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WARNINGS! Slight language and violence


~.:. Dusk.:.~

My eyes shifted over to stare down into my crystal pool, the images swirling with ripples. As it shifted and changed, I stared intently at the people within. My hand swept over top and the water stilled, the people disappearing. My feet carried me along to the edge of the pedestal and I stepped off gracefully. My body floated down and the robes around me billowed about slowly.

My feet soundlessly landed on the soft ground, the clouds billowing. My long hair twisted about my head as I looked to my kingdom. My orange locks shone brightly in the setting sun, making it burn with fire light. I walked along in silence, feeling the cold of night sink into my bones. It was time to hide; the creatures of dark came out to play when the moon came out.

I leapt across a chasm with gentle ease and ran along into my secret dwelling; beneath the fire and torches. I listened to the prancing feet of the tribes above dancing and whooping, the drum beat steady and alive; performing for their sun god and harvesting queen. I thrived off of this; this was my source of power. Being the last of my kind, I had to live close. Over the seasons, less and less tribes sang and danced and praised. My power was vastly weaning.

The night walkers were quickly overtaking the world. My fire was the last of what held this earth from utter darkness. And with the tribes worshipping their greatness, my fire and light slowly suffocated. I looked to the top of the stone, my hand resting upon its inside; hiding in fear of whatever beast might stumble upon my home.

I could never sleep, fear kept me from doing so. I must always watch my home. The drum beat continued and I relaxed back into whatever semblance of comfort I could.

It was lonely.


Laughter pulled from my lips and cackled into the air. I ran down the slope, my long blue tresses flying about my long ears. I howled in delight, my younger brothers howling in return; loud precocious laughter filling the night.

We jumped about the mossy boulders upon the mountain, leaping from tree limb to tree limb. The sound of drums reached my ears and I slowed to a stop, my tail wrapping about my leg. I lifted my nose to the air and sniffed; the smell of seasoned meat and freshly cut fruit filling my lungs. I sighed in delight.

My brother landed next to me, the others continuing their game of run and chase.

"What is it you smell, brother?" He spoke quietly, a lazy smile on his face. I turned to look at him, smirking.

"Smoke fire and meat. Smells delicious, brother Starrk. We should join them in their feastings."

Starrk stood up taller and stretched, his long fangs snapping in a yawn. "Hmmm perhaps, Grimm, another time. This game has me tired and yearning for a nap."

I snorted loudly. What a bunch of bull shit. "Starrk, brother, you're always tired, my friend."

He smirked as he glanced at me. "Exactly." He turned to step off the ledge, turning back to smirk lazily at me. "Enjoy yourself, Grimm."

I saluted back and leapt off the tree, pushing myself to run faster. I could see the smoke rapidly approaching, the whooping yells and stamping feet becoming louder. I howled and burst through into the clearing, snarling and laughing. The people screamed and yelled, running for shelter.

After all, I wasn't known as a beast of the night for nothing. I cackled as I ran around, chasing the people, teasing them. Women cried and men yelled; it was all too damn funny. When I was certain everyone had run off, I turned to their food and licked my lips.

Oh, it looked so delicious.

Snapping my jaws, I dug in ravenously. Meats spicy with herbs, fruit juice dribbling down my chin. Glorious.

I saw the fire flicker and the light reflect in the corner of my eye. Turning to stare, there was a cave of red translucent stone. My curiosity was known for getting the better of me, and this was no exception.

Tentatively, I stepped towards it and climbed down. Stones, much like the rock that made the cave, laid all around; of varying shades of red, orange, and yellow. Though their colors were bright, the stones themselves were dull and cracked, as if some part of them were missing; as if the part that made them beautiful was gone, was dead. I believe, if the stones were to shine, this whole room would glow with the very bright colors of the sun.

I turned around, taking it all in with gaping awe. I'd never seen a cavern such as this before. It was hot, and if my assumption was correct, the cave was located right below the tribe's home. More disappointed than anything, I turned to leave when something caught my eye, a flicker of light. Turning back to it, I stared down the tunnel. I began to walk in deeper, the light inside becoming brighter.

