The house was at a standstill. The energy was stagnant the air dry and those remaining silent. Something wasn't right. It's been a week since she watched his body become riddled with bullets. The smell of gun powder and copper still lingered in the air. The traces of what once was the blood that pumped through the veins of the boy who haunted her soul stained the floor that she sat on slowly tracing, thinking, hurting, longing for. It's been a week since he was too join her and yet here she was alone trapped in her own purgatory of self loathing and regret. The soft voices of angels, her only light were gone. There was nothing, but the blood soaked floor and a room she found herself unable to escape.

"Maybe it's been longer then a week?" The question went unanswered as she sat there. A sort of tingly numbness crept through her being. The feeling of her hair standing alert to the subconscious knowledge for the first time in a long time someone or something was there. She wouldn't move, not even an inch in fear of losing that sensation. It didn't matter what it was at least she wasn't alone.

"Wish you were, wish you want, wish upon a star crossed path that leads you back to nothing." The voice was ominous, cold and stirred the same gut wrenching feeling that nails down a chalkboard would.

"Challenge me this, a bet if you wish. Your soul to me, an eternity of this for one last kiss." Her heart leaped and caught in her throat at the vision before her. Slowly fading into existence was the form of the one she craved and longed for. She couldn't blink, the fear the second her eyes shut he would be gone.

"Silly children and their games, taking lives expecting I wouldn't come to claim." Tate stood there expressionless, hauntingly still as though he was nothing but a life like replica figure of the boy she dreamed of.

" One last kiss and an eternity without." Tate blinked once but the expression was the same. Cold, distant, trapped in himself with no way out.

"And if I turn down this kiss what that of my soul?" Defiant as always and ready to fight she could no longer take being toyed with. Before the last last word escaped her lips Tate was gone.

"A wager I'll place for two star crossed lovers, doomed to want but never be together. A lifetime apart, never knowing one or the other. If your so destined perhaps you'll find each other. But he will belong here with me and you will be set free." She stood up feeling the anger and rage course through her like a old forgotten friend who came for a visit.

" What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Reincarnation, rebirth if you will. Last chance to escape and start... Fresh again." The voice pulsed and echoed all around her but came from no definitive place.

"My wager is this. Start new with a blank slate, find each other without any prior knowledge of the other and I will let you live together in my hell creating death and destruction. Fail you both will feel what true pain and torture is."

"Who are you?" She spun around asking the presence she felt but couldn't see already knowing she'd never get a true answer.

"Turn around." The breath hit her ear and sent a shiver up her spine. It felt like what once was warm blood pumping through her veins turned to ice shocking her, penetrating her to the core. Without any control she turned on impulse and there stood before her was Tate. But it wasn't him. His eyes were black, his skin pailer then usual. The unsettling feeling that what was before her was the truest manifestation of evil.

"I have many names to many people. Some see me as a god to others..."

"The devil." It crept out her lips but still she didn't falter, didn't crawl back in fear or move away.

"Call me what you will but you best knew me as Tate." His hand reached out and clamped tightly around her throat, the force slamming her back till she was pressed against a wall. Never once did she blink, react to the brutal constriction to her throat.

"Are you scared yet?" The deep sound of his voice resonated in places of her being she never experienced before. His black orbs twinkling in only what she could process as excitement. Her tongue darted out her mouth licking and wetting her dry mouth.

"Challenge accepted." The penetrating dark orbs softened and turned back to the welcoming brown ones she had fallen in love with.

"Nira?" The voice was soft, husky all him laced in his usual confusion.

" What happened?" His voice wavering, eyes softening with the appearance of unshed tears.

Nira placed her hand on his still firmly clasped around her throat. "I don't think we have much time. Make it count."

With out missing a beat his lips crushed against hers. The passion, pain and longing bruising her lips with each heated and desperate kiss. Between gasps for air they shouldn't need each uttering their confessions of love.

"Tick tock time is up." Both ignored the voice and pulled and grasped at each other. Kissing and touching every inch trying to memorize the other. "I will find you Tate."

Minutes turned to hours, days to weeks to an unbearable month after month. Trapped in the tiny confines of darkness. Unable to move, think or process. Each moment that passed was another part of herself fading away. Amongst the silence was the soft gentle rumbling of something she couldn't understand. It soothed her and more and more she lost herself to it. What felt like an eternity had passed when finally the most intense bright light emerged destroying the darkness. The tight confines were replaced with an unknown freedom and unknown feeling. The comforting rumbling was gone and replaced with something that felt familiar but different.

"My baby... I'm your mommy." There was that comforting familiarity.

"Do you have a name chosen Mrs. Harmon?"

"Violet." -

So this is the final chapter. An end to one of my favorite stories to write. And I have no idea where the sudden want to write this came but I'm glad I was able to end it and turn it around to what I originally intended for. Thank you to anyone still reading and let me know if I should continue this.