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Predators (c) Same
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"As I walk through the valley of the Shadow of L.A.
The Footsteps that were next to me have gone their separate ways,
I've seen enough now to know that beautiful things
Don't always stay that way...
I've done enough now to know this beautiful place,
Isn't every thing they say."
-Good Charlotte
-The River

She might have been a pretty girl but it was hard to tell under sleep deprived bags and a long blonde ponytail that looked like it hadn't been washed in two days. She tapped her feet too often for the people on the flight to really think she was a good kid. Actually, she wasn't even really a kid. She was twenty, a sophomore in college who was coming home for the summer. And she wasn't always this laid back and relaxed. A week of finals could do this to a business major.

Her name was Izzy Cartwright and she was the daughter of a rather well established business man who had turned to the rural side of life and moved out to a boonies town in the middle of Eastern Oregon to shovel hay for his cattle and horses. Izzy had quickly adapted and had flourished enough to become a girl who fit right into the shoes of a cowgirl and her now fiancé, Jack, once captain of the football team, perfectly.

Finally, the plane touched onto the rainy tarmac of PDX and she almost mowed over several old ladies in her attempt to get to Jack's old pickup. However, as soon as she stepped out into the covered dome, she was shocked to see there was no old truck, no Abercrombie and Fitch model in scuffed up cowboy boots and no fat dog named Mack.

She glanced around, tapping her heels on the pavement before fishing out her cellphone, punching in Jack's phone number. Of course it went straight to voice message as it always did and so she quickly left a message.

"Hey Jack, its Izzy. If you're ever going to get your lazy ass off of your horse and pick me up, I would be a very happy camper. I'll talk to you later." She snapped her phone closed and went to wait inside.

However, hours passed without a word from her cowboy beau and she began to fret. What if he had gotten into a crash on the way from her hoinkydink little town? Her parent's and brother's phones were off too, strangely enough because her brother Eli never stopped texting. She fiddled with her suitcase handle and read the rest of her book and even bought a Starbucks latte before finally deciding what she had to do.

Hurrying down the escalator, again knocking several obnoxious old people down the stairs in the process, she raced out into the misty Oregon sunshine that coated the ground. She rummaged in her bag until she found her ID and credit card, renting a car that smelled faintly of sex and old socks, making up her mind that she would have to travel to her town the hard way, so be it.

She kept her phone on and checked it constantly at rest stops, driving through into the wee hours of the morning, watching the foliage turn from evergreens to sagebrush and finally that even gave way to rolling hills and scrubby little trees.

However, when her clock struck 4:00 in the morning, the car gave a shuddering shake and then suddenly stopped, not to start again.

"Oh are you kidding me?" She groaned and slammed her head against the steering column. However, she had to only be about a mile from the town and decided to walk.

Izzy stepped out of the car in her ballet flats and jeans and instantly felt the air tinged with something. Was it blood? Smoke? Electricity? She couldn't be certain but something just didn't seem right. The moon whitewashed the hills, giving them an eerie glow as if they were from another planet. The crickets didn't even sing tonight and the whole world seemed to hold its breath.

She plodded along the road at a steady pace and slowly, something came into view that she knew as her town. Her heart gave a giant leap and she quickened her strides but began to slow as she realized that something wasn't quite right. The town was pitch black and silent which was to be expected at four in the morning but…a silence that seemed to crush the very breath out of her lungs.

"What the hell…" She murmured as she began to enter the town. The bar was deathly quiet as was the all night convince store and they were dark, as if the lights had been sucked out by the stillness of the dark. She shivered involuntarily and wrapped her jacket tighter around her arms. This didn't feel like the town she had grown up in, far from it.

"Hello?" She called out quietly but only received the gentle whistle of the wind as it drifted through broken windows of shops and businesses.

Her foot hit something heavy but soft and she almost fell over, catching herself in the nick of time. When she turned to see what she had hit, she had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming.

She had discovered the first body.