There, upon a crude pedestal, lay a stone. Not just a stone, but an orange one. A dimly glowing orange stone. Cocking my head, I reached out to it and gently picked it up, careful of my claws so I would not scratch it. It was warm to the touch. Softly, I turned and twisted it about in my palm. The light would glitter and flicker off of it and bounce around off the walls of the cave, giving the room a red like glow.

Actually, when I think about it, the light was coming from the stone itself. How curious. Suddenly, a bright flash of light blinded me and there was searing pain on my back. With a yell, I fell to my knees, the stone tumbling to the ground. Behind me, I heard a terrified yelp and quiet movement. Panting, I turned to see who had attacked me, and my heart sped up, my face turning red.

Whoever he was, he was gorgeous; I'd never seen one such as him before, though his face was hidden. Long flowing orange hair, glowing like the sun, fell down his back. Fur cuffed his wrists and ankles, long white claws tipped slender fingers. Red lines pulled up his tan, muscled stomach to the middle. Sadly, though I longed to see his face, it was hidden behind a formidable horned mask, black and gold eyes glaring back out at me.

"What business have you here, night walker?"

Oh. His voice sent shivers down my spine. A smooth, stern voice that spoke of determination and a hot temper. How fitting. I smirked like a beast and cackled.

"I'm sorry, am I intruding? I didn't know I had to have a reason to explore my new territory."

I could tell he was surprised by the way his pupils shrunk. He stumbled forward, grasping for the wall with his claws scraping down, little orange sparks flying as they grated against the stone.

"Wh-what?" His voice shook with what I could smell as fear and underlying trepidation. His hand reached up and grasped at his mouth. "Y-you bastard!"

I flinched. His voice was anguished and yet angry. He howled, the ground shaking with its echoing call, it was bone chilling and soul stealing. He growled at me and lunged.

"You bastard! Do you know what you've done? Do you know what will now happen? Idiotic night walker! Bastard child! You've brought along my demise! The light's demise! Die like the scum you are!"

He slashed at my pure white chest with his claws. Leaping back, I bared my fangs. As much as I loved fighting, something about this man made me hesitate, something about him that made me want to… Apologize.

Unheard of in my book. I danced about his next swiping attack, his claws sparking against the stone inches from my skin. He snorted and roared again, head thrown back in anger, hands clawing at the air. When he looked back at me, flames licked at the mouth in his mask, seeping out the sides; smoke rose from his nostrils.

He ran towards me again, his chest puffing out and suddenly a torrent of fire erupted from his mouth, burning everything in its path. I turned and ran, jumping upon stones and in craters to avoid the inferno. The fire disappeared, only for him to inhale deeply, and release another holocaust, more wild than the last.

His fury fed his fire and my fleeing fed his fury. I worriedly wondered which would run out first. When I heard that brief pause of inhalation, I jumped out at him, kicking him with my back paws. His body flew and crashed into the wall, the stone cracking. His body slid to the floor and he stayed down, panting, blood splattered wildly along the wall, dripping down, sliding through the cracks. My heart kicked itself into a faster pace and I hurriedly stepped forward.

I stopped when he looked up and snarled. He tried to push himself up, only to collapse back upon the stone. I watched his determination. With confusion, I noted that his hair wasn't shining so brightly as before, no longer painful for my night eyes. My blue ears twitched.

Something was wrong.

His gold and black eyes glared weakly up at me. His hand shakily reached up and pulled the mask from his face. My breath caught in my throat. Such a beautiful, smooth face. There was blood running from his lips, he smirked without humor, head resting against the wall. "You bastard… Was it not bad enough to take my home, but also weaken me?"

I tilted my head, blinking at him, trying to feint uncaring. "My fault? You attacked me, remember? Your weakness is your own mistake."

He shook his head, laughing bitterly. "Not just you, you fool… Your kind has been killing mine for thousands of years… Gradually, we were weakened, and our domain shrank. Your kind has made the warm season and days shorter. The weather has become colder. The plants struggle to grow. And now, thanks to you, my only source of energy left is gone."

