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Things had finally settled down in glee enough for Mr. Shue to start a discussion about Regional's. "Okay! With our competition right around the corner, we need to choose some songs. I was thinking a duet between Rachel and Finn to lead off and…"

"That's not happening." Quinn interrupted.

"I have been working on some song choices for us, Mr. Shue." Finn stated with a hopeful look towards Rachel.

"Back off, lurch." Santana spat.

Kurt's voice broke the awkward silence that followed. "I have a suggestion, Mr. Shue." He waited until he got everyone's attention. "I think a duet between Rachel and Finn is worn out. I think it's a great opportunity to have Rachel team up with people she's never sung with before. Maybe Tina or Sam. Although, Puck and Blaine have proven chemistry with her as well."

Rachel's face lit up at the suggestion and she threw Kurt a grateful smile. Mr. Shue looked around the room as he thought about Kurt's proposition. Finn frowned at his step-brother and was about ready to argue when their teacher spoke up.

"I think I just came up with this week's assignment. I want you guys all to pair up with someone you've never performed with before." He announced.

The kids looked around the room, trying to decide on who their new partners would be. Harmony approached Rachel and Quinn shyly as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Um…Rachel…would you like to sing with me?" She asked the brunette whose eyes lit up.

"Yes! I have several worthy Broadway songs in my mind at this very moment." Rachel declared excitedly.

Quinn smirked at Rachel's enthusiasm as her eyes found the blue eyes that currently bore into her. She smiled at the younger girl and nodded her acceptance. "I think you guys will sound amazing together."

Harmony nodded back before her eyes wandered to her girlfriend. Sugar approached Brittany and Santana timidly. She kicked at the floor and refused to meet either of their faces. "So…we gonna pair up or what?"

Santana raised an eyebrow. "If you're talking to me, you best be looking at me."

Sugar's head immediately shot up and her eyes found Santana's mirthful ones. "We should be partners." The younger girl stated.

Santana smirked at the girl. "Now you're bossing me around?"

"What? No!" Sugar replied nervously.

"Santana be nice." Brittany scolded. Then she addressed Sugar. "She's just getting back at you for disobeying her."

"Disobeying?" A few kids around them mouthed to each other, Blaine was one of them.

Sugar's face turned red and she glanced at Harmony nervously. "Are you…do we have to have the talk now?"

"The talk?" Blaine frowned and looked at Kurt, who shrugged. "What's going on with them? It's so weird watching them interact."

Kurt's eyes couldn't meet Blaine's so instead they wandered around the room. "When do they ever make sense?" Kurt teased.

Blaine smiled at him. "Guess you're right." He paused for a minute. "Who're you going to sing with?"

Kurt's eyes widened at the question. He actually hadn't thought about it yet. As they watched their teammates pair off, he realized that his options were dwindling. "I think you should sing with Rory." Kurt stated and smiled when he saw the young boy's face light up at the mention of his name.

Blaine looked at the boy. "How about it Rory, want to be my duet partner?"

Rory nodded enthusiastically as his eyes sparkled with pure joy. "Yes, of course."

Kurt looked around at his few remaining options but before he could make a choice for himself, Quinn approached him. The look she gave him told him that she wanted to speak with him alone. He silently followed her.

"Look, Hummel, I still haven't forgiven you." He nodded solemnly. "But Rachel no doubt will so I guess I have to get over it. So what do you say we sing together?"

"I…" He hesitated only because the blonde still terrified him.

She smirked at him. "Good to know my reputation still precedes me."

"I want nothing more than to put everything behind us…"

"You seem to be well on your way." She shook her head with a small smile. "Stroking Rachel's ego seems to be a way to her heart, and since you basically said she deserved the duet at Regional's and you took Finn out of the equation…I'd say she'll forgive you sooner rather than later."

He smiled at her, a smile that she returned…even if only slightly.

After Glee was dismissed and most of the kids filed from the room, Santana stood up and grabbed hold of Sugar's ear. As she dragged the girl, she barked orders to the others. "Berry, Q, Britts and…Berry Junior, get your asses in gear. We need to talk."

Blaine and Rory watched as the girls left the room. The older boy turned to Rory. "I feel like there's something I'm missing."

"I think in this case, it's best you don't know." Rory answered.

Blaine's eyes furrowed. "What do you mean?"

Rory shot a panicked glance toward Kurt. The other boy stood up and brushed his hands on his pants, dusting off any imaginary dust or dirt that may have been there. "Well, either I get sucked into their drama or I tag along with the two of you…" He left his statement open ended, hoping someone would choose on his behalf.

"I wouldn't go anywhere near that drama right now." Rory replied.

"Well, then, the Lima Bean it is." Kurt announced happily as the three of them gathered their belongings and headed out of the choir room.


The group of girls stood near the empty bleachers shivering in the cold weather. Santana was pacing back and forth, cursing in Spanish.

"I don't see what the big deal is. It's just sex." Sugar replied, but that was the wrong thing to say. Five sets of eyes glared at her.

