A/N: So this is a story that I've been writing in my spare time. Updates will be slow, but mostly existent. Major spoilers for the whole series so clearly it's post-series.

This has three of my OCs in it that you will meet as it goes. Hope you like it!

Oh! And this is set mostly a year and a half after the Vord War. Although the first part is set five years prior to the rest of the story.

Hope you enjoy the Prologue.

Kevyn was making his way to the practice field when he sensed tension up ahead. He slowed his pace and trained his ears on the tent beyond him.

"Hey, hey… slow down, sweetheart. I just want to talk," Kevyn heard the voice of one of the Fish from around the corner.

He sighed and reached for one of his broadswords and prepared to frighten the Fish away.

"Talk to this,"

He had just stepped around the corner when he saw a young woman standing a step back from two young legionnaires who suddenly thought they were standing too close.

Faster than any of the men could blink, a gleaming steel snake had slithered up the woman's out-stretched arm and was hissing in the legionnaire's face.

Kevyn chuckled at the legionnaires' startled expressions and the young woman's audacity. "You don't want to mess with that one, boys," he said as he released his broadsword and moved closer to the conflict.

The young woman was still tense, as if waiting for him to try something as well.

"Run along," Kevyn ordered as he turned toward the Fish and made shooing motions. They looked bitter but turned and left, muttering between themselves. "Are you alright?"

"Fine. I can take care of myself," the young woman insisted as the snake hissed at him, more wary then the young woman. "It's alright, Khryses, he's harmless."

The snake slithered so that its head rested neatly on her palm and slowly it began to solidify into a dual sword. She sheathed the sword next to its companion and looked back up at Kevyn.

"My name is Kevyn, Phrygiar Kevyn. I'm a Knight Ignus, and you are?" he asked. He was curious about the young woman, she was clearly a skilled metalcrafter and her speed suggested windcrafting, so she could be a Knight.

"Mira. I'm from Kalare. This is my first tour," she said, looking a little disgruntled.


"Domestic," she snorted in a distinctly unladylike manner.

"You can clearly handle a sword, why aren't you a Knight Ferrous? Or are you a pacifist?"

She snorted again and it drew Kevyn's attention. She seemed to do that a lot. "Pacifist my ass. I wish they'd let me fight, or at least train. But apparently I'm too young, too small and too fragile. Being a woman probably doesn't help either."

She seemed so bitter, but now that Kevyn took the time to observe her, she really was small and fragile looking. She had waist-length, curly dark hair and the characteristic amber-hued Kalaran eyes and sun-tanned skin. On first glance she looked weak and slight with a feminine frame that must have been why the legionnaires stopped her. And young, far too young to be a real member of the legion, even amongst the domestics. She must be with somebody.

"Are you alone?" He realized it was a bizarre question after he asked it. "I mean you can't be more than fifteen so you must be traveling with someone."

"I'm seventeen and yes I'm alone. I don't need anyone to look after me," Mira replied as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I guess you don't," Kevyn chuckled.

"You know, you're really condescending," Mira said as she quirked a dark eyebrow at him. "You can't be much older than me. And just because you have more legion experience—"

"How do you know this isn't my first tour?" Kevyn asked; a little concerned.

"Well you aren't blowing your pay at the Bordello or chasing domestics so either you're a very mature Fish or you've been here before."


"And I'd wager it's your second tour, because you aren't jaded enough to walk past a domestic being harassed by legionnaires and you're too young to have been here that long."

"How did you do that?" Kevyn balked at Mira.

"I dropped out of the Cursor Academy about a month ago."

"That makes more sense. That's why you could defend yourself so well."

Mira nodded. "Top of my practical class."

"So I know you're a metalcrafter. Wind also?" Kevyn asked.

"Yes, Zephyr is a big help when flight is preferred to fight," Mira answered with a smirk. "Minor watercrafting too, lucky for you. If I hadn't sensed your intentions, you'd have been bleeding on the ground."

"Did they even let you test to be a Knight?" Kevyn asked.

"No, they acted like I wasn't even there; completely blew me off," Mira groused.

"I could talk to my father," he offered.

"No," Mira sighed, "I'd rather prove myself."

A trumpet sounded from somewhere in the heart of camp.

"I'm late," Mira said with a sigh before turning and walking between to tents. She cast a sidelong glance over her shoulder. "Cooking duty."

"Then I'll see you later," Kevyn said with a wave. He then realized that, that trumpet meant that he was late for drills. "Shit," he muttered as he trudged toward the training field.

"Where have you been?" Elsie asked as Mira hurried into the cooking tent.

"I got lost," Mira replied as she pushed her sleeves up over her elbows.

"You got here fine yesterday. What really held you up?" Elsie continued.

"You are far too nosy," Mira said as she began chopping vegetables with her right hand and muttering to a pot of hot broth on her left. It began to boil and stir at her bidding.

"Did you meet someone? Is he handsome?" Elsie persisted as she peered up at Mira from under muddy brown bangs.

"In a manner of speaking yes and I suppose he's handsome, but no, it isn't what you're thinking. I've just met him and I'm not interested," Mira explained.

"Aw, why not?"

"Not all of us are in the legion to look for a husband," Mira replied as she glared crossly at the older girl.

Elsie was twenty-four and searching for a husband, as she had been for six years. Mira couldn't imagine how the woman hadn't found one yet. Elsie had pale, porcelain skin and large, wide-set green eyes on a round, sweet face and mid-back length hair the color of muddy rivers. She was curvy and clearly well-fed, healthy. Any man should want her, and yet her search was unsuccessful.

It had to be her personality then.

"But Mira, you have to have thought about it," Elsie said.

"I don't need to think about it yet,"

"You're time's going to run out if you aren't careful, Mira,"

"I'm not worried."

Hope you liked it. This is just the beginning of Kevyn and Mira's adventures so stay tuned!