Dread filled Kagome as she packed her bags. She stuffed her trusty yellow bag to its max capacity and took a final look around her room. This was the last time she'd lay eyes on it until the holidays at least.

Missing as much school as she did put her so far behind on everything her choices for high schools were limited and when it came down to it, only one high school accepted her. She still couldn't believe her ears when her mother broke the news of her heritage. The man she grew up thinking was her father, wasn't. It didn't make sense. Why would her mother break the news now and not earlier? Why lie to her in the first place?

Kagome kicked her desk angrily, knocking over a picture frame. She grabbed it and felt tears well in the corner of her eyes. It was a picture of her and Inuyasha. He was in his red robes with his baseball cap covering his ears. Three months have passed since the well closed behind her after the final battle with Naraku. She didn't want to leave the shrine. What if the well opens up again and she could finally go back to the feudal era and be with Inuyasha? If she was all the way in Karakura town, she'd never know if the well magic activated.

"Kagome! The train leaves in a half hour!" Her mother shouted from downstairs.

"Coming!" She shouted back, forcing herself to sound cheerful and excited.

She was none of those things. She was upset, depressed and nervous. She'd grown up here at the shrine and suddenly she was being moved to a whole new city where she'd have to make new friends. Sure, her friends here had grown distant, but what else should she expect after being gone so much. Her true friends were five hundred years in the past, beyond her reach now. She'd never see Sango and Miroku again. Inuyasha and Shippo, maybe, but they'd have to live five hundred years. The chances were slim since she's never felt the slightest tingle of demonic energy. So, either all the demons were dead, or they'd gotten really good at suppressing their energy signatures.

Thirty minutes later found Kagome sitting on the train, waving at her mother and little brother, Souta. Grandpa couldn't come. His health was waning and he didn't travel well, so he opted to stay home and sweep the stairs of the shrine.

The tall building and city lights of Tokyo drifted by as the train chugged along. Soon the city faded into the countryside and she found herself dozing in and out. She woke to the sound of the trains squealing breaks and the voice on the intercom telling her they were arriving in Karakura town in five minutes. Sure enough, the train came to a stop and Kagome grabbed her over-stuffed yellow bag and walked out onto the platform.

There was a small crowd of people waiting for passengers. The only problem, Kagome had no idea who she was looking for. Her mother didn't have any pictures of her real father. The only thing she had to go on was they shared the same blue eyes. Kagome always wondered about that. Why her mom, Grandpa and Souta all had brown eyes, including the man she thought was her father while hers were blue. She never asked. She wished maybe she'd asked. Maybe she would have learned the truth long before she was being forced to live with her father so she could go to school.

She didn't have to stand and search the crowd long before a tall, lean man with silver hair approached her. She looked him over, unsure of what to make of the man. He had a stern look about him and seemed to regard her with slight disdain. He also gave off the same sensation Kikyo did whenever she was around. It was the feeling of power, miko power, only different.

She flipped through her memory for the name of her supposed father. "Are you Ishida Ryuken?"

He gave his head a curt nod. "I presume you are Higurashi Kagome?" The look wasn't' a look you'd normal see a father give his daughter. It was detached and cold. She couldn't detect even a sliver of warmth at all.

She balled her hands into a fist and forced a smile. "It's good to finally meet you."

He gave an 'hn' before turning and walking away, presuming she'd follow. It was a familiar gesture. One she'd seen dozens of times when Sesshomaru left and Rin and Jaken ran to catch up. She forced the flood of emotions that came with those memories back and followed behind her father silently.

They walked through the train station silently, walking out the front door and to a nice, fancy black car. He hit a button on the clicker and the trunk opened. He motioned for her to place her bag in the trunk and climbed into the driver's seat. Kagome looked at the trunk and over her shoulder at her bag. She honestly wasn't sure the trunk would close if she tried stuffing this in there. It was packed to max capacity and his trunk was rather small. She shrugged. Oh well. She dropped it in the trunk and ended up having to practically sit on the car to get it to latch. She only had most of her belongings in the poor bag, including a set of miko robes she wore home after her first tryst through time.

