Harmony, Sugar, and Rory travel back in time because someone unexpected needed their help. Can they accomplish what they were sent there to do? It could mean the difference between life and death if they are unsuccessful. Pairings Faberry, Brittana, Klaine, Sugar/Harmony

Drama/Romance/Mystery/Humor with a little Sci-Fi.

Spoilers through "Hold on to Sixteen"

A/N: This isn't simply me jumping on the back to the future bandwagon, but a story I really want to tell so I hope you take the time to read it. It isn't much sci-fi, it's actually more my version of an epic romance. At love across time. I hope you like it.

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Somebody Save Me



I know what I'm about to tell you might sound crazy, but please you have to listen to me. Things can change. I know you understand what I'm talking about and I know you know who I am, so please just stop fighting your feelings for Rachel. You don't have to fight it anymore, things will be different. I have a plan and I will tell you more in detail when you're ready, but for now just make it up to Rachel. Anyway you can. And I'll fix the rest, I promise.

Quinn read the letter and shook her head trying to understand what was happening. The letter sounded like nonsense at first, but there was one thing the blonde couldn't shake: it was written in her handwriting.

She folded the letter with a sigh. After nearly going off the deep end with the whole Beth thing, how the hell was she going to make things right with Rachel? All she knew was that she had to try.

"Well, my suspension is officially over. It'll still be on my
transcript, though. I'm just hoping that the admissions department at NYADA
see it as a sign of my artistic, rebellious attitude." Rachel said as she approached Quinn in the secretary's office.

Quinn smiled at her, holding back the urge to say that of course she would get into NYADA and she would also get every other dream she ever wanted. Instead all she said was, "Good luck with that."

Rachel suddenly looked a bit nervous. "Are you going to go tell Figgins about Shelby? Because I still think it's a really terrible idea."

"I came here to talk to you actually. To tell you I'm not going to tell." Quinn said with a hopeful twinkle in her eye.


"Because I love Beth and I don't want to ruin her life. I wanted to thank you actually."

"For what?"

"For keeping me from doing something stupid. Something I would have regretted my entire life."

Rachel smiled shyly. "We're kind of friends huh?"

Quinn couldn't help smiling. That was easier than she thought. However, she was dying to say that they were destined to be so much more than that. "Kind of." Is what she settled on saying before taking a seat to prolong the conversation. "What do you think about Yale?"

"Oh no no. I had my sights set on NYADA."

"No, for me. I'm not the singer that you and Kurt are but Yale has an
amazing drama program and I really do like to perform."


Rachel didn't say anything about the sudden change in behavior or that now Quinn was no longer punishing herself by staying a Lima loser. In fact, the brunette seemed happy with Quinn's change in plans. And the blonde had to admit that only being a few hours away from Rachel after graduation was a good thing.

"I certainly would nail all the parts where the girl has to cry." Quinn said slightly mocking herself, though she felt okay about doing so. She felt so comfortable talking to Rachel. Especially since she got the brunette to laugh.

"No I think it's a great idea! I'm especially since you won't have me to compete with. ...You're a lot better than you know."

Quinn's heart nearly stopped beating. That was the second time Rachel said something so amazing to her, the first being at Prom. She really wanted to say that it was Rachel who made her better, but now was not the time. She was, however, finally allowing herself to hope for the future that she always wanted.

"Well…I'll see you at glee club." Before she let hope carry her away, she stood to leave.

"Wait, w-where are you going?" Rachel stood too and Quinn had to smile at the girl's enthusiasm.

"There's a couple people I need to talk to."

"Ok well, I don't know if you need help with your Yale application…"

"Not with the Yale application but um, there is something you could do
for me." She didn't need help with Yale, she knew she'd get in but she did hope that the girl was serious about their newfound friendship. She was doing what she was told to do in the letter; she only hoped that the letter was true. She hoped that things would be fixed and she could finally have it all.

6 years in the future

Quinn had been in a deep depression for the last several months, ever since Rachel's death. It had been additionally difficult trying to raise their daughter on her own, a daughter that even at a year old reminded her so much of her wife.

Rachel had rushed to the hospital when Quinn called saying she was in labor, but the brunette never made it there to see her daughter. And Quinn never saw her again. A taxi driver ran a red light and killed the diva on impact. Quinn never forgave herself and as much as she hated to admit it, she never forgave Harmony.

Brittany offered her a new hope when she finished building her time machine, sure Quinn had her doubts (it was Brittany after all) but she would do anything to get the chance to see Rachel again.

She had to stop time traveling though, because she realized that whenever she went back in time that the 'other' Quinn went to the future. Apparently, they couldn't both be in the same place at once so they had to switch places. And wherever one was at the time that is where the other one was sent. Which is why she got stuck having to make out with Finn a couple times. At least she broke the last make out session up with the excuse of praying. The first few times she went back, however, she was so angry at the boy for not being Rachel that she sort of lost it (earning herself the nickname "scary Quinn").

