in the makeshift stretcher before assisting Sakuno in carrying the shield to the house.

I could see Honne and Utsuho carrying a bucket of clean must've read the situation and acted appropriately. Good for them, we owe this boy a lot and he's only hurt because I wasn't good enough.

I dismount from the I.S before entering the house. Strange, I would've thought that the champion of the Mondo Grosso would have a mansion for a house. Then I remembered the barrier. That barrier must've been more expensive than a mansion.

My father laid the boy in a comfortable looking sofa before barking out orders at us. Before we could move, the boy regained his consciousness and coughed up a mouth full of blood, catching us off guard.

"Relax kid, calm your breathing." My father instructed firmly.

"My Nee-chan, did she go and rescue Kanzashi?" This kid needs to worry about himself. He's about to bleed to death, and yet all he thinks about is my sister…How sweet of him.

"Yes, thank you for convincing her to assist us in our hour of need." Father replied gratefully.

He chuckled dryly as his eyes drifted on a cabinet. "Please, someone, get me one of the contents of that cabinet." He requested us, earning him our curious looks.

Honne, who looked like an overgrown Pokémon, did as she was ordered, ironically like a real Pokémon in the games, and took a bottle out a bottle of- Is that beer? Don't tell me this kid drinks at the age of ten.

"Here you go, Orimu~" Honne said in a sleepy, lazy tone. She's one tough nut, under heavy gunfire just a few minutes ago and still able to talk like nothing happened.

The boy opened the beer can and poured it all over his wound. Oh God, no way, please tell me he won't do what I think he's going to do!

Before we could react, he brought out a lighter and something that made me nearly scream in shock: He shoved the lighter to his wound that he just doused in beer. Beer's on average contain only 3 to 5 % alcohol so it's usually not flammable but still, I don't know what kind of beers in this house because a small fireball erupted on the boy's chest. It burned his wound close, stopping the bleeding.

He slowly stood up and walked past me, obviously struggling to stay upright.

"Orimura-kun, you shouldn't be walking. You lost a lot of blood." I unconsciously said as I saw him grab his wound.

"A friend of mine's been kidnapped and my sister's up against unknown enemy. My sister's strong, but I can't just stay here while she goes off and save my new friend." He told me passionately as he flipped a switch, opening a narrow passage way from the ground. He entered the passage way and we followed him silently. I noticed my father looking at him with his eyes, calculating his worth.

Even though I was behind him, I could tell that he is still in pain. From behind, I could see his face covered with sweat. He was weak, so weak right now that he is barely standing upright, but why's he so persistent in saving someone he barely even knew? Kan-chan barely spent time with him, and yet he wants to save her. She's not his responsibility; she's mine, but why? Why's my resolve to save my sister so small compare to his?

He suddenly stopped in front of a large door and placed his hand on a scanner. What's behind this door? I asked myself as I watch several layers of thick steel retract up and down. I saw several steel bars sink to the ground, lasers being turned off, etc.

After five minutes, and several bizarre security safety measures later, the huge door finally opened, revealing an I.S in its closed form. The odd thing about this I.S was that it was kneeling in front of the boy and only in front of the boy; the I.S didn't seem to even acknowledge our presence, which was strange.

"I know I'm not worthy." The boy said as he collapsed face first in front of the machine, his hands lying on the cold steel. I tried to approach him, but my father prevented me.

"Don't." My father told me firmly. "He's laying his pride on the line. Don't insult him by giving him unwanted help." Ugh, another man thing.

"I know I am not worthy of you. I just discover I could Pilot an I.S just last night. My skills are none existent, unlike your last pilot. I'm not Chifuyu-nee; I don't deserve to even touch you. " That boy had just lost it. Why's he talking to an Inactive I.S like that? "But please, just for a while, I don't care how short, please lend me your power." He begged the I.S, and the unthinkable happened: A white flash engulfed the small room.

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)

Attracted by the sound of waves from afar, I'm walking alone on the unfamiliar beach.

As I stepped forward, the white sand below my feet would let out a crunching sound.

My feet felt the sand and the heat directly. I could smell the aromas of the sea, the sound of the waves, and the heat from the sun,

Where am I? What's the occasion now? I had no idea at all.

Suddenly, I heard singing being sung by a voice full of clarity and vibrancy. Feeling somewhat mindful of it, I headed towards where the beautiful melody came from. My body felt like it was being controlled by invisible strings as I walked aimlessly towards the beautiful voice.

I stopped as I saw a girl, a very pretty girl, standing in the middle of the ocean. The waves surrounded her protectively as she continued to sing and dance about. Her shiny bright white hair danced around. The white one-piece dress fluttered under the sea breeze, occasionally flipping up.

The occasional breeze felt comfortable, heavenly in fact, and I stared at the scenery in front of me in a trance-like state.

Hearing the rustling of the waves, I stared at the girl patiently. For some reason, her voice and dance made me once I recovered, the girl stopped singing. She was no longer dancing, just staring up at the sky. Feeling incredulous, I walked towards the girl. I didn't bother to panic at the fact that I am walking on top of deep water.

"Do you want power?" The girl asked me in a melodic tone when I was mere inches from her. "If you do, what are you willing to give up for that power?"

Without thinking, I answered her. "Everything."

"Everything?" The girl repeated with a heavenly laughed. "Are you willing, then? Are you willing to give me your soul, your body, your mind…" She stopped as she wrapped her arms around me, her forehead resting onto mine, our lips almost touching.

I wasn't fazed by her actions. I wasn't even uncomfortable by our closeness. Her arms, they felt so cold yet it gave me a wonderful feeling, her breath was intoxicating and calmed me.

She made me experience a feeling I could only feel when I was with Chifuyu-nee. She made me feel home.

"Are you willing to give me your heart to me?" She asked in a seductive whisper.

"If you so wish, then my entire being is yours." I answered with zero hesitation in my voice. "Just give me the means to protect my friends, just give me the power to stand beside my Nee-chan. Give me those things, and I'll give you my entire being." I said,and I could see the girl smile in triumph.

"Very well, My Black King." Angel like-wings erupted from her back and it enveloped my entire body. Her wings were majestic, like the wings of an angel. Crystal like dust showered and engulfed my body like a cocoon. "For now and forever, my power is now yours. Forever, you are my Black King, and for eternity, I am your White Knight." She told me with a singsong voice before her lips touched mine softly.

The water below us enveloped our bodies, but I didn't feel cold, in fact, it felt like the sun itself was bathing me with its warmth.

"But in return, your dreams will belong to me, for now and forever."

"Very well, they belong to you now."

(Scene Change)(Tatenashi POV)

The light subsided, and as I recovered my sight, I saw something that was beyond breath taking.

In front of me stood the machine that brought the era of I.S in the world, the very I.S that turned the world upside down. It was standing in front of me elegantly, so elegantly that I thought that God himself decided to grace me with his/her presence.

But the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that it was being piloted by a man, and not a woman.

But I didn't care about that, in fact, it only added to the beauty of White Knight I.S. The boy that looked cute was now looked beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that it should be illegal.

The facemask gave him the mysterious aura and the way he was holding his sword, the sword that brought the world to its knees, was simply breathtaking.

I was speechless at the sight before me.

My heart began to beat uncontrollably as I witnessed the rebirth of the legendary machine.

And that boy, that boy who the White Knight found worthy enough to be its pilot.

The beautiful boy who my family owes so much.

The beautiful boy who rescued my sister before.

The beautiful boy who took my breath away.

I want him.

I want him.

I want him.

I want that angelic being to belong to me, only to me.


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