After tonight's episode of Once Upon A Time, I decided that I just had to write something for it. I'm loving this show, and if they really kill Graham, I'll be devastated. This is short, but hopefully not the last story I write for this totally awesome show. Enjoy!

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He approached her slowly, his heart racing in his chest and his palms sweating profusely.

Emma looked immensely confused, but Graham's eyes were so beautiful, she couldn't look away from him. Her breath quickened as he closed the distance between them. A tear rolled down his cheek, and she was amazed. How could she have misjudged him so?

Graham brought his calloused hands up slowly, tenderly cradling Emma's face in them. He remembered everything. Because he had spared Snow White's life, whatever forces that were at play had rewarded him tenfold with her daughter, the woman standing in front of him now. His heart was beating so hard that it hurt, and he had never relished a sensation more. Her eyes, though uncertain, told him everything that he needed to know, and her smile nearly sent him to his knees.

"Thank you," he whispered. Had she not shown up, he would have continued carrying on with the Mayor, and never knowing the reality of the situation. But she had shown up, effectively saving his life and his heart.

He leaned in closer, feeling her warm, sweet breath whisper across his skin. This was the moment. He had so much to tell her, so much to explain, but that could wait in favor of another sweet kiss.

Emma leaned toward him, her breathing shallow and her heart fluttering against her ribcage. She had never felt like this with any man in her life. Her logical, practical side told her to back off, but her heart begged her to continue.

Just before their lips met, Graham grunted in pain and fell forward. Emma reacted seconds later, but not fast enough to keep him from hitting the desk with an agonized noise.

"Graham!" She hit her knees beside him, terrified. He wasn't responsive, and she called his name again as she lifted his upper body into her arms and cradled him against her. "Graham, come on!" She shook him lightly.

"Graham!" She shook him again, then lowered her head to his chest. A cold shiver went through her when she realized that his heart wasn't beating, and he wasn't breathing.

She started to shake him again, sobbing his name. This couldn't be happening. She had only just found him. She couldn't lose him. Letting go of him, she leaned back against the desk and cried.

A few moments later, she gathered Graham into her arms again. Then she pulled out her cell phone, composing herself long enough to call the town hospital and arrange for an ambulance to the sheriff's office. She knew they would be too late, but as she held Graham and rested her cheek against his, she had to pray they weren't.

The End.

A/N: Awww... My heart totally broke at the end of the ep. I got into this show because I loved Jennifer Morrison on House, and I have not been disappointed! Hope everyone liked this. Thanks for reading, and please review!