Izzy began to shake wildly, tears forming in her eyes. The body had been brutally ripped open at the chest and the man's eyes were open in shock as if he could hardly believe if someone had dared to take the life from his body. She hurried away from the fallen man, only to discover the others. Each one seemed to be gorier than the last. Dried blood spattered the asphalt and the remains of something slipping away into the night was the only thing that alerted Izzy of the carnage that had ensued only hours earlier. What could have fallen on her perfect little hamlet?

Suddenly, she heard something that made her head whip to the side. It was a carnal scream of an obviously feral animal that made Izzy's heart stop dead in her chest. Did something dart across the roof of the real estate company's building? Was something watching her from the bottom of a darkened window? The moon played dreadful tricks on her eyes and she shivered involuntarily as she backed up to keep from being seen. Her head whipped back up to the top of the building as she heard something else let out a cry of victory. Was she their next prey?

As she began to run down different streets, she began to see more corpses that were once her friends. She had to stop and vomit more than once in terror until there was nothing left but she kept running. The moonlight showed grotesque similarities between most. Mr. Faust, the man who had owned the grocery store and a housewife named Peggy wore the same hole straight through the brain as did many others.

She flew down another long, narrow passage and almost stumbled on another body outside the feed store. He was tall, lean and handsome and Izzy knew exactly who this was the moment she saw him.

"Jack…" She sobbed before touching his lifeless hand. He too wore the telltale hole through the cranium and finally, their hunters made their appearance.

They surrounded Izzy like wolves and she wept when she saw they were like nothing she had ever seen before. Each one seemed to have the exoskeleton of a beetle and they seemed to have no eyes. With this they also possessed a mouth full of needle sharp teeth that secreted a never ending supply of saliva. Their bodies were long and lithe and each had a tail tipped with a rather deadly looking barb.

"Oh gods…" She whimpered as she dragged herself towards the building until her back was against the cold, hard brick. This was the end. They would kill her just like they killed each of her friends and probably her family. She let out a shaky cry like a kitten that was trapped and buried her face into her hands. They seemed to glitter in the moonlight as they moved closer and through tear blurred eyes, she could swear that the air rippled extremely closely to one of the largest creatures. Suddenly, as if her saving grace had been found, a blade was unsheathed and it pierced the head of the one that was closest to Izzy. She gasped as the being's blood splashed onto the ground and ate away at the concrete as if it was a fat kid given cake.

Jack's body was also in the way and it too was eaten through, spilling out his bodily fluids out onto the concrete. Izzy had the sense to duck out of the way before she was too splashed with the acidic blood. Of course the creature wasn't completely dead and so she screamed, "WATCH OUT" to alert the invisible man that the thing's tail was ready to strike. The unseen being, whatever it was, was able to catch the tail in the nick of time and rip it out of the creature's body as it screamed and finally died.

Now several other invisible things that were no longer invisible began to slash away at the hunters. They were giant, the largest probably a good eight and a half feet tall, with humanoid features. They wore battle armor that covered the most vital areas of their bodies and a mask that covered their faces. Jet black dreads decorated in beads and bones fell to about their mid backs and Izzy found herself scrambling out of the way to get out of the massacre. Finally, after she realized that the black creatures that were too busy fighting the big guys to follow her, she hurried to where she knew she could actually be safe.

She hurried down the streets until she finally skidded to a halt in front of "Last Rest-Motel and Suites." The doors hung slightly ajar but she didn't care. Through tear filled eyes, she stepped over the bodies of those fallen and hurried to where she knew she would be safest. One of the many linen closets that filled the hotel was full of pillows and blankets and so, with her mind buzzing, she grabbed whatever she needed to become comfortable and found the laundry room and the giant industrial size dryer that would be her safe haven for at least a little while.

Curling up inside cramped space, she found herself weeping for those she knew were gone. Her mother, her father, her brother and Jack…he was gone forever. She would never get married. She would never have a family of her own and she would never become a grandmother.

As she wept, she realized she had come home to a world that was not her own but the battleground between two races. How did her little town become the war torn terrain of two creatures that were obviously not from earth?

With these questions buzzing around her head, she finally drifted off into a restless, dreamless sleep.