A few times she went back and was unable to bring herself to talk to Rachel when she did see her, instead she found herself sneaking a peek at her or just openly staring at the girl while they were in glee together.

She only found out about the switching thing recently, when she found her old journals. Apparently, going to the future messed up the 'other' Quinn. She would be forced to see a baby that she knew was hers, and she would go into a home filled with happy pictures of her and Rachel and could see how in love they were. It broke the blonde's heart that Rachel was no longer alive to share that life with her, even if she were in the future just a few minutes or hours at the most.

According to the journals, the first time 'that' Quinn returned to her correct timeline (sophomore year), she didn't even know the diva yet. So she tried to get to know the woman she knew she would have a child with. She found Rachel's myspace videos and fell in love with the girl's voice.

The more she was thrust into the future the more it got to her. She was determined not to let the girl die. And the only way she knew to do that was to stay away from the girl in her 'real life'; maybe if she changed their future together she would save the girl's life. But Finn had to join glee, and she ended up not being able to stay away.

She eventually tried to just make the girl hate her, but Rachel was too perfect. Every time she forgave Quinn or did something nice, Quinn found herself falling for the girl. Then the whole Beth scandal happened and it almost ruined her. Sure it was hard to give up her baby, but it was worse knowing that she had a baby in the future with Rachel and that she had to choose between having a daughter and saving the diva's life.

Part of her wanted to get swept away again, to hold her little Harmony in her arms and stay in a house that once belonged to two people so desperately in love. The other part knew that if she did, she may never be okay again. When she failed to make Rachel hate her, she tried to force herself to stay in Lima far away from the brunette who little by little was stealing her heart. She would be what she always despised, a Lima loser, if it meant that Rachel could have her dreams and her life.

That was where Quinn had to stop reading her old journals. She was causing too much havoc. She hated what she had been turning herself into. But the thing she learned from reading her old musings was that the past could be changed. And if the past could be changed, that meant that maybe the future could as well.

She waited patiently for Brittany to make adjustments to her time machine. Quinn knew that she could no longer travel back in time. She knew that she had already messed up too much and she wasn't about to jeopardize her future with Rachel by visiting the brunette in the past.

She waited for almost 16 years. Brittany had modified the machine to be able to keep the time traveler wherever they went for an extended period of time. Months, maybe a year. A school year was all she needed. She had to get herself and Rachel together, and she had to get a few messages back to them that would save Rachel's life in the future. She worked hard to set everything up. Writing letters, detailing aspects that she knew she had to in order for anyone to believe them. She made contacts when she had originally traveled; the professors that helped Brittany create the machine. She knew her plan was foolproof so long as her past self was not as stubborn as she knew she could be. She needed to make her believe, to understand. She needed her to know that they could all have everything they wanted.

The last part of her plan involved her very own daughter. Harmony was 16, a sophomore, and so much like Rachel it was hard not to love her. They had a rocky time of it in the past 16 years, but Quinn couldn't hate someone who was so much a part of Rachel. It took all of three sentences to convince Harmony to go back in time. "Brittany invented a time machine. Would you like to go back in time and meet your Mom? You can help me save her life so we can have her back."

Harmony was all set to go; she had the stack of letters Quinn gave her and her red hat that belonged to Rachel. She wore that thing religiously. She also had some fake transcripts so she could get enrolled in school. Sugar Pierce-Lopez was set to go with her. And how could Quinn turn down the extra help? Especially since Sugar was Harmony's Rachel. Besides, Quinn already had planned on something like that happening that's why she made two contacts back then.

But Rory Hummel-Anderson also wanted to go along. He had a few things of his own to fix, Kurt and Blaine were in the midst of a divorce that should not have been happening. Quinn knew it'd be harder to get him a cover story, but lucky for him he was a great actor with an impeccable Irish accent. She wrote a few extra letters making the boy an exchange student with a letter to that timeline's Brittany telling her that the time machine worked and that Rory must live with her for the school year. She hoped the blonde listened. She may have mentioned something about him being a leprechaun, but figured that'd stop the girl from thinking too much on the previous subject of time traveling.

As she watched the three teenagers disappear into the past, giving them one last instruction. "You are not to do anything or acknowledge who you are until the right time. And you will know, because the teenage version of me will come to you. Give her the first letter at Sectional's. And the rest after that, if they are still necessary."

She sighed and said a silent prayer hoping that they could fix things. Hoping that within a year's time things will have changed and she will have Rachel back.

A/N: Let me know what you think and if I should continue! Thanks. The underlined parts were the descriptions of the journals and the 'past' Quinn trying to deal with the future swap and not really understanding what was happening. I hope things weren't too confusing, it will focus on one timeline from now on as they try to stop the future from happening and I plan on explaining things better. So if you have any questions or concerns ask them, and I will address them in the story if necessary.