Chikusa rarely came back with any sort of injuries, but lately it had been happening more and more. This time, he had come back with his cheek bleeding still, the scent mouthwatering to the blond nearby. His instincts overcame any inhibitions he may have had, and he pounced on the black haired boy, pining him to the ground. He nudged his head to the side, lapping at the trail of blood going down the other's neck, all the way up to the cut on his cheek. Once he was done, he pawed at Chikusa's clothes, checking for any other injuries, but any other signs of blood were not from him. Chikusa rolled his eyes and shoved the other off, ruffling Ken's hair. "Thanks for the concern idiot." Ken only nipped his hand in response, licking at the blood he drew. From his vantage point above them, Mukuro chuckled, amused by the blush working it's way across Chikusa's face.

A/N: Inspired by the KHR Kink Meme on LJ, the prompt was Ken/Chikusa Biting, blood licking, ya know Ken being Ken. Maybe even Mukuro peeking in. Instead of some action, it ended up fluffy. Hope everyone likes it anyway.