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. . . . X . . . .

"Don't you think I'm ever going to abandon you, got that?!"

"Y-Yeah, I got it."

You better wait, kid. I'm going to come back. And don't you ever be alone."

"How can I not be alone?"

He turned around and took something from his belt. It was a pink stuffed rabbit.

. . . . X . . . .

Lucy's P.O.V.

. . . . . . . .

Lucy froze as an alarm screamed its way across the countless hallways of Fairy Tail V.H.G.

V.H.G. stood for Vampire. Hunting. Guild.

Lucy twirled a well-polished stake with one hand effortlessly, it was coated in a beautiful silver that turned red whenever the lights blinked in correspondence to the siren. This kind of nerve-wracking alarm sent one message to all the guild members of Fairy Tail:

Vampire on the loose

Lucy snatched her stake as it spun midair and latched it onto her thick leather belt. Then she stood there for a few (almost boring) seconds because no one was supposed to move unless given further instruction. Lucy tied scratched her head impatiently, Cana-chan was late as usual. It wasn't until the blonde managed to pick up the sounds of frantic footsteps that she finally stopped twitching.

"Lucy Scarlett!" the 23 year old brunette burst into the room, panting with half crazed eyes. Even though Lucy already prepared herself for Cana's spectacular entrance, the woman looked like she just killed a man with her bare hands. Lucy took a personal note to remind Cana that she really needed to take a chill pill when it came to situations like these. That girl could really scare the newbies away from Fairy Tail.

Of course, being the daughter of Erza, Lucy just put on her poker face and arked an thin eyebrow, "Yes Cana-chan?" Late as usual, Lucy thought to herself, doing her best not to snap at her unreliable senior.

"Vampire attack in Training room nine on the second floor, eleven injured" Cana said with an urgency in her voice unusual for a person of her I-don't-give-a-shit-about-the-world character.

Cana's frightened gaze really dug into Lucy's skin. Lucy never liked it when any of her seniors made it look or sound like the world was about to end (even if the situation deemed it highly possible, like now). If she was given the oppurtunity, she would throw a temper tantrum and NOBODY wants to see Lucy Scarlett of Fairy Tail throw a temper tantrum simply because she was Erza Scarlett's adoptive daughter. Erza Scarlett's daughter, adoptive or not, was enough said. But because she had a reputation to hold, the blonde teenager only kicked off running and grunted, "Let's go."

As the two members of Fairy Tail lunged towards Training room nine, Lucy began the usual question and answer exchange, "Who are the victims?" she asked, trying to make her voice audible enough to be heard above the blare of the alarm.

Cana began the long list of names that Lucy took careful note of, but the brunette hesitated on the tenth name. Lucy glanced sideways at her friend, "Is that all? I thought you said there were eleven-"

"Loke and Hibiki," Cana yelled the two names out, wincing as though saying them pained her. Lucy almost tripped over her feet, but managed to stay in motion. She felt her breath quicken a little, she must have heard wrong. The alarm was probably too loud, there was no way those two would get injured.

"Did... Did you say Loke and Hibiki?" she couldn't believe it. Or rather, Lucy didn't WANT to believe it.

Cana couldn't look at Lucy, as if she felt guilty of their injuries "A vampire sneaked into the training room. I don't know the details but she somehow bit Hibiki and Loke was injured in the process of trying to break the vampire away from Hibiki."

"Those idiots..." Lucy murmured angrily as they turned left at the corner, "Can't they give me a break for once?" She unconsciously picked up her pace, leaving Cana behind. Damn those unreliable brats, why are they so reckless? Frustrated thoughts poured into her head and the thought of those two.

A quick patter of footsteps followed as Cana quickly caught up to her, "Lucy... They're your brothers, so it's okay if you're worried."

She couldn't reply to her caring friend. A blank look plastered itself onto Lucy's expression, they didn't have time for pointless sympathy in the midst of an emergency.

"It doesn't matter, we're almost at the scene anyways."

. . . . . . . .

Gray's P.O.V. (third person)

What an unpleasant scene.

At least, that's what Gray thought as he stepped to the right to avoid a flying piece of equipment.

