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On a cold October day in Geneva, Switzerland . . .

Another day, another World Meeting. Great.

America was rambling on again about the whole global warming hero while England fiercely shot him down. France was waiting for the perfect time to interject and piss them off while Russia sat smiling next to a silent Canada with his sisters and the Baltics on the other side of him. Sweden sat quietly on one side of Sealand while a happy Finland sat on the other.

Switzerland sat in controlled indifference beside his sister Liechtenstein across from Austria, Hungary and Prussia—paying very little attention to the rest of the world around him.

China was restraining himself from slapping Korea as he babbled on to Taiwan and Hong Kong about how he invented rice balls. Japan's face was flushed pink as Greece leaned on him as he napped and Spain was infuriating an already ticked off Romano. Italy—who was being surprisingly quiet next to Germany—was twiddling a white flag between his fingers as he rested his head on the huge oak polished table in front of all of the rest of the dispersed countries of the world.

"All I'm saying is that IF we did manage to make a hero big enough to surround the world—"

"No, you bloody fool!" England growled at him. "There's no way that could work! That's the stupidest idea ever, wanker!"

Hungary sighed, a small smile playing on her lips. Despite the complete idiocy that these meeting have been producing lately, she was enjoying herself. It was a chance to get away and to see how the other countries were doing. Lately Austria's house had been quiet and uneventful, aside from . . . well, that was a line of thought she'd rather ignore at the moment.

The flamboyant aristocrat that she so loved had even refrained from playing his beloved piano the night before. That was nothing new, though. He always got extremely nervous before big meetings and kept himself in his room.

Glancing over, the Austrian in question was sitting perfectly poised like a gentleman, his hands folded neatly in his lap. You wouldn't be able to see that nervousness now, though, as he always disguised it with etiquette. He raised one of those delicately gloved hands to cover a small cough and straightened his collar. He kept his gaze on the wooden table as he returned his hand to his lap.

"Well, frankly, I think your ideas are just as stupid, you English bastard, oh hon hon~"

"You bloody FROG! How dare you!"

"Not cool, dude. France why don't you just go and—"

"Will all of you just shut up! We have more pressing issues at hand here today!"Germany shouted, standing up suddenly and slamming his hands down on the table. Italy jumped in fright, dropping his flag onto the floor. Hungary sighed again. You'd think by now he'd be used to Germany's outbursts.

Everyone fell into silence and America sat down as the room grew still. Austria coughed.

Germany seemed to calm a little, pleased with the newfound silence, and sat back down. He eyed Spain for a moment—who eventually stopped playing with Romano's poor curl—before starting to speak. "Now then, we need to all talk and voice our opinions in an orderly manner."

Austria coughed again, his hand returning to his mouth. It stayed there as yet another cough shook him and he tried to control himself, not wanting to interrupt the German.

"Everyone deserves a chance to present a solution and you'll each get only 10 minutes to do so, no longer."


"America, you've already given your argument, so please just sit back and be quiet."


"When all of us have spoken we can have a group discussion afterward."

Cough cough.

"Jesus, Austria!" Germany exhaled angrily, turning to the aristocrat. "Do you need a drink of water or something?"

Austria shook his head, smothering his next cough in embarrassment. "My apologies, Ludwig. I just have . . ." he said quietly, pausing to cough again, "I have a tickle in my throat."

Germany grumbled to himself and tossed a water bottle over to him. Hungary caught it deftly, handing it to the musician with a smile. He thanked them, nodding for Germany to continue. He didn't want the attention to be focused on him any longer, his interruption even seeming to wake Greece up from his slumber on Japan, the older country sighing in relief.

Switzerland watched all of this with a look of detachment. Liechtenstein looked up at him. She noted that, even though her brother and the Austrian were no longer friends, he still kept his eyes on the man.

Not wanting to be caught being impolite, she quickly turned her gaze away. She knew that her brother was probably worrying over him and there was no way he would admit it to her, whether she asked or not. She shook her head at her silly thoughts.

