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The reason

With Naruto at night...

'The Chunin Exams...I wonder who will be there,' Naruto thought as he stared at the stars while laying on top of his roof.

'Sakura-chan,' His thoughts filled with a variation of the same question. When had he started feeling this way for the pink haired girl? It didn't make sense. It was all supposed to be his cover story. He had openly admitted to liking Sakura so that no one would suspect his true feelings for Ino, but now he was so confused.

Flash back...

"Aahh Come on. Spill who do you like Naruto?" Kiba asked. Akamaru barked playfully.

"Yeah tell us. There's gotta be someone in the class you like," Choji asked while he opened a bag of chips.

"I don't really like anybody," Naruto said while looking to his left.

"My dad says people avoid eye contact when they try to lie. So who is it Naruto? Is it Ako? huh?" Shikamaru asked. Seeing Naruto starting to sweat had made him smirk.

"What!? N-no! I don't like Ako. Look, I don't really have anyone I like and since when have you been Mr. Detective?" Naruto asked as he started to panic Seeing Shikamaru's smirk slowly leave his face had momentarily relieved his stress.

"Classic deflection. You're lying again," Shikamaru said laying down.

"Lazy bum,"

"Hey yeah, stop changing the subject and tell us who you like. We told you who we like-" Kiba said.

"No you didn't!" Naruto exclaimed holding his ground against the stubborn Inuzuka.

"Well ... we'll tell after you tell, so hurry up and say it," Kiba demanded.

"Why do you wanna know?" Naruto asked glaring at Kiba.

"Uggh Don't you get it? So that we don't go competing for the same girl. Wouldn't want you to feel too disappointed if we do start competing. Me being an alpha male and all," Kiba said confidently.

"Oh whatever dog breath. I'm not worried," Naruto said walking away.

"What a drag," Shikamaru said as he watched Naruto leave.

"So who do you like Shikamaru?" Kiba asked making Shikamaru sweat-drop.

Flash back interuption...

"You should get some rest on an actual mattress Naruto," Kakashi stated standing beside Naruto.

"Uh yeah you're right. heheh I wasn't keeping track of time. Thanks sensei," Naruto said as he jumped down to his front door.

"I'll see you tomorrow Naruto," Kakashi said.

"Yeah, later." Naruto said as he walked in to his flat. But there was no way he'd be able to get some sleep. He had too much on his mind and it wasn't going away.

With Sakura...

Sakura had gone straight to her room when she arrived at her house. Her very pink room. She was gonna redecorate some things soon. Maybe add one orange thing. She shook her head. She wasn't really thinking about Naruto already. Was she? When had things become so complicated.

'Naruto... is a big fat dummy,' Sakura huffed as she plopped on her bed hugging her pillow. She wasn't going to accept the fact that she had started to li-. She shook her head again. Her eyes shimmered with a wavering hope.

"I still like Sasuke. I don't like Naruto-kun?...Uggh what's wrong with me?" Sakura asked her self. She had completely let the fact that she used an honorific on naruto instead of sasuke slipped by while she worried about her emotions.

'Ahh Screw it. I'm just gonna sleep it off,' Were Sakura's final thoughts as she started to drift to sleep. Unfortunately for her, her dream took the form of a long forgotten memory.

Flash back...

Sakura had been running for a while. She had finally gotten an idea on how to win the affections of a certain Uchiha. She had been trying to look for him when she suddenly bumped into the last person she wanted to see.

"Oops, I'm sorry," Naruto said when he fell down from the sudden impact. He stood up and offered Sakura a hand. She looked at his hand and stood up without his help.

"Watch where you're going. Oh have you seen Sasuke around?" Sakura asked.

"Nah, I haven't seen him," Naruto replied.

"Uggh where is he, I can't find him anywhere," Sakura complained as she left the blond.

Flash back end...

While the dream had ended a new dream had taken its place. She had begun tossing and turning at some of the memories that seemed to play in her sleep. Each dream had been about how she mistreated or harshly ignored the blond. She had felt remorse over the treatment of her blond teammate, but subconsciously she had already decided she wasn't going to ignore him any more.