"Gray-sama," a quiet voice which belonged to Juvia materialized from behind him, "Would you like me to carry things out this time?"

Gray smirked, turning around to face his faithful companion, "Nah, it's been a while since I messed around. Don't you say I should take advantage of this opportunity, Juvia?"

The rain woman lowered her gaze and bowed respectively, "Anything for you, Gray-sama, but—"

"Yeah, yeah, I know," he waved her off briskly, "Be careful around humans right?"

Loose, falling debris landed clumsily around them as the screams and angst filled yells of the guild members enveloped the room. But the two beings who stood in the middle of the wreckage, him and Juvia, hardly even flinched. The rubbish fell through Juvia's liquid body as easily as bullets through a piece of paper, somehow leaving her without a scratch. And without moving a finger, Gray created a solid shield of ice that kept him enveloped in a tight air pocket.

Juvia nodded, and opened her mouth slightly to reveal a long canine too sharp to be human, "Our species must be careful around humans, especially when they spill blood."

Gray let out a snort and broke through his own ice barrier with a heavy kick, "Don't worry, like I'd be distracted by a few petty drops of blood. You just take care of yourself."

And with their short conversation ended, Gray leapt into the heart of the battle scene. He scanned the sea of terrified faces until his eyes landed upon a certain blonde haired girl. Her calm demeanor seemed to separate her from the rest of the panicked atmosphere. Her dark eyes seemed unfazed as she calmly directed the chaotic crowd toward the exit.

Wanting to observe her a little longer, Gray stayed in his position behind her, watching her fluent movements. Actually, he was just trying to figure out if he ever saw her back at the castle, she would do good with a promotion to a higher rank with her skills. The way she wielded her whip was quite admirable, even for him.

Then, he spotted her—the crazed vampire which had lost all sense, the reason why he was spending his Friday night aiding some freaking vampire hunting guild. According to Gray's intuition, now would be a good time to join in the fight if he wanted at least some excitement tonight.

With silent movements, Gray approached the blondie from behind. He was just about to warn her about the vampire when his nose caught the girl's scent. He grabbed onto the nearest thing, which happened to be a pole, to keep himself from tumbling to the ground. Gray stared at the blonde in front of him incredulously, sniffing again just to be sure.

She was human.

There was no mistaking the unusual scent, and it definitely belonged to a human.

So what does the Gray Fullbuster, second in line to the royal throne, do in this life-threatening situation?

Strike up a conversation with the human while there is a wild vampire on the rampage in the same room as them? Sure, no biggie.

"Boo," he whispered huskily in the blonde's ear. He had expected her to jump out of her skin, but to her credit, she just flinched. Not bad for a species that needs every little ounce of paranoia they have to survive.

She gave him an irritated look, pointing her whip in his direction, "What in the world are you doing?" she screeched, "Go and help restrain the…"

Seems like she needs a wake-up call, Gray thought to himself amusingly. So he smirked, making sure that his sharp canine was in clear view. It was as if a trigger went off in the human's brain as she visibly stiffened. It was funny how she tried to maintain her stoic expression through all of this.

"…Vampire," she finished her sentence without the arrogance she once had. Well, now that she knew, Gray was satisfied. He hated dealing with a stuck up human, they had to know their place.

He decided to push her limits a bit more, so he teasingly added, "What's wrong sweetheart? Why the sudden stiffness?"

Another emotion overtook her shocked expression as she slashed her whip at him with deadly accuracy. But human sense could only go so far when going up against his species', so he leapt out of the way without a scratch to be seen.

"Woah," he exclaimed, almost angrily, "Geez, that have really hurt me."

She tapped her foot with impatience, "That's the point, moron. I'm sorry to interrupt this lovely conversation, but get a clue that I'm supposed to restrain you under the order of the Treaty of Extortionists."

Oh, something snapped in Gray's mind. She thought that he was the vampire she was supposed to capture.

But before mentioning that piece of information, he had to correct her train of thought on something else.

"Hey little lady, my name is Gray, not moron," he said, pretty much offended by her attitude when she was talking to the prince of his kind.

She glared at him, reverting back into a battle stance.

"My name is Lucy, not little lady."

This was their first encounter.

. . . . X . . . .

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