Damn, why isn't Ishida speaking? I just said something big, didn't I? I frustrated.

One... Five... Ten... C'mon Ishida, say something already!

When I was about to snap, Ishida chuckled.

"What?" I asked self-consciously.

I got out of Ishida's neck and observed the currently chuckling Ishida. I tilted my head and recalled what I said just now. Did I said something funny?

As his laughing grew, Ishida tried to speak but couldn't. Soon he was doubled over with his hands on his knees.

"I-Irre-" Tears started pouring down Ishida's face.

"Come on, Ishida, did I said something worth this reaction?" I protested.

Ishida tried to speak. " just ruined the..." He couldn't continue.

Taking Ishida by the arm, I helped him up.

"Really now. Are you done laughing?" I crossed my arms and looked at Ishida with the frustrated face of mine.

"S-Sorry..." Ishida's laughter soon turned into soft chuckles.

I sighed and rubbed my neck. "So, why are you laughing anyway?"

"It's irrevocable, Kurosaki." Ishida specified the 'vo' in irrevocable and smirked.

"Yeah, that's what I said. What's so- Oh shit!" I soon realized that i've trashed the most important word.

After seeing my reaction, Ishida started chuckling again.

"Oh fuck Ishida, I just ruined the mood didn't I?" Ishida, who was still busy laughing gave me a nod.

"Screw it! This is so embarrassing! Shoot!" I mumbled and cursed me from being so stupid and idiotic to even pronounced it wrongly. I placed a palm on my forehead and continued cursing. This is the most embarrassing thing i've ever done!

"Damn, sorry Ishida, for ruining the mood with my stupidity. I guess i'm really- " Ishida broke off my sentence when he gave me a soft peck on my cheek.

"Ishida..." Man, Ishida's the best.

"Don't worry about it, I don't mind."

Or at least I thought Ishida said 'he don't mind'. Ishida's laughter made it difficult to fully decipher his final words.

I pouted and I will never ever admit that i've pouted. "Whatever."

"Hey, I mean it. You're cute that way. " Ishida cupped both hands on my cheeks and glued our forehead together. "By the way, i'll forever remember this day. "

I smiled and placed my hands on his hips. "The day I ruined up the most romantic mood and made you laugh so badly that you can't even talk?"

Ishida scoffs. "No, not that." Although he denied it but I can't take it seriously cause he's chuckling again.

"The day you confessed to me silly." Ishida slowly connected our lips and we made up with a kiss.

A/N: Alright then, this is the end of 'Irrevocable'! Hope you guys enjoy it to the fullest~ XD

Ichigo: Hey Ishida, come to my place today.

Ishida: Why?

Ichigo: I need some 'tutoring'. -smirks-

Ishida: -blush- F-Fine...

Me: -fangirling- Gotta follow Isshin's tactics now~ -prepares a glass-