Own Nothing.


"You should ask her for her hand." Hermione stated as they finished a dance, he led her off the dance floor. They stood by the wall, drinks in hand. "I think you and Elizabeth would do well together."

"I do not care for your cousin in that way." Mr. Darcy stated, glancing down at her before looking away. "My heart belongs to another."

"Who else could it belong to Mr. Darcy?" Hermione glance up at him confused. "You are aloof to everyone around you, how can you give your heart to some one when you don't even act like you care for them?"

"Maybe it isn't about actions Miss Granger, but about how you perceive them." Darcy looked down at Hermione. "Maybe you should look closer." He stepped away and out of the room.

Hermione stared after him confused as her cousins came up to her. "What was Mr. Darcy talking to you about?" Elizabeth asked, looking at her cousin.

"Mr. Darcy was telling me he was in love." Hermione felt her cheeks heat up.

"With who?" Jane asked, before stopping to look at her cousin. "He said he was in love with you?"

"I'm not sure." Hermione turned to look at her cousins and shook it off. "Let's go dance." She grabbed their hands and went to dance.