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"Seven devils all around me,
Seven devils in my head,
They were there when I woke up this morning,
I'll be dead before the day is done,
Seven devils all around you,
Seven devils in your heart,
I was dead when I woke up this morning,
I'll be dead before the day is done..."
-Florence + The Machine
-Seven Devils

When Izzy opened her eyes again, she was disoriented and found herself rather smashed up into a little ball and she could barely breathe. She gave a little shriek and finally slammed into the door that held her in its confines and fell out unceremoniously onto the floor, swearing slightly under her breath.

Then the events of the previous night came flooding back into her head and she gasped and began to cry softly. They were all dead and she was the only living thing in this town, other than the creepy alien thingies that stalked the streets and their hunters.

"No sense sitting around here to get eaten or something," She muttered to herself, grabbing a sheet and spying the industrial sized sink to go along with the industrial sized everything else. No need to get eaten while she looked just about ready to rip off her shirt and start dancing around the fire like a savage. Getting clean was something she probably thought was best.

She washed off her face and hands before moving up her arms and then her neck, wiping away slime and blood that had gathered there. Izzy winced as her hand came into contact with a rather long, nasty gash that something had given her the night before.

Actually, truth of the matter was, Izzy was extremely beat up and her arms, face, hands and even legs and feet showed it. Her once city-girl-meets-country bumpkin outfit was now in shreds and blood oozed from the most unlikely places. She hadn't realized just how tired she really was, either.

However, these things aside, she had to go somewhere. She couldn't live in a hotel basement the rest of her life. So, slowly and silently making her way up the stairs, she was able to find several weapons, one being a shotgun that the owner of the hotel, her uncle Max, had carried with great pride, several kitchen knives in a knapsack she had found in one empty room, and a machete (She found herself not asking) to keep her safe.

She was going home.

Her house, a little ranch style house about three miles outside of town, was hopefully a safe haven. The monsters and aliens that plagued her town probably wouldn't have gone out that far and so, with a deep breath and a silent prayer to the deity of her choosing, she shoved open the hotel's doors and stepped out into the bright sunlight that told the world that this was Eastern Oregon.

Her town was as silent as the grave. In the sunlight, the bodies were even more noticeable, in different variations of decomposition with a smell so foul, it made Izzy heave. She made a vow then and there she wouldn't join the ranks of the dead. Hoisting the gun over her shoulder and squeezing the machete tighter, she began to run, hoping the creatures really liked to sleep in in the mornings.

She jumped over another unfortunate body and ran past the grocery store, past the Cinemas, past the churches that would hold no salvation now. Her family was a devote group of Mormons but she had come to realize her own in college. Her family wanted her to go to BYU but she wanted to go to some big liberal school, get all the world had to offer.

She had dropped the religion and title as soon as she stepped off the plane in California. She had sex, she had drunk alcohol, she had sworn and it felt amazing. Her family was ignorant and she was now coming to conclusions just how ignorant they could actually be.

She hurried on faster, the shotgun bouncing against her back, glancing over her shoulder every so often to make sure she wasn't being followed. When she was convinced that she wasn't, she began walking to conserve energy until…

The rattle of a tin can from an alley made her swing the gun to the front of her body towards the sleek black creature that was now leisurely strolling towards her, like a cat with a cornered mouse.

"Get back!" She screamed, cocking the weapon, "Get back, you thing! I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it!"

Oh yes Izzy, well done. If it didn't know you have a gun, it will certainly know now. She thought, mentally kicking herself for sounding so stupid. However, she raised the gun towards the creature and didn't give it another warning. She fired the weapon with a resounding CRACK and the monster stumbled back because the bullet, while not right in the center, had made its mark in the creature's black exoskeleton. It had crushed the left side of its head and acidic blood poured down out of its head and fell to the ground, eating away at the concrete and tar.

The thing gave an unearthly shriek and then began to writhe, giving her time to turn on her heel and book it towards the desert, where her family's estate lay in the distance. The shotgun bounced against her butt as she ran and her breath came in short, shallow gasps as she tried to get away from the hellish screams of the monster that tried to pursue her but ultimately failed.

Izzy ran for everything she was worth, the buildings giving way to the open skies of Oregon. Only when she was finally out of view of the town did she allow for herself to stop, her lungs burning, and retch up the nothingness that filled her stomach. The burning sensation moved up into her nose and made her head hurt and she whimpered slightly, trying to get the feeling out of her nose.

After several minutes of crying and retching, she stood up and wiped her nose with the shredded remains of her plaid jacket and threw it into the sagebrush. She hoisted the knapsack up onto her back again and the shotgun over that and slowly made her way towards the homestead.

The walk was long and flat and she wished desperately that she had grabbed some water or sunscreen before she left. She was a pale girl naturally, her mother always slathering her up with lotion before she went out and worked when she was little. The sun burned her skin quickly and along with having a terrible headache and cuts, she became dreadfully sunburned.

However, the walk was in her favor too. It gave her time to contemplate on the terrible creatures that stalked her town and the things hunting them. The things had been almost humanoid except for their mottled skin. Despite the situation she was in, Izzy found herself smiling slightly. She had played Halo with her peers at college and knew all about super soldiers. Was it possible that these warriors were some sort of super soldier placed here by the government?