They drove much the same way they walked through the train station. Silent. Kagome already hated moving here. Living with her father was going to be a nightmare and a half if he continued this Sesshomaru act. She hated when the arrogant dog demon acted like that five hundred years ago and she hated her father for pulling the same shit.

They pulled into a long, curving driveway that led to a large, two-story house. House might be an understatement. It was more the size of a manor. Her eyes bulged out of her head. How much money did this man have? Her mother wasn't poor by any means, but they didn't have this kind of money. She wondered briefly if he would treat her to fancy things, or if he expected her to leave him alone and never ask for anything. Both were fine with her. She was used to living off the land and forging for her own food. If she could do that and slay demons, living with her father would be a piece of cake.

Her father popped the trunk as he stepped out of the vehicle. Kagome stepped out as well and walked behind the car to grab her enormous bag. Once it was secured on her shoulders and she was no longer in danger of tilting over, she followed her dad inside the house. He stopped a few steps in and pointed up a spiraling staircase.

"Your room is upstairs, second door on the left." He dropped his arm and proceeded further in the house without even offering a tour of the house.

Kagome, once again, balled her hands and huffed silently, giving him a very angry look. He was insufferable! I'm his daughter and he treats me like nothing more than a burden. What did I ever do to deserve this? Why can't I just jump through the well and live happily ever after with Inuyasha?

"Who are you?" A voice snapped her out of her internal rant. She looked up the stairs and saw a boy her age with straight raven hair and blue eyes looking down at her with a look of confusion. He pushed his glasses further up his nose and eye-balled her bag.

"Higurashi Kagome." She forced another smile. It seemed to be becoming a habit these days.

He nodded his head before descending the staircase. He stopped in front of her and looked down at her. He motioned to her bag. "Need a hand with that?"

She shook her head. "No thank you. I got it."

He raised a brow. "What do you have in that thing anyway?"

Who was this boy? She refrained from asking. "It's all the stuff I need. I got my clothes, bathroom stuff, old school books, shoes, pictures…."

His eyed widened. "And why are you carrying all that in a single bag and how the hell did you fit it all in that thing?"

She grinned. "I have lots of practice. So, do you think you could show me to my room…that jerk just pointed and gave directions! I didn't even get offered a tour. Stupid insufferable…."

She was interrupted by a chuckle. "He's that plus some. Try living with him for sixteen years." Kagome looked at him funny. "He's my dad."

Her eyes went huge and suddenly her bag seemed too heavy. If he was this boy's dad that made him her…the world started to spin and the next thing she knew she was on the floor. The same boy knelt beside her, fanning her with his hand.

"You okay?"

She groaned and sat up with help from the boy. She palmed her forehead in her hand. "This is all just too much to handle…"

"What are you talking about?"

She turned her head to meet his blue eyes. "This…This house, you, my dad…" Not being able to see Inuyasha… She left that part unsaid.

He pointed at his chest. "Me?"

"Yes you." She poked him. "What is your name anyway?"

"Oh, sorry about that. My name is Ishida Uryuu."

"So, Uryuu…what's our dad like?" She asked, wondering if this boy, her brother, knew of her existence. When her mother explained to her that Ryuken was her father she never mentioned a brother. It was possible he was a kid from another woman, but her instincts were telling her that wasn't the case. She liked to listen to her instincts, they were hardly ever wrong.

His jaw dropped open and he looked further into the house where their father disappeared too. "Our dad? What are you talking about? Did you hit your head harder than I thought? Here…let me get my first aid kit." He started to get up, but Kagome grabbed his hand.

"I'm serious, Uryuu. My mother shipped me here to live with my father so I could go to school."

He sat back down hard. "You're serious…"

"As serious as heart attack."

Nothing else was said between the two teenagers. Uryuu helped Kagome to her feet and offered to carry her bag. She laughed when he struggled to lift it off the ground. She understood his struggles all too well. It was a miracle she could remain upright with the bag on her shoulders. He showed her to her room. He pushed the door open and dropped the bag just inside.