The next day with Naruto...

Naruto woke up still sleepy. His eyes were very irritated. Looking at his clock he decided that he needed to get up. Willing himself to commit his daily morning routines, brushing his teeth, taking a shower, the usual. As he made his way to the kitchen, he grabbed two ingredients to the one of the two best meals he could cook...cereal. As he pored the milk into his cereal, he began to think of the chunin exams which lead to him thinking about his teammates which lead to him thinking about his emerald green eyed friend and teammate.


Flash back ...

Her hair smelled like that wild cherry shampoo. Her green eyes so full of eagerness and hope. She had a slight tint of pink on her cheeks. Her lips. He couldn't stop staring at her lips until she walked away.

A little jealousy had crept into Naruto's gut. Why was she always thinking about the stupid Uchiha. What did Sasuke have that he didn't? Why was Sasuke so much popular than he was? He was nice to everyone... well maybe some people... ok maybe a select few were safe from his pranks. All of the girls liked Sasu-

"HEL-lo!" Naruto exclaimed as he felt his butt being pinched.

"Hey Naruto," Ino greeted smirking while putting her hands behind her back.

"Um What are you doing?" Naruto asked.

"Pinching a very nice piece of-"

"Okay, it's the middle of the day, and we're in the middle of the road. People could see you," Naruto said.

"Do you see anyone here?" Ino said holding a very cat like face. As he looked around he notice the street was deserted.

"Yeah well We should still be careful," Naruto said while pulling Ino close by her hips.

"Oh look out, little kid," Ino said moving away from him. Apparently, they didn't notice the small child playing ninja.

"What? Oh you meant the little kid over their I thought... Never mind," Naruto said turning around and looking at the child playing with his fake shuriken. He had thought she meant him. He wasn't really fond of being called little, small, short stack, pint-sized weasel, etc.

"I'll see you later," Ino said as she walked away.

"Later," Naruto said. He never particularly liked seeing her leave, but he love watching her go.

Later at their usual place...

Naruto was standing there. He needed to talk to Ino about alibis. Who they 'liked' was going to be key in their alibis. How were they suppose to fool any one that they didn't have a relationship when they mostly openly talked to each other?

"Hey there," Ino greeted.

"Hey," Naruto greeted by kissing her.

"So what's up," Ino asked.

"We need to talk about who we 'like' so that people don't find out about our secret," Naruto said making air quotations when he said 'like'.

"What do you mean? I already 'like' Sasuke. Oh you mean for you. Shoot. Your right. You don't have someone you can pretend to like," Ino said realizing the predicament.

"I know and today they were asking me about it," Naruto said.

"Well who do you think is pretty in the class, besides me of course," Ino said with a little pride in her voice.

"Well Sakura is kinda pretty and she really likes Sasuke so she probably won't pay attention to what I do or say," Naruto said.

"That's perfect, we stopped being friends over him," Ino said.

"What? That's not right... why would you stop being friends for that?" Naruto asked.

"Well when I started to pretend to like Sasuke she found out and she ended it. She started calling me her rival, but before I could try to say any thing, she turned around and left," Ino said.

"Have you tried making up with her?" Naruto asked.

"Nah who cares about that forehead girl, all I need is you," Ino said leaning closer to him.

"I should be saying stuff like that," Naruto said.

"Heheh don't be silly I wear the pants in this relationship," Ino said before being picked up by Naruto.

"Oh yeah I don't think so," Naruto said kissing her.

Flash back interrupted...(by the way this particular flashback was way before they made up, so no questions about that plz)

"Oh shit the chunin exams!" Naruto exclaimed as he ran out the door. He didn't want to make his teammates wait and he definitely didn't want to start the infamous habit of his white haired, sharingan eyed, mask covered, sensei.

As he ran to the meeting spot, the first thing he noticed was the bubbly pink hair of his teammate. She looked at him and smiled. A strange warmth filled his chest and he momentarily stopped. These feelings felt extremely similar to the ones he felt for Ino. Guilt started to creep on him, and fear was right around the corner. He didn't like this. He was confused and he was probably over thinking this. Yeah that had to be it.