She laughed and shook her head at the idea and then continued on her way, walking at a steady pace under the perfectly cerulean sky. Sagebrush was everywhere and actual tumbleweeds blew across the neglected roads.

Finally, she turned to the right and walked under a sign that read "Hell's Ranch-Population: Rattlesnakes, tumbleweeds, and a whole hell of a lot of cows."

The road was long and winding, another mile at least to add onto her already excruciatingly long journey but she didn't mind too much. As she walked, she kept her eye focused on a spot in the horizon, where she knew her house was.

After what seemed like a lifetime, she saw the little two storied farmhouse complete with a weathervane and Izzy's tiredness was forgotten. She ran towards the house, her stomach flipping and flopping like a fish out of water. However, something was dreadfully wrong. There was no bark of a dog, no bray of the horses or cows, and no friendly shout from her father.

They're all inside, she told herself reassuringly, Of course, after everything that's been happening in town, they'd all be inside, not working.

She continued to slowly mount the porch and felt a whisper of wind on the back of her neck. Instantly, the gun was up and poised, but there was nothing to shoot. She frowned slightly when she felt the wind almost pulling her towards the back deck. Izzy hoisted the gun over her shoulder and slowly made her way towards the back deck.

The thing that greeted her was almost too terrifying for words. In the pasture, about five hundred feet away from the house was the beginning of a cliff. In the cliff was an absolutely perfect fifteen foot in diameter hole that led down into some dark abyss.

"Holy shit," She gasped and groped for the side of the house for some support. She slid down the side and shook so hard that her knives rattled against each other. What the hell was that thing?

Now apprehensive about going inside, she slowly stood back up; gun poised and slowly opened the back door. It slowly creaked open and Izzy stepped over the threshold carefully, afraid that there might be something lurking in the shadows.

"Mom?" She whispered, but received no answer, "Dad, are you in here somewhere?"

Still, silence filled her ears. She moved slower now, the tension in the house so thick she could cut it with a knife. The air seemed to weigh down on her shoulders, so thick she could barely breathe in it. There was nothing alive in this household.

Suddenly, a soft moan caught her attention. The gun was whipped up and she narrowed her eyes, noticing her hands were shaking visibly. The noise turned into coughing and then crying and then…her name…

"Izzy, help me…" Came the weak, pathetic mew and Izzy threw down the gun and raced to the second floor where her mother lay on the floor, pale and sweaty. Her own blonde hair was limp and sticky and her blue eyes darted left and right in a panic. Her chest had a growth inside of it and the growth was moving noticeably.

"Mom…oh Mom…" She sobbed, dropping to the ground and grasping her mom's hands, "What happened?"

Her mother swallowed audibly and then spoke, "The ground…around the cliff…was warm and archeologists…came searching…but the aliens released the…aliens…and destroyed the town." Her mother's head lulled back and her breath seemed strained. The thing inside of her chest moved and Izzy had to look away to keep from throwing up.

"Mom, can you move? I'll get you to a hospital, anywhere! Just tell me where I need to go." She begged her mother who gave a cough.

"You can't…help me, Izzy. Your father and brothers…are already…" She struggled to breathe but then laughed slightly, "You're alive. How did you…survive?"

Izzy gave a shaky laugh and squeezed her mother's hands. "I just did, I guess."

Suddenly, the thing in her mother's chest gave a violent jerk and her mother's breath rushed out of her and her head lulled to the side, her eyes were glassy and dull.

"Mom," Izzy called, shaking her mom, "MOM! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!"

Suddenly, there was a brutal explosion and Izzy was thrown back as a baby Alien leapt from her mother's disemboweled chest and began moving towards Izzy. She was so shell shocked, she could only stare in horror at the creature that was now inching its way towards her Conversed feet. However, that didn't last long because she quickly dispatched it with a kitchen knife, the acidic blood burning through the blade as easily as the butter the knife might have once cut through.

She raced back over to her mother's side and grasped her hand, praying that there might be some life left she could salvage but her mom remained cold and unmoving.

"Mom, Mom, MOM!" She screamed, shaking and slapping her mother, "Wake up, please…Oh God…Mom…" She leaned over her mother's body and wept. "I don't want to be an orphan…"

She wasn't sure how long she lay over her mother's body but something caught her attention and made her head snap up. There was something moving rather quickly above her head in the attic that dragged something behind it. Instantly, she knew it was one of those monsters that had just killed her mother, but she didn't care. Let them come and kill her. Maybe God would take pity on her and let her be with her family.

She heard it at the door and looked up to see its salivating mouth almost ready to bite her head off. She felt a whimper building up in her throat but she stayed strong and looked death right in the face.

It slowly opened its mouth, exposing its needle sharp teeth and was about ready to end Izzy's life with one fell swoop of its second mouth when all of the sudden…


A throwing blade embedded itself into the creature's neck, spewing acidic blood everywhere and Izzy screamed as it hit her cheek. The searing pain that followed was almost unbearable and she felt herself feel faint and dizzy with the smell and agonizing pain that blossoming throughout her whole body.

The last thing Izzy Cartwright saw before she fell into an unconscious stupor was alien fall and a humanoid creature making its way towards her, mask still glinting evilly in the dimming light of Izzy's mind.

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