"Just sex?" Harmony asked, tears forming in her eyes. "You made last night romantic for me. You said that we were lucky to be able to have two first times…" Her bottom lip quivered as her voice cracked.

Sugar immediately embraced her girlfriend, trying to comfort her. She whispered 'I love you' over and over in Harmony's ear.

"That's…romantic." Rachel stated and Brittany happily agreed. Which was also the wrong thing to do.

"You're actually condoning this?" Santana yelled angrily. "They're barely sixteen."

Rachel shrugged. "Quinn was younger than that when she was with Puck. And you've been sleeping around since at least freshman year." Then Rachel's eyes widened as she took a step away from Santana in case the Latina lunged at her. But she didn't.

"I didn't need to hear that." Sugar mumbled, as she held Harmony closer. Then she whispered to her girlfriend. "I didn't mean it was just sex…"

"But you said it."

"I thought it'd be easier for them to swallow than the fact that I am so in love with you that I wanted the opportunity to share that love with you. I wanted us to be able to express it in a way that no one else ever will…I wanted to give you a special first time, and I will do the same when we get to this point again."

Sugar's words were meant with silence. Neither Harmony nor the four others had a thing to respond with. As the minutes stretched on, Quinn spoke.

"It's weird, if you think about it…that our daughter had sex before we got to."

Rachel's eyes widened at the thought. "You're right, um, let's not think about that."

"Deal." Santana muttered. None of them liked to think about things like that, it was far too disturbing.

Once again, they were enveloped in silence.

"This isn't over." Santana warned. "I get that you're in love and shit so whatever, but you are not allowedto drink or do drugs."

"Or disobey the traffic laws." Rachel added.

"Or text and drive." Quinn stated.

"Or give Lord Tubbington any drugs; he's trying to kick the habit." Brittany chirped.

Rachel rested a hand on Brittany's shoulder as she smiled, placating her. "I think that covers everything." Then she looked at Harmony and Sugar. "Unless you girls can think of something we're missing."

"No, I think we're good." Sugar blurted out and Harmony nodded in agreement.

"Did you want to work on our duet now…or I could come over later…" Harmony addressed Rachel.

"Later is fine. Just stop by when you're ready." Rachel replied.

Harmony hugged Rachel and then Quinn, before linking her fingers with Sugar's and walking down the bleachers.

"We let them go too easy." Santana growled.

Quinn raised an eyebrow at her best friend. "When your parents told you not to do something, San, did you ever listen?"

"Hell no." The Latina muttered before her eyes widened. "Oh, right." Then she sighed. "But you know as well as I do that they're going home to have sex right now."

Both Rachel and Quinn covered their ears and closed their eyes in horror, Brittany simply shrugged. "They've only got a few more months like this San. Then we won't have to worry about it again for like, two decades."

Santana frowned. "It's hard enough going through it the first time, I don't know if I want to do it again."

Brittany's lip started to tremble and her eyes began to water. "You don't want kids, San?"

"What? No, I never said…" She sighed. "I think next time, we should just be the ignorance is bliss type of parents. We'll implement the 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy."

Rachel snorted at Santana's words. "Just because you don't talk about it Santana, doesn't mean it isn't happening."

"Screw you, Berry."

Rachel rolled her eyes at Santana's retort. Then she turned toward her girlfriend and decided to change the subject. "I'm proud of you for burying the hatchet with Kurt today…agreeing to sing with him, I love you for that."

Quinn blushed at Rachel's words, however, Santana smirked. "I'd like to bury the hatchet right in the boy's back."

"Santana." Brittany reprimanded.

"It's true. He's still a little weasel." Santana may be grateful that Kurt vowed to help them protect Rachel, but that didn't mean she let the boy off the hook.

Brittany hugged her girlfriend before whispering something in her ear.

"We're gonna head home." Santana replied hurriedly with lust in her eyes. She grabbed Brittany's hand and they left without a further word.

Rachel and Quinn stood in the cold for a moment or two alone, before the blonde visibly shivered. "I think we should go too, it's freezing."

Rachel smiled before she took Quinn's hands in hers and kissed them softly. "Ok."

As they walked down the bleachers and back to Rachel's car, Quinn whispered huskily. "I can't believe you didn't offer to warm my hands up…I seem to recall a very fun way of doing so…"

Rachel blushed as her eyes darkened. "Quinn!" She whimpered under her breath, causing the blonde to chuckle.

When Rachel fumbled to try to get the key in the lock, to unlock her car door, Quinn embraced her from behind. The blonde ran her cold hands underneath Rachel's coat, and then under her shirt. The brunette shivered at the contact.

"There, much better." Quinn grinned as she let her hands wander on Rachel's warm skin.

Rachel spoke as she released a shuddering breath. "I…we should get home."

"Hmmm" Quinn breathed against the shell of Rachel's ear. "I definitely want to get you home."