"Hey Naruto," Sakura greeted. He smiled. Her heart was ready to jump out and punch her in the face. Why? Why had she felt like that was the only thing she could say? She was scared of what the next words to escape her mouth were going to be. She didn't trust herself. Sakura looked at Sasuke. He was so quiet. Sure he was cool and collected with an emo rockstar attitude, but it was strange how empty she felt for him. He was no longer the dreamy boy she thought she loved. He was just a boy.

"Hey Sakura-chan, faggot." Naruto greeted them both.

"Prick," Sasuke said holding out a fist to bump which Naruto complied to as they bumped fists.

"Well no time to waste. Let's get going," Naruto said.

Team 7 walked along the halls, climbing a flight of stairs where they heard commotion in the the distance. Upon arrival, they noticed two genin on the floor. They both seemed hurt. Some people said hurting a girl was too much, to which the two chunin standing by a door responded that they weren't fit to be in the chunin exams if they had that thought process. At this point, the Uchiha made his presence known. For a brief moment they discussed before the chunin made an attempt to kick Sasuke which in turn made him react and he tried to throw kick of his own. Fortunately, the green suited ninja known as Rock Lee had broken the fight before it begun by blocking both kicks.

Lee's teammates had confronted him about the display of power. He had no excuse to justify his actions. So instead of coming up with an excuse he walked up to Sakura and proclaimed his love at first sight. Seeing Lee trying to catch the positive attention of Sakura, but failing miserably, had reminded Naruto of a the time he had publicly admitted how much he liked Sakura.


Ino was having second thoughts about Sakura being the girl Naruto 'liked'. She was beginning to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea, but after some more careful reassurance from Naruto she was slowly excepting it.

"I'm telling you Ino, Sakura is the safest bet. She really likes Sasuke. That's the only thing she's got in that brain of hers. Bet you 20 bucks I'll get rejected," Naruto said holding out his hand. Since the street was coincidentally deserted again, he thought it was safe to hold hands.

"Uggh Ok fine, but if we're gonna do thi- If you're gonna do this, then you're gonna do it right. C'mon lets go to my parents shop," Ino said grabbing the extended arm and pulling him to the general direction of her parents' shop.

"Woah hey Ino! What do you mean?" Naruto asked, clueless as ever. Why the hell did he have to go to a flower shop?

"Are you saying everything you do is just cute and spontaneous? You don't even plan what you say to me?" Ino asked still pulling knowing that Konoha was specifically quiet and docile around this time of day.

"Well I just tell you my honest feelings and yeah if I see a pretty flower that you might like I pick it for you," Naruto responded smiling his genuine blushing smile. What do you expect? He was just called cute. Give him a break.

"Damn," She whispered sprouting a blush of her own, but Naruto couldn't see it.

"Well? What are we doing?" Naruto asked.

"You're gonna give a flower to Sakura in front of people, so that they think you like her," Ino said.

"OOohh that's smart, Hey Ino?" Naruto asked.


"You're pretty," Naruto said giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Do you really not know what you're doing?" she asked ready to pounce on the boy.

"Heheh," oh he knew. He was a quick learner and now that he had understood what she meant, he knew just how much of an affect he had on her.

"Baka," She whispered arriving at the shop.

"So which one do I grab? Do I just pick any or do I go for a cliché flower?" Naruto asked looking at the variety of flowers on display.

"Here. Go with this one, and these and this. Yup that looks perfect," Ino said holding up a bouquet of a rose surrounded by red tulips surrounded by some lilacs and a couple of Sakura petals.

"Ok," Naruto said looking at Ino creating a bundle of flowers.

Flash back end...

"Naruto? Hey Naruto. C'mon let's go," Sakura called out to him.

"Oh sorry Sakura-chan. I was spacing out there for a sec," Naruto said looking at Lee sulking by the wall. Lee had been rejected by Sakura, but that didn't explain why the guy with the those weird pupil-less white eyes was staring at Sasuke in frustration. As he thought about it he realized he didn't care so he shrugged it off.

"So Sasuke? Who's your boy friend?" Naruto asked