I scratched at the back of my head, confused. "Ya mean those people? Aw hell, I'm certain they only moved locations. We can hunt them down if you'd like." For some reason, there was a giant pit in my stomach. His smirk grew and he shook his head again.

"Pitiful fool. I am quite certain they shall no longer worship me. They will fear your coming wrath and pray for forgiveness… You have just as well signed my death warrant. I will perish within the month and the world will fall to darkness and with it, all of mankind."

My heart ached. This beautiful creature spouted such painful words. Death? I did not wish his death, I did not even know ones such as him existed. With a grunt, he began to pull himself away from the way. I heard sickeningly wet squelches and little splashes of liquid. He gasped in pain and then ripped himself from the wall, a loud tearing sound filling the cavern.

Behind him, lied a sharp protruding stone, soaked and dripping with blood, fabric twisted and hanging from its tip. With a quiet whimper, he moved his torn robe and looked to his chest. There in the center was a hole. He panted and rested his head on the ground, blood oozing from the small gap. I heard mirthless, stuttering laughter dance about my ears.

"A month, that is, if these wounds don't kill me first."

I'd had enough. I didn't know what type of monster he believed me to be but I did not wish death upon him! Something, no! Someone so beautiful as him should not suffer like this. My tail flicked nervously behind me. I stepped forward and helped him up while he was in too much pain to do otherwise.

"You need praise to live? Then I will find you someone who still worships… whatever you are." I hefted his arm over my shoulder and wrapped my arm around his waist, pulling his abnormally warm body against mine. I leaned down and picked up his discarded mask. "Will you heal on your own?"

He stared into my eyes with his other worldly eyes and shook his head no. "I am far too weak. I need much more strength to achieve something such as that."

I nodded and stepped towards the exit, he motioned for me to stop and motioned with his head to the stone that lay on the ground.

"Please, pick up my home. I need that to concentrate my energy and rest."

I looked to it and nodded, bending to reach it too, and handed it to him. He nodded his thanks, and pocketed it in his torn robe, the sleeve falling off his shoulder. I couldn't help but stare at his tan pectoral and pink nipple poking out. I swallowed thickly in my throat, my heart caught somewhere in there.

Determinedly, I looked forward, half dragging him out into the night.


As soon as the cool night air hit my warm skin, I snuck a peak at my captor and now lord. His beautiful long flowing blue hair picked up in the wind, swaying around his shoulders and twisting with my locks. His long blue ears twitched and shifted higher up, more alert. The white band across his forehead shone with moonlight, as well as his white body. His long slender tail flicked gracefully around, swirling around his leg at times. I caught a glimpse of his tanned chest, neck, and face; losing myself in his startlingly blue eyes. His hind paws were soundless as he stepped along the forest ground, his hand clenching my side, his long claws careful of my skin.

He was handsome. I scoffed. How crude, thinking a night walker was attractive. Be that as I felt, I could not help to notice the contrasts between us. We were about as far apart as night and day. Which makes sense, now that I thought about it considering we were technically 'night and day.'

I glanced at our twisting locks, the blue clashing with the orange, and yet making the colors both pop out more than ever before. He was cool and I was warm. He was brash and volatile, or at least from what I could tell. I was more calculating and logical… Though, more than likely, not by much. My temper was known for being quite venomous.

I shifted in his grasp, and he pulled me up higher, my weight resting more firmly upon him. My thoughts confused me. Why would a night walker care anything about a creature such as me? Wasn't I his sworn enemy? Wasn't I the last defense against world domination? Or had the times changed and the world all but forgot about me and my lost kind, including our enemy the night walker?

How frightfully insulting and yet even more terrifying. Had the world truly forgotten us? I felt the sudden need to share my knowledge.

"… Sun child."

He stopped walking for a second, turning to me, confusion written on his handsome face, resuming his pace as he spoke. "Excuse me?" His voice was so breath taking and deep, erotic even. I looked away, blushing at my thoughts.

"You said you had no idea what I am… I am a sun child."

