Here's another story from me. The word 'Irrevocable' inspired me to write this story. And, i don't own anything, characters belongs to Kubo-sensei~ Hope you guys like it!~ ^^

Title: Irrevocable

Pairing: Ichigo/Ishida

It's irrevocable, Kurosaki. Quincy and Shinigami cannot be together.

That prick told me that two days ago, the day I confessed my feelings to him. I took off the shirt i'm wearing and tossed it aside then slipped on a new one.

Ishida that bastard, don't think that he can make me give up by giving me that unreasonable shit. Tomorrow, tomorrow Ishida, i'll prove you wrong.

I walked towards my bed and doze off to sleep with a smirk on my face.

Ishida, I think I like you...

I punched my wardrobe as if it was one of the sandbags in the gym.

Silence. Only my heavy breathing interfered with the sound of my alarm clock tick-toking.

Damn it. I cursed and flopped down my bed with my arms stretched widely. Why can't I forget it? This is just ridiculous. I slowly turned my head towards my nightstand and took a glance at the time. Two in the morning... I sighed and shut my eyes.

I wish Kurosaki could just give up, but this is Kurosaki we're talking about. I frowned at the thought. I'll just get some sleep right now. I cleared my mind and went to an immediate slumber.

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