Liechtenstein stared across the table at Austria, which didn't seem as impolite because everyone else was doing it, too. She saw as he took a swig of water a slight red tint float down into the liquid. She leaned forward, her eyes widening as he set the bottle down.

Was that . . ?

She shook her head again, leaning back in her chair. The water didn't seem to have helped because Austria immediately went into a severe coughing fit. He covered his mouth with both hands in an effort to quiet himself. Prussia gave a have amused glance to him and Hungary patted his back rather forcefully, worried that he may be choking. Everyone seemed to of stopped what they were doing to take notice of what was going on. Germany, followed by Italy, walked over to try and calm Austria's coughing. The aristocrat removed one of his hands to grab for the water again. Liechtenstein's gaze followed it, noticing a bright red liquid seep out from between his fingers and plop onto the polished oak.

"Mr. Austria, you're bleeding!"

Liechtenstein's sudden exclamation made Switzerland visibly jump; the shock fading quickly as he snapped his head back to the aristocrat just in time to see the blood for himself.

Austria forced himself to stop coughing and went to bury his hands in his lap, away from the other nations' prying eyes. "I'm perfectly fine."

In a flash, Switzerland shot forward across the table and grabbed one of his hands, surprising everyone around him. He flipped it palm up to reveal that the glove was completely blood soaked. "Tch. Liar," Switzerland growled, his eyes narrowing.

Austria yanked his hand back. He tried to glare back at the man, but his attempt was squashed under another round of coughs. Hungary's concern rose and she stood up, gripping his shoulder tightly. She signaled to Germany and the two of them helped the musician stand up. He tried to swat them away and reassure them in between coughs that he was, indeed, fine, but eventually just gave up and let them lead him toward the door.

As soon as they got to the exit, a sudden pain ripped through his chest and Austria clutched at the front of his coat. His knees buckled beneath him and, despite his escorts, he went tumbling to the ground, landing heavily on all fours.

"Roderich!" Hungary cried out as she fell with him. Germany managed to catch himself and stood over them in a half crouching position, still holding Austria's arm. There was an audible gasp in the room and most of the countries stood up to get a better look at what was going on, Switzerland included. He just stood there awkwardly, though, unsure of what to do.

"Is he alright, aru?" China inquired, peering around Korea to see.

"Whoa, dude, he looks like he's hacking up a lung." America marveled.

"Don't be rude!" England smacked him upside the head.

"How about we get him some more water, oui?" France offered, walking around towards the bottle of water.

"Water won't help him now. It seems that he's dying, da?" That earned the Russian weak glares from those around him. He continued to stare at the suffering aristocrat, enjoying all the blood he was seeing.

"Don't you dare say that." Hungary rounded on him, turning away from Austria and fixing the sadistic country with a glare. Russia froze, and even Canada beside him shrunk back towards the table at her intensity. Glancing up at the Russian he saw a minuscule shiver run through the large man. Russia averted his eyes away to stare down the row of countries at Belarus and he shivered again. The woman's gaze rivaled that of his sister's.

Austria's insistent coughing made Hungary turn back to him, her face softening to concern in an instant. Blood trickled out over his fingers and onto the marble floor and his eyes were wide with fright. His whole body rocked from his violent coughing, his chest heaving painfully and he began to shake. Was he really about to die? It sure felt like it, his coughs seeming to have no end in sight. He turned his head slightly to look up at Hungary, a different kind of pain shooting through his chest at her worried look. He was causing her trouble. He didn't want that.

He could feel black begin to creep around the edge of his vision and he shook his head trying to rid himself of it. He caught the woman's gaze again. "Take me home, Elizabeta," he managed to whisper before he squeezed his eyes shut just as the darkness over took him.


Switzerland ushered the mass of countries out of the room as the meeting was canceled for the rest of the day. He sighed in frustration as he clicked the door closed.

The meeting had been postponed until the next day on account of Austria's mysterious attack. The Swiss' eyebrows furrowed slightly in confusion, wondering what it is that could have made the Austrian's health deteriorate in such a short amount of time. He wanted to know if that fool was going to be ok, or if what Russia said was true . . .

