Part 1: The Fight

" Applejack, why don't you come in and take a load off your hooves, Granny Smith is out playing bridge with her poker buddies, and Big Macintosh won't be back from the Farming Mathematics convention for another two days!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, from a nearby cloud.

" Now Rainbow, you know very well that have to see to these trees, they're not going to take care of themselves you know!" Applejack shouted back to Rainbow Dash.

" The trees can handle themselves tonight! You're just nitpicking now! You and I got the majority of the work done earlier today." Rainbow said, rolling over on her cloud to look at Applejack upside down.

Applejack set down her rope to look incredulously at Rainbow Dash. She was shocked that the Pegasus would belittle her work with the trees which were the life blood of the Apple family.

" Rainbow Dash! I don't criticize how you clear the skies. And I didn't when you frightened everypony during nightmare night. Even when it made things very hard for Princess Luna." Applejack noted.

" Oh come on, that was all in good fun Applejack, and hey I get those skies completely clear and I do it fast. It's not a question of quality. Because I do it fast and well." Rainbow Dash responded boastfully.

" At the expense of somepony's comfort I hear." Applejack said, tearing out some more dead wood from the tree she was under.

" But come on, you're really being nitpicky about these trees. You must've gone over this row three times already." Rainbow Dash said, rolling onto her stomach and propping her head up with her front hooves.

" Ah, am not nitpicky!" Applejack said stubbornly, stomping a hoof emphatically on the ground.

" You're being as nitpicky with those trees as Rarity is with dresses!" Rainbow Dash said, an eyebrow raised.

" I am not like RARITY!" Applejack shouted, lassoing Rainbow Dashes cloud with the Pegasus, dragging her down to earth to meet her eyes.

" Hey whoa, take it easy Applejack, it's just you were taking down twigs and stuff. It just seemed to be overkill." Rainbow said, letting the rope sink deeper into the cloud so she could wiggle clear of the lasso to float safely in the air a few yards away from Applejack.

" I care about these trees, and taking care of them, means a better harvest in the future. It pays off to pay ATTENTION!" Applejack shouted, hopping forward uncharacteristically.

Applejack began chasing Rainbow Dash around the orchard with her rope, throwing it up repeatedly, attempting to catch Rainbow Dash with it. Each time that the lasso went up, Rainbow Dash would narrowly dodge it, sacrificing some of the sparsely placed clouds that had been scheduled for the evening and night.

" Applejack, it's not like I was lying to you! I'm just pointing out the similarities!" Rainbow Dash, said dodging the lasso narrowly once more.

" Hold still! You inconsiderate, fiendish bird horse!" Applejack shouted angrily, almost incoherent with frustration.

Rainbow Dash flew lower, this time using trees to protect her. Stopping abruptly when Applejack called her a 'bird horse'. The lasso caught her and brought her into Applejack's waiting arms. Where the Earth pony aggressively hugged her.

" Wait wait WAIT!" Rainbow Dash said, confused and offended at the remark that had gotten her caught in the first place.

" Ahm forgiving you." Applejack said, blushing, her face clear up to her ears turning red.

" I'm a Pegasus, not some ' flying bird horse'." Rainbow said gruffly.

" Ah said 'Fiendish bird horse'."Applejack corrected her.

" And I'm not fiendish either. I can't believe you'd say something like that. And who said I wanted your forgiveness anyway! You're the one being unreasonably fussy over those Apple Trees!" Rainbow Dash retorted, flying higher and higher into the sky to get away from the maddeningly frustrating Applejack.

" I am not being fussy about these trees!" Applejack could be heard on the distant ground, as Rainbow Dash flew higher and away.

Where will I go now? I don't want to go home, it's so lonely there. And Applejack's got me all riled up over her Apples... Twilight said something about studying with a filly, and Pinkie said she was going to be busy, maybe Fluttershy is still up... Rainbow Dash thought to herself.

Reader's Note: I feel like it's necessary to say that I DON'T hate Applejack, or Rarity. It's just how the story played out. And to be completely honest, I wanted to write out the fight so I could reference it later, I already had a good portion of pt2(formerly pt1 in my head) written when I realized that I didn't know what RD and AJ were fighting about. As always, I appreciate any reviews, I'd prefer them to be more than a 1-10 rating, but if that's all you have time for that's great too. Don't worry after this, it's pretty much FlutterDash all the way.