And with those words, Quinn's hands traveled south to toy with the waistband of Rachel's skirt before teasingly slipping beneath it. The action made Rachel drop her keys. Quinn laughed at her girlfriend's nervousness. She pulled her hands out of their playground, and bent down to pick the keys up off the snow covered ground. Then she elegantly unlocked the door and opened it for the brunette.

"I think maybe I should drive." She smirked. "You seem too distracted."

Rachel's mouth dropped open in protest. "And whose fault is that, Quinn Fabray?"

Quinn stepped closer to her girlfriend and lowered her voice. "If you let me get us home quickly, I promise that I'll finish what my hands started…"

Rachel swallowed audibly and she scrambled around to the other side of the car to climb in as fast as she could. Quinn smiled to herself with pride before starting the engine and driving to Rachel's house.


Blaine listened to Kurt and Rory go on and on about song choices for the last half hour. He noticed something strange as the two boys spoke; he noticed that they sort of resembled each other. Not overtly so, but when Kurt's eyes lit up when he discussed Showtunes it was similar to Rory's eyes sparkling as he talked about the classics. And when they listened to each other, they both shared a similar expression of contentment. Plus, their smiles were nearly identical. Suddenly the chatter stopped and Blaine realized that they were both looking at him quizzically.

"You have no clue what we just asked you." Kurt stated with a smirk.

Blaine shook his head with embarrassment. "I was listening…for awhile, but then…"

"Then we bored you into a coma." Kurt replied with a knowing look which caused Blaine to nod his head.

"Sorry Da…Blaine." Rory said as his eyes widened.

Blaine caught the mistake, but didn't know what it meant so he filed it away for later. "I'm going to get a refill, would anyone like any?"

Both boys nodded with matching smiles as Blaine regarded them eerily. "Okay?" He said as he shook his head in confusion and walked to the back of the line.

As he stood in line, he glanced back at the table. Rory was talking to Kurt, but he couldn't hear what they were saying.

"Thanks for making an effort to make things right with Rachel…and everyone." Rory said.

Kurt shook his head and waved the boy off. "I wish I could do more. I know I messed up and…"

"Hey, it's a good start." He smiled thoughtfully at him. "I think if you make things right with Quinn, then you will make them right with Rachel."

Kurt's eyes widened in horror. "That's not exactly the easier option, Rory. Quinn's fiercely protective and she still has her High Bitch in Charge tendencies."

"But she's made mistakes and has been forgiven as well. I'd think that if anyone understood…it'd be her."

Kurt smiled at Rory. "It's nice that you don't hate me anymore."

"I doubt I ever hated you…but yeah, it's nice."

Blaine had ordered the drinks and stood in the distance to watch the exchange. There was something about the two of them that captivated him. He watched Rory duck his head shyly before running a hand through his hair then he crossed his legs and placed his hands delicately atop them.

Blaine narrowed his eyes, he'd seen that action before but before his mind could remember where…Kurt's left leg crossed over his right and his hands rested atop of them. He looked identical to Rory in that moment; the brown hair, the sparkling blue eyes, and the posture. He'd swear that Rory and Kurt were brothers if Rory wasn't Irish and if Kurt wasn't an only child. Blaine shook his head of the thought as he plastered a smile on his face and walked back to the table.

"What'd I miss?" He asked as he handed the drinks to each them. It was only then that he realized that they ordered the same thing. "I had this crazy thought…that the two of you were…related."

Both boys' eyes widened as they spit out the coffee they had been about to swallow. Yup, they were practically twins.

"Why would you say that?" Kurt asked as he gracefully wiped at his mouth with a napkin as Rory began wiping up the mess on the table.

"I know it's impossible…but, you're just so…similar." Blaine replied as he sat down.

"How so?" Rory asked with obvious curiosity and interest.

"Your voice…"

"He's Irish." Kurt interrupted with a frown.

"Singing voice. Your eyes, your hair, and your mannerisms as well. If I believed in science fiction at all, I'd say Rory was your clone."

"But you don't…believe in science fiction, I mean?" Rory asked.

"Clones, zombies, alien invasions? No, of course not."

"How about time travel?" Rory asked before casting a glance at a nervous Kurt.

"Time travel? That's probably got to be the most implausible of the whole bunch." Blaine replied before noticing that both Kurt and Rory's faces paled. "What? You guys believe in that stuff?"

"Not without proof." Kurt muttered as he took a sip of his coffee.

"I'd have to say that I believe in it whole heartedly." Rory replied, without his Irish accent.

"Rory?" Blaine noticed the lack of accent immediately. "Where's your accent?"

"I don't actually have one." He replied.

Blaine's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "But, why would you pretend that you did?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." The boy replied dryly.

Blaine's eyes scanned over the formerly-Irish kid. "Who are you really?"

Rory sighed before glancing at Kurt, who nodded at him.

"And how do you know, Kurt? You are related, aren't you?" Blaine accused as she looked angrily at his boyfriend before he turned back to Rory. "What's your real name?"

"My real name is Rory." The boy stated. "But I think it's time I explain the rest to you."

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