A Hit man, a Biker, and a Bouncer

Chapter 1, Niko: Who bugged my car?

It was hot and sunny day in middle park east, and in the middle of the heatwave stood Niko Bellic beside his trusty orange Infernus, a car that was given to him from his gay friend Bernie crane, which he got from his boyfriend, deputy mayor Bryce dawkins.

Ever since the death of Jimmy Pegorino in the hands of Niko himself, the Pegorino mafia family was dismantled, and Niko took advantage of this and robbed the money of the Pegorino family in Jimmy's estate in Westdyke along with Little Jacob, Packie Mcreary and Roman, he split the money with the three of them. For Packie, he used it to take care of his ma. for Little Jacob, he used the money to build a new cafe. And for Roman, he used it to support Mallorie and his new born baby daughter. Niko tried to forget about Kate and move on with life. For now he is still able to mask his sadness. To save his loved ones from even more harm, Niko decided to put away his life as a hit man and worked with Roman's new luxury cab depot, and that has given him a nice steady income for, although the pain of losing Kate still haunts his memory, Niko vowed to never work for the mob ever again.

Niko had no job today so he decided to hang out with his bowling loving cousin Roman, so he pulled out his whiz wireless cellphone and dialed in Roman's number. He waited for a few beeps until. "Ladies, this is Roman Bellic, but i guess you already know that, Leave a message." It went into his voice mail. Ironic, because sometimes Roman was the one calling Niko over and over just to ask him to go bowling. "I'll try little jacob, if he's not to high on that weed of his." Niko said dialing Lil' Jacob's number. He waited then "I an i be busy right now man, leave i a message." Voice mail again!, "I'm starting to look pathetic now." Niko said. He got desperate and dialed Brucie's number. "Can't talk right now, pushing it to the max!" voice mail... again, Niko wasn't the type of guy who likes to sit around in his couch and watch 'I'm rich' on MeTV, so he decided to clean up his car, so he got a towel and got in the car to clean out the crap.

"man, there's lots of shit in here, what have i been doing?" Niko said to himself seeing the car was a mess, it had empty soda bottles in the carpets, burger shot wrappers, and bullet shells. "Better clean this up." Niko said and he got his towel and cleaned up the car. He threw out all the junk into the pavement, cleaned up the carpets, and dusted out the windshield. After two hours of cleaning, Niko reached into his phone to check what time it is. As he was about to pick it up, the phone fell to the bottom of the steering wheel. He looked down and saw his phone and picked it up, Then he saw something odd, he bend down again and saw a cable connected to a microphone. "what the hell?" He had been bugged! "shit shit shit shit" His mind was racing with thoughts about what sort of information the bugger got from him, after all he has been using that car very often. Niko couldn't waste anytime, he had to figure out who bugged him and kill them before the information falls into the police or feds or anything else for that matter. He thought of all the possible suspects and figured one out. "Florian.." He quickly jumped to the first suspect, the person who gave him the car, Florian or as he liked to be called 'Bernie crane'.

He got in his car, ripped off the microphone and stored it in the dashboard, he stepped on the gas pedal and zoomed his way to Florian's house. Niko did not liked to be betrayed, and knowing the bugger was Florian just made him angrier. He tore through the rush hour traffic and headed towards Middle park west, Bernie's house.

"Florian! Open the door!" Niko said knocking on Florian's door. "yes, yes I'm coming." Florian said in his usual feminine voice. "why hello Niks, what a surprise! why don't you come in." He said, "Gladly." Niko said looking at Florian in disgust, he came inside and shut the door and locked it. "um, why don't we just leave it open Niko, you know to get some air." Florian said feeling scared and looking sweaty. "You dirty backstabbing prick!" he said pointing a gun at Florian. "aaaahh! Wha..what the hell n..Niko?" He said crouching and covering his face on the ground. "you know what I'm talking about Florian! You double crossed me!" Niko said in a very angry tone. "i..i..i didn't do anything! Don't kill me!" He said, "you put a microphone in my car! You tried to get information from me! Give it up!" Niko said still pointing the gun at him. "What car?" Florian said feeling confused, "the one you gave to me, Bryce's car!" Niko said "You bugged me for that hypocrite deputy mayor did you!" Niko said. "why would i do that? I'm your friend, Niko!" Florian said, Niko froze and thought that no way Florian could of done it, and he doesn't have to be a genius to know that his old friend wouldn't betrayed him, he fell to the ground and threw away his gun. "N..Niko?" Florian said opening his eyes to see Niko sitting on the ground looking sorry. "i..I'm sorry Florian." He said, "i..its okay niks, I'm okay, the question is are you?" Florian asked feeling slightly relieved. "I will be once i killed the rat that bugged me!" Niko said, "you got to calm down Niko, now tell me what happened." Florian said. "i found a microphone under the car you gave me, Bryce's car." Niko said, "a microphone?" Florian asked, "yes the ones people use to find out secret information." Niko replied. "well it must've been a practical one, so it's possibly connected directly to cellphone or some kind." "a cellphone? So we can track it?" "yes i think, but we need an expert in tracking down a specific frequency." Florian said, "you know any?" Niko asked. "i think so, an old war friend going by the name Viktor, he lives somewhere around Dukes." Florian said. "Let's go find him shall we?" Niko said getting ready to track down the snitch.