Kagome stepped in and took a slow sweep of the space that was to become hers. The walls were pale blue with white curtains over the windows, allowing enough light in, she wouldn't need the overhead light on until dark. Set up in the middle of the room was a queen sized western style bed with bedding that matched the wall color, only a few shades darker. There was a white student desk set up on the left hand side of the room equipped with a lamp and a desktop and flat screen monitor. The only things she couldn't see a dresser, but she did see a set of folding panel doors. She walked over to them and opened them. Sure enough it led to a closet; only the closet wasn't a normal closet, but a walk in closet. She stepped out of the closet and caught sight of another white door. She opened it and her eyes about popped out of her head and her mouth dropped open. She was staring at a full sized bathroom. Complete with towels, lotions and hand soaps. She closed the door and reopened it just to make sure she wasn't hallucinating.

"Do you like it?" Uryuu asked.

She nodded with her mouth still hanging open like a fly trap. She gathered her wits and was unable to reign in the girly squeal that erupted. She clapped her hands together and jumped up and down. "I love it!" She ran up to her new found brother and launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He caught her around the waist and ended up spinning both of them in a 180 degree circle to prevent her from knocking him to the ground.

She released her hold on him and he let her go. "I can't believe this. And here I thought this was going to be completely horrible. I've never had a bedroom this big, or a bathroom all to myself. I've always had to share it with my mom, grandpa, Souta and the cat! Oh my goodness….I think I'm in heaven." She rambled.

The thought of having her own, personal bathroom excited her far more than it should have. It was the one thing she missed most about this time period when she was with Inuyasha. The hot springs were nice, but they didn't beat a hot shower and plumbing. She hated squatting behind a bush, hoping nobody would chance upon her while she was relieving herself. It happened once, a wondering monkey demon walked in on her while she was doing her business, causing her to scream. Her screaming lead to Miroku and Inuyasha rushing to her aide like gallant knights, only to be scolded and 'sat' into oblivion for seeing her with her pants down.

Uryuu stared at the girl, unsure of what to say. He had no idea who she was, or if she really was his sister. His father never made mention of a sister. Hell, he never mentioned his mother. He didn't even know what she looked like since he never had any pictures of her.

He studied the face of Kagome. She didn't look too much like his father, maybe her mother? The only reason he didn't completely disregard her comment about being related was her spiritual pressure. It was far above that of a normal human, almost as strong as his own. He only knew one other person with spiritual energy anywhere near hers was that stupid, Kurosaki. That boy was oblivious to everything around him and didn't even know he was different.

"Well, I'll let you unpack…"he turned and left Kagome to her own vices and went to find his sore excuse of a father. He wasn't hard to find. He was in his study like always, flipping through today's newspaper. "So, is it true? Is Kagome my sister?"

Ryuken looked over his shoulder to briefly meet the eyes of his son. "She is." He went back to the paper.

"And why am I just now hearing about this?" He asked, trying to keep the harshness out of his voice.

"It's not important."

"How isn't it important? She has the blood of a Quincy. Did Grandfather know about her?"

Ryuken folded the paper and set it on the desk. He turned and faced his son and met his eyes. "Your grandfather didn't know she existed. Worry about the living, forget the dead. How many times do I have to tell you?"

It took a lot of effort on his part, but Uryuu kept his temper in check. It would do no good to alert Kagome to the discord that rang tightly through this house. "She has the power. I know you felt it. She needs to be trained to harness it."

"She needs no such thing and you will refrain from telling her anything if she doesn't already know."

He bit back a smart ass remark. Instead he changed the subject. "She needs school uniforms and more clothes."

"I am aware of what she brought with her. I already have her uniforms on order. They will be here tomorrow. You will go with her to pick them up along with showing her the way to school. She starts with you on Monday."

The dismissal in his voice was clear to Uryuu, so he turned on his heal and walked out the door. It was almost dinner time and he was sure Kagome would be in need of something to eat. Might as well be a nice brother, and show her some hospitality since his father was incapable of it.