He stopped walking again, this time shock encasing his expressions. "A sun child? I'd only believed them to be legends my ancestors spoke of! Sun children have not been seen for many a millennia."

I nodded coarsely. "Oh yes, I know. I was there."

His gorgeous eyes widened and he swooped my arm from around his neck, and laid my back against a tree. He then squatted down on his haunches in front of me. I smirked at him. I heard his breath catch in his throat.

"My mom and pa always spoke of the stories they were told as children, how they passed down from generation to generation. They said that sun children were vibrant and beautiful, their hair shone like the sun itself, their skin glowing with warmth and light.

"They also spoke of how they were our sworn enemies, how they ruled the world with endless light. We could never survive in a world full of light, so Aizen our leader, began to kill them off. He spoke of how the world would become habitable for us."

He shook his head. "We'd all believed that they had all perished."

I smiled dully at him. "Almost, but not quite. Though now, they might as well all be considered dead."

His eyes narrowed and he shook his head again. "No. I will not allow you to die in such a way."

It was touching, how innocent the young night walker was. I turned to stare off into the darkness, my bones seeping in the cold. It was not pleasant. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. "Did you also know that we did not even know you existed? We were a peaceful people, willing to except all and anyone. Then, you began to murder us."

His ears perked up and I knew I had his full attention. My dull smile grew. "Oh yes. Many of us were slaughtered. Your king Aizen became mad with power and sent armies of your men to kill not only our men but our women and children too."

My eyes grew faint and I felt grief grip my heart like a stone fist. "… I lost my whole family to that bastard."

His eyes were grieved and he fell back onto his bottom, scooting ungracefully forward. His hand reached up to wipe away tears I had not even known I was shedding. I looked him in the eye. His head was tilted.

"You must be very old, indeed."

I couldn't help but snort, a smile pulling my lips upward. What a rude little brat. "Yes, indeed I am. Much older than you by far."

His eyes glittered with awe. "I couldn't even begin to imagine the things you saw and went through during that war. The things you had to do. I do know that the war ended with the death of king Aizen."

I smirked, "I was the one that killed him." Sick satisfaction coiled in my stomach and burned through my veins at his shocked face.


"Of course, it cost me dearly. And I have paid for it all these years since. My energy has never been quite like it used to be. I used to shine brighter than the sun, you know, back in the glory days. Now look at me, my skin barely holds a glow and my warmth leaves much to be wanted."

He sighed and his tail flicked, his nose snuggled into my neck. My throat constricted. "I think you feel amazing," he all but purred. "Like a portable fire to keep me warm."

Was he hitting on me? I chuckled. "Boy, you're thousands of years too young for me."

I felt his fangs as he smirked against my neck, his chest rumbling with laughter. "Just you wait and see, old man. I will certainly give you a ride for your money.

My mouth gaped open in shock at his audacity. With an indignant squawk, I pulled out my stone and pushed myself inside. I heard his howling laughter and felt his presence wrap itself about my home. As I leaned back and relaxed, I could hear his heart beat thrumming against the side.

If I closed my eyes, and pretended really hard, I could almost make myself believe that it was the sound of drums and stamping feet.


When morning came, the hot sun woke me from my deep slumber, beating on my sensitive eyes. The sun gradually drained my energy, though I would be completely fine for a long while. But, my attention was distracted as I beheld something so beautiful it took my breath away. When the rays struck the stone in my arms, the light reflected and bounced everywhere. It shone as if it was a star of its own. A blinding light flashed and I felt his presence behind me. I turned just in time to see him stretch, his muscles pulling tight on his chest. He was made more beautiful by the sun.

The hole in his chest looked bigger, or perhaps, that was my imagination. I shook my head to clear it of such thoughts and watched as he turned his attention to me. I had a question on the edge of my lips that had been driving me insane all night.

"What was that cave I found you in?" His movements froze and his eyes widened slightly. I continued, "I mean, you said that this stone was your home." I held it up towards him.

He took it gingerly. I tilted my head, my tail flicking. "There were tons more of those stones lying everywhere down there. Though they were all broken. Was that where you all used to live?"