Niko and Florian got into Niko's car going over to dukes and finding this so called Viktor. "So, Niko?" Florian said smiling, "still having anger issues i see? There's this good anger management class in Algonquin that could sooth your nerves." "heh, i think I'm better off without it Florian, the anger keeps me at work." Niko said laughing and obviously not interested. "i doubt it Niks, we should have a spa day sometime, you know to make you less stressed." Florian added. "Yeah whatever Bernie, oh and um.. sorry for what happened back there." Niko said feeling guilty once again. "oh, don't worry Niko, i got used to being pointed with a gun." He said, "you ever thought about Darko?" Niko said , "i try not to Niko, you should learn to let go of your past and try looking to your future." Florian said looking concerned, "Yeah sure, if i had one". Niko found himself driving around Dukes, "oh were here! Where's this Viktor guy lives anyway?" Niko asked "Umm,, oh! He lives around Meadow hills." They drove over to meadows hills to confront Viktor.

They arrive in an old electronics store in Meadows hills, "Stop here Niko!" Florian said, and Niko parked near the Electronics store. "Viktor.. open up! It's Bernie!" Florian said knocking on the old door of the store, eventually a man came out, he seem to be in his late thirty's, he looks Serbian just like Niko and Florian, he was wearing torn jeans and a tank top and he smells like he takes a bath in a pile of shit. "what do you want this time Bernie?" He said in a grumpy old voice, "my friend Niko here needs a favor." Florian said, "What do you need boy?" Viktor asked looking at Niko, "i need you to track this for me." Niko said handing the microphone over to Viktor, "sorry can't help you." He said almost right away, "Yes you will." Niko said pointing his gun at Viktor. "okay okay! Chill out! come in." Viktor said, "you are really intimidating Niko." Florian said looking at Niko with an odd smile. They came inside the store and followed Viktor to a back room, and inside the room shows radio's and flatscreens hanging on the walls showing routes to several places in Liberty city. "i'm guessing you're not just any store owner eh?" Niko said looking around the room, "of course not, i was in the war, and worked as a tracker, and tapped into the radio frequency of anyone, really fun job if you ask me." Viktor said "yeah..no doubt." Niko said sarcasticly. "so, track it." Niko said "get straight to the bussiness i see, sure sure i got you, gimme that thing." Viktor said, and Niko handed over the microphone, "ah, i see i see, i'll be done in about 5 minutes." He said, Niko had a very impressed look on, "this guy's good." He said to Florian, and Florian nodded and said "i told you so."

"here we go, here's a GPS for you, the target is a cellphone, and i should mention it's moving around Alderney City." Viktor said, "Alderney eh? well thank you for your help vik." Niko said handing Viktor $1000, Viktor simply nodded and got back inside the room. Niko and Florian exited the store and headed back to Niko's car. "Florian, sorry for causing so much trouble." Niko said "That's okay niks, either way i haven't had this much excitement since the time i fell into the lake in middle park, so, thank you actually." Florian said "Hehe, okay, i guess i'll drop you off in your apartment then." Niko said "Can't i come with you?" Florian said "No, I don't want to cause you any more trouble, besides i think Alderney's going to get pretty messy after this." Niko said.

After dropping off Florian in his apartment, Niko went straight to Alderney city to confront the rat and eventually if everything goes smoothly, Kill him.