A Hitman, a Biker, and a Bouncer

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Chapter 6: The Impossible Trinity

"so, what now?" Johnny said in the Party room, the place was still filled with scared party goers, and Yusuf has had his hands full making sure that everyone feels safe. Nonetheless things were far from safe. about 12 suicidal Italian mobsters are surrounding the building, 2 of them down, and considering this place is the tallest building in Liberty City, it wasn't going to be easy hunting them down.

Niko, Johnny, and Luis gather to make a plan.

"these guys were wearing heartbeat monitors, if we kill them we kill the bombs." Niko said.

"right, kill 'em and stop this place from blowing the fuck out of us." Luis said.

"if you guys didn't notice, this place is big ass, how are we suppose to find all these bastards?" Johnny said

"you brought your grease monkey biker friends right?" Luis said.

"i prefer the term 'sophisticated bad ass colleges' boy, and yes i did." Johnny said rather annoyed.

"then i suggest we use as many people as we can, how long till the bombs explode?" Niko asked.

"about 25 minutes." Luis said.

"what happens if we don't get it all in time?" Johnny asked.

"the place will blow to bits, then come crumbling down before exploding again, and may i remind you that were in the building?" Luis said.

"why don't we just get out of here?" Johnny said.

"no, not yet, not until i kill that bastard Jeremy Pegorino." Niko said.

"and I've got a job to do, i can't let this building crumble down." Luis said.

"well.. you guys rather stay in a building filled with bombs that will explode in 25 minutes than go outside where it's safe?" Johnny asked.

Niko and Luis nodded.

"well alright then...figured i could use some excitement." Johnny said smiling.

Suddenly, three Guidos entered the room. "what the fuck happ..." before the mobster can finish his sentence, all three of them were killed by Niko, Johnny and Luis.

"5 down, 7 to go." Niko said.

Later, the three of them went to the 10th floor, since they've checked the floors below were empty.

Johnny turned on his walkie talkie. "Clayton man, you got anything?"

"we just iced a Guidos up here, you got 6 left." Said Clay in the Walkie Talkie.

"alright, later." Johnny hung up.

"my man's iced a Guidos up there, we got 6 left." Johnny said.

"good, wait.." Niko said as he signaled the guys to stay put and stay quiet.

They saw a mobster walking around holding a gun towards a few people. Niko aimed slowly and carefully towards the mobsters head and shot it point blank, the people screamed.

"shut up!" Niko yelled.

The people went quiet, very quiet.

"nice man, nice." Johnny said.

"public relation skills, cool." Luis joked.

The three of them eventually went to the 30th floor, since none of the floors below had any mobsters in them. As they walked through a corridor.

"Grenade!" Johnny screamed.

The three of them found shelter in the pillars, until another grenade showed up.

"dammit!" Luis yelled.

They moved back, more grenades came. They tried shooting at them but just couldn't see too well.

Another grenade arrived.

"gaaahhh! Fuck you!" Johnny said as he got out of the cover, grabbed the grenade and threw it back at them, blowing them up in the process, Niko and Luis stared at Johnny.

"what?" Johnny said.

"nothing." Both of them said.

The three of them checked the bodies. there were 2 of them so there's 3 left, and 15 minutes to go.

Niko's walkie talkie turned on.

"Cousin! I've knocked out one of the bombers!" Roman whispered.

"what? Really? Where are you?" Niko said sounding concerned.

"i knocked him out with a frying pan, I'm in the 35th floor." Roman said.

"okay, I'm coming over, if he wakes up knock him out again." Niko said.

"okay cousin." Roman replied as he hung up.

"my cousin knocked out a bomber on the 35th floor, let's go." Niko said.

"you brought your cousin here? It's dangerous man." Luis said.

"well, he didn't leave me with much of a choice." Niko said.

They made their way to the 35th floor after checking out the floors below to make sure no Guidos was lurking about, and saw Roman sitting on the floor with an unconscious mobster.

"nice work Roman." Niko said as he shot the man in the head.

"thanks cuz." Roman said.

"you should get out of here, we've secured the rest of the floors." Niko said.

"okay cousin." Roman said as he ran to the lift.

There was only two mobsters left, then Johnny's walkie talkie went on.

"Johnny, were being held hostage by that old bastard Pegorino and two of his goons." Terry said.

"shit man! Where are you?" Johnny asked.

"were on the Party room, get in here fast!" the walkie talkie went off suddenly.

"Pegorino's in the party room!" Johnny said.

Niko and Luis immediately ran towards the lift, rapidly pressing the up button and ascended towards Pegorino in the party room.

They arrived at the Party room and made their way to the door, and saw all their friends kneeling with their hands on their heads. Pegorino was in the middle of it all with two of his goons.

"give it up you traitors, we've got this building cornered, all my men are here and waiting to blow the fuck out of this place." Jeremy said with confidence.

"think again peg, we've killed all your men! You're the one that's supposed to give up." Niko said.

"wh...what? no! Your lying!" Jeremy said.

"it's over." Niko said slowly lifting his gun.

Jeremy signaled his men to take some of the guest as hostage, as he ran towards the stairs to the top floor.

"coward!" Niko yelled.

"not a step forward." One of the goons said as he held Yusuf hostage.

"or yer friends here die." Another goon said as he held Clay hostage.

Niko put his gun down, to his left was Luis and to his right was Johnny, he nodded at them as a signal. They pulled out a gun from their back pocket, without anyone seeing.

"what are you playing at?" the goon said.

Luis and Johnny quickly pulled out their guns and shot the two goons in the head.

Clay and Yusuf sighed in relief.

"thank us later." Niko said as he, Johnny, and Luis ran towards the stairs to the top floor.

They ran up the long set of stairs, hoping that Pegorino had already gave up and killed himself. But as they opened the door on top of the stairs, they were wrong.

Pegorino was standing in the middle of the top floor. Niko, Johnny, and Luis pulled out their guns and pointed it at Jeremy.

"give it up Peg! No where else to run!" Niko said catching his breath.

"The Pegorino's never run from a fight!" He said.

"well your little brother did." Niko said.

"who was that? Oh yeah little Jimmy... Ah yes, he was always an embarrassment." He said.

"a coward." Niko said

"a low life, not fit to be in the Pegorinos throne." Jeremy said.

"and you know what his greatest flaw was?" Jeremy continued.

"what?" Niko said.

"he never think things through." Jeremy said as he unbuttoned his coat revealing a bomb strapped to his chest. Niko, Johnny, and Luis was shocked they stepped back as Jeremy screamed.

"The Pegorino's will rule this city!"