"Shut up Naruto. You're always getting in the way, geez!" yelled Ino.

"Nuh uh you totally screwed the pooch by yourself, Ino," Naruto yelled back.

"What! Are you kidding me? You're saying that its my fault we lost the class pet," Ino responded. Yup, they were fighting… again. The class ignored the two as they bickered because it seemed so natural.

"Oh go complain about it to Sasuke," Naruto said annoyed.

"Oh yeah well at least he isn't annoying," Ino said.

"Oh I'm annoying yeah and what about you screaming like some fan at a concert whenever you here anything related to Sasuke," Naruto said.

"RIIIIIIIIIING!" the bell went off. It was lunch time, but Ino and Naruto were still fighting.

"Naruto I am so gonna kick your ass," Ino said now right in his face. The class had begun to leave feeling really hungry. Naruto had looked behind Ino to see everyone leave and as soon as everyone did he smirked.

"They're gone," he said and the young Yamanaka had pulled him close and kissed him. She couldn't wait any longer; she was desperate.

"Thank god they finally left," Ino said.

"Yeah," Naruto agreed as he lifted Ino on to one of the desks.

"Mmmm," Ino moaned into the kiss. She pushed her tongue on his lower lip and Naruto accepted her request. Tangling and enjoying the pleasure of finally being able to kiss each other freely without anyone there to see wasn't what turned them on.

It was the fact that anybody could just come in and catch them. It was the fact that their secret could go public.

"You know? You're very perverted Ino," he said as his hands slowly slid under her shirt. He hadn't touched her breasts yet; he had only kept them at her abdomen, slowly caressing her stomach and circling around her back.

"Naruto, please don't be mean. You know what I want," she said moaning when he slowly cupped one of her breasts.

"Ino Yamanaka, I wonder what people would say if they saw you like this… 'she's totally perverted'. 'that girls a pervert' that's what they'd say, isn't it Ino?" Naruto asked as his other hand reached down under her skirt.

"Naruto please," Ino moaned again. She was completely worried that someone would catch them, but she licked her lips regardless.

"Hey Ino, you're not wearing your usual tape around your legs today. Could it be you were hoping this would happen today?" he said. Their "meetings" had been mostly spontaneous until just a couple days ago. Now they occurred more frequently.

"What about you Naruto, aren't you excited at all?" Ino said.

"Of course I am. You know I can never get enough of you," he said as he slipped his hand inside her now soaking wet panties. Apparently she had put those on at least.

"Nnh" she tried to suppress a moan. Then they heard the door being opened. Naruto had gone under the desk as quickly as he could and Ino sat on the chair connected to that very same desk.

"Oh hey Ino, what are you doing here?" Iruka asked.

"Oh you know, studying. I can't let Sakura beat me." she said as she began to sweat a little. Naruto's head was right in between Ino's legs and she couldn't handle the thought of being caught, especially with Iruka right there. Her hair shadowed her face and she licked her upper lip again.

"Well okay then. As long as you're studying then its alright with me. Are you sure you don't want to go eat lunch?" Iruka asked.

"Yes" she said as a moan but tried to play it off. Iruka was a little disturbed; he thought he heard Ino moan. 'So damn good… this is all your fault Naruto… you… you..' she thought as she felt Naruto pull the string of the panties to the side and slip his tongue inside her. Iruka left but Naruto stayed under the table.

"Iruka is gone now Naruto," Ino said.

"Yeah I know," Naruto said.

"You can come out now," she said again trying to suppress another moan.

"Nah I don't wanna," he said slipping her panties down her legs making her shiver.

"Naruto the bell is about to ring," she said lifting her legs slightly. This gave Naruto the advantage he need to completely take off Ino's panties.

"Aww I swear, lunchtime is getting shorter and shorter each year." he complained.

"Yeah, but all you need to do is pass the test and then you won't have to worry about lunch time. You could eat whenever you wanted," Ino said.

"Now that's how you properly motivate a guy," Naruto said and started nibbling on her clitoris.

"Just pass the test ahh this year. I really want to be in the same nnh team with you." she said moaning when he put his finger inside her.

"Well I tried last time. I mean I really tried but I failed anyways." he said. He liked the way she moaned.

"RIIIIIIING!" the bell rang again signaling lunch had ended.

"Aww crap I need to go back to my seat ooooor you could say I ditched and we could have a little more fun." Naruto said.

"Tempting, but Iruka almost caught us and I think that's enough for me." she said.

"Aww that's no fun." he whined but went back to his seat.

"Hey wait, where are my panties?" Ino said panicking now that the class was coming back inside.

"Huh oh they're right there," Naruto whispered pointing to the floor behind the desk in plane sight. He forgot he took them off her.

"Oh no," Ino said. She finally saw them and one of her peers was about to spot them. Naruto quickly grabbed some water from a flower vase that was next to him and threw it at Kiba's crotch.

"HEY LOOK, Kiba wet himself!" Naruto shouted and ran away while Kiba chased him. All the attention was now on them and Ino took this opportunity to grab her panties and put them away.

'Thank you Naruto,' she thought while waiting for the class to settle down. This had been the first time they had tried something in the all started when they were little.


Her mother didn't like him at first, him being the Kyuubi container and all, but that had actually started their little secret affairs.

"Naruto we should keep this a secret," little Ino said.

"Ok" little Naruto would agree with glee building up inside him from finally having a friend. He had a real friend, not a classmate. They still liked playing games like "house" and "doctor". "Doctor" was their special favorite game. Ino would grab the toy stethoscope and start by putting the chest piece on his head.

"Empty," she would say and then laugh while he pouted.

"Hmph, it's my turn," he would say. Then he would take it from Ino and put it on.

"Hey!" Ino complained. Naruto would put the chest piece right where her heart should have been. "Baddum baddum" he heard Ino's heart beat and found it odd at how fast it was beating. Ino must have been sick because her face was blushing.

"Ino what's wrong," Naruto said.

"I don't know you're the doctor," she said.

"Oh right well um… I think you're sick," he said and removed the chest piece away from her.

"Ok now it's my turn. Now turn around," she said snatching the toy stethoscope.

"What? Why?" he asked.

"I don't know this is what doctor's do," she said. Then lifted his shirt up and placed the chest piece on his back.

"Mm hmm," she said as though she had figured out something. She wasn't listening anything in particular, she just liked how warm his back was against her hand. It was the first time she did something like this and her cheeks started heating up.

"Um I think we should check your tonsils." she said.

"What's that?" Naruto asked.

"I don't know, but say 'ahhh'." she said and started looking inside his mouth. Naruto was starting to flush because she was so close. She didn't seem to notice since she started staring at his eyes.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing, this is what doctors do right?" she answered him.

"Um yeah I guess." he said but he didn't really know. Suddenly Ino heard her dad calling her.

"Oh that's my dad I gotta go. See you later Naruto," Ino said. She got ready to stand up but the stethoscope had caused her to trip and fall onto Naruto.

"Huh mmph-" he said as he felt Ino's lips pressed up to his. It took a while for both of them to realize that they had just kissed.

"OH um sorry" they both said at the same time. Ino ran home, leaving Naruto very confused.