He stared blankly at the stone, eyes far away and his expression strained. He did not answer for so long that I believed that he would not and when he did, I had to strain my ears to even hear his whisper.

"… It was a grave yard."

I choked on my air. Oh no. I had said something stupid again. His other worldly eyes turned to me, sad and tired.

"What you saw was the grave yard of my kind. That is where all my kind rests. The stone we live in cracks and loses its glow when the sun child that lives within it dies. That's why every one of them was cracked except for mine."

I nodded, in awed stupor. "S-so, why do you stay there, surrounded by empty stones?"

He smiled weakly. "… It makes me feel at home again; like I'm not truly alone."

My heart clenched painfully in my chest, each beat causing pain to course through my veins. Nausea battled in my stomach. Without thinking, I leapt up and hugged him, wanting to comfort.


I stiffened under his attentions. Night walkers were so much more intimate than we sun children ever were. What was worse was the fact that he was a night walker and I was a sun child. There were way too many things wrong with this situation alone. Though, it wasn't like I could really do anything. I was far too weak and only becoming weaker.

I discretely looked to my chest. I winced and he noticed. He pulled away and looked to the hole too.

"Is it bigger or is that just me?" He asked rather loudly, he scratched at the back of his head. I looked into his mesmerizing eyes and nodded.

"It will continue to become bigger as I become weaker. Eventually, it will swallow me whole."

His eyes grew in horror and his tail flicked wildly, his ears flattened in fright. He looked to the ground for the longest time. We both stood in silence.

I pulled the torn robe from my shoulders and set it to the ground. He looked back to me, determination in his eyes, a hard expression on his face.

"Then that just means we'll have to try all the harder to find you praise before then." He smirked as he shifted his weight from one paw to the other. "After all, who wouldn't want to worship someone as beautiful as you."

I smirked and laughed. I watched as his eyes widened and color filled his cheeks, his claws scratching at his arm in nervousness. I gave him a sultry smile, just to put him on edge. "Ha! What a saucy child you are! So rude and brash, indeed! Flattery will get you nowhere, young man."

He tilted his head, his ears lowering in shame. I let my smirk glide gently into a smile. "Be that as it may… I am still flattered."

I turned my head away in embarrassment as he turned wide surprised eyes on me. I felt his spirits lift and saw his tail wag in pleasure, swishing through the air silently. He was more handsome swathed in moonlight though there was denying even now he was a very good looking man.

I felt his eyes watching me as I looked upon his body. Despite the heat flooding to my cheeks, I ignored him and continued to look as if his catching me did not bother me. By his chuckling I could tell I failed.

Too bad I was too weak to run away, though the sun did help me feel better. I felt his hand smooth along the back of my neck and I jumped, having not sensed his moving. His eyes shone with mischief as he leaned forward to me.

It seemed that just then I realized how much taller he was than me, his shoulders hunched as he leant down to meet me eye to eye. His mouth was dangerously close, his cool breath fanning my lips.

A giant smirk ate up his face and he cackled. "I think you should watch yourself better, old man. Keep staring like that, and I might just think you have a thing for young children. It'll only be your fault if I take my liberties."

I swallowed thickly as he leaned even closer, lips brushing mine. "Oh?" I whispered, gasping. "And what liberties would those be?"

His fangs brushed my lips as his smirk grew even more impossibly wide. "Oh, liberties like this."

And his lips met mine. Heat coiled in my stomach and I felt bothered, my legs suddenly antsy. I felt the need to push myself to him, to create more contact between us. Before I could even begin to initiate anything more intimate, he pulled away with a loud smack.

He chuckled and his smirk was now down right lecherous. "Heh. See, old man? Let's find out whom can't handle whom; you game? Oh, and by the way, the name's Grimmjow."

I just stared at him, shocked silent and left more than needy. Just by a kiss alone; I felt stupid and naïve. Of course I didn't let him see that. I quickly covered my need with anger, attacking him and yelling while he pranced about, avoiding my fire and howling laughter out to the blue skies above.

.:.~ End of Chapter One~.:.

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