The blond shook his head violently, cursing himself for getting all worked up. He calmed himself down and turned to face the empty conference room.

Liechtenstein was sulking a few feet away from him, quietly mopping up the blood on the floor. She had begged him to let her go help Hungary take the musician home, but he told her there was no way in hell either of them were going to help the Austrian.

Switzerland walked over to her and set his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort the small country. She stared up at him, her big green eyes shining with tears. He took the mop from her gently. "Come on, Lilli," he murmured at her sad face. "Don't be like this. You know why I didn't let you go with them."

Liechtenstein nodded, wiping at her eyes. "I know, big brother; it's because we're neutral. I'm just worried about Mr. Austria. Every time I see him he's always so nice to me . . ."

Switzerland tensed a bit at that, his eye twitching with minor annoyance. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, trying to control his rising irritation. Austria had always been a gentleman ever since he'd known him, and even now after their separation years ago he hasn't changed one bit. He's still the same pansy aristocrat who wore flashy old clothes and spent most of his days making music instead of fighting for himself. Oh, how he was glad they weren't allies anymore. Everything that the Austrian man did just ticked him off. Sometimes he wished he could just punch the musician square in the face . . .

"—you, big brother?"

Switzerland's opened his eyes, realizing that Liechtenstein had been speaking to him. He glanced down to see his sister looking up at him with expectance. He shook his head, clearing his earlier thoughts. "I'm sorry, Lilli, I wasn't listening. What did you ask me?"

"I said that you were pretty concerned about Mr. Austria, too, right, big brother?" Liechtenstein asked carefully, testing him. "I mean earlier when he was coughing up all that blood you looked so worried. And then with what Mr. Russia said, you had a scary look on your face—like you were going to hit him. Or am I wrong?"

Switzerland's face heated up at her accusation and his shock made him stutter. "W-Well, I . . . uh . . . Of course you're wrong!" He turned away from her, trying to regain his composure. "There's no way in hell I care for that idiot!"

"I did not say that you cared for him, just that you were worried like everyone else," Liechtenstein said innocently.

Switzerland's blush deepened and he was thankful that she couldn't see his face. He couldn't stop his heart from racing. Dammit! He thought angrily. Get a hold of yourself! It's not like she was implying anything about you. Calm down before you say something you'll regret! He smacked his forehead, trying to clear his thoughts.

He jumped slightly when he felt small arms snake around him and he stared in surprise out the window through his fingers. "Don't worry, big brother, I won't tell anybody," Liechtenstein muttered quietly behind him. "I can understand why you would be concerned. You two used to be such close friends, growing up together and fighting together and all . . ."

Switzerland couldn't help but roll his eyes a little. It had been him that did most of the fighting and rescuing while Austria had sat back and played his damn piano. He sighed, unwrapping his sister's arms from around him and turning to face her. He gave her a firm look. "Lilli, for the last time I am not concerned about that fool," he growled softly, handing her back the mop. "Now, let's get this cleaned up so we can go home."

Your blush says otherwise, she thought to herself, not quite brave enough to say it aloud. She returned to her mopping, not willing to push the subject any further. She watched as Switzerland quickly began to wipe the few drops of blood off the table where Austria had been sitting. It was silent for a few moments before she spoke again. "Big brother?"


"Do you think we could . . ." Liechtenstein trailed off, suddenly nervous. "N-Never mind."

Switzerland looked up from the table. "What is it?"

"Could we drop by Mr. Austria's house afterward? Just to see if he's ok?" she asked quickly. She closed her eyes and tensed, preparing herself for her brother's immediate answer which would be more than likely a no.


Liechtenstein's head perked up and she whipped around to see her brother absorbed in his cleaning. She felt her lips widen into a smile and she clapped her hands together happily. "Really? Oh, thank you, big brother! I'll make your favorite dinner tonight; Zürich Geschnetzeltes with Rösti!" She returned to mopping, wanting to get the chore done as quick as possible.

A small smile crossed Switzerland's features and he sighed. "Yeah, yeah . . ."


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