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Star shaped Freckles and Tattooed Memories.
By: Mika Uriah

Kate Freelander walked into the half steam punk -half modern day kitchen into the sanctuary from the back door, she was wearing pretty black leather closed toe stiletto, and a grey cable knit sweater dress that no one has seen before pair with black tights, perfect for the early fall weather in old city, her makeup was subtle but slightly glittery, if those at the sanctuary didn't know better they would swear that Kate Freelander had a date.

Helen Magnus looked up from the crossword she was helping Henry with when she heard the door open "Kate! Welcome home," she slid the book back over to Henry with the clue filled in "how was your date, with…Geoffrey was it?"

Kate had this look on her face like she was ready to cry and slid into the restaurant style booth with the dark burgundy leather padded seating that everyone loved and rested her head on Helen's shoulder, it reminded Helen instantly of Ashley when Ashley was upset, and the woman wondered briefly if it was something that all teenage girls did; she stroked her hair and waited for her to talk when she was ready, "we were having coffee and talking. He was a Princeton Graduate, the founder of his own company, his vegetarian like me, graduated high school at 16," she shrugged.

Helen raised an eyebrow as she listened to Kate "he sounds great! What happened?"

"We met at that great Organic coffee bar down the block, you know, the one with those buttery scone things that you like, and it's going fantastic! There's no awkward silences or any of that weird first date stuff and then it happens, we're walking down Sycamore and he suddenly rests a hand on my stomach like…right here" she puts a hand on her lower abdomen "and goes 'soon, this will be plump with my seed'" she frowned "what the hell is that?" she rested her head on her forearms which were on the table.

Magnus rested a hand on her back "I'm sorry he-"

She was cut off when Kate popped up suddenly "do I have, 'hey! Losers, weirdoes and freaks! Come date me' tattooed on my forehead?"

Henry finally looked up from his crossword puzzle and shook his head "you have a freckle pattern that looks like a star on your shoulder if you play connect the dots, you have a scar on your leg where you got shot and when you were sixteen your hair was blonde for a week because you wanted to go purple and had to bleach it, you're vegetarian because you had a pet goat and you couldn't imagine eating something you could have as a pet, you have a tribal symbol on your foot as a tattoo.." he trailed off as if trying to remember anything else "you have these great big brown eyes, and the most amazing smile , but…nah, you don't have any tattoos on your forehead."

Kate's face reminded him of a goldfish for a few seconds, she smiled slid out of the restaurant like booth and kissed his Henry on the cheek "thanks, Hank." She excused herself to go get out of the dress.

Helen smirked "that was sweet, Henry," she knew he meant it, even if Kate didn't.

Henry shrugged "yeah, uhm, what's 24 down?" He slid down the crossword puzzle back to Magnus, and tried to get the feel of Kate's lips on his cheek out of his mind, even though he knew that as much as he would be able to get the kiss off of his cheek, he wouldn't be able to get the feeling that it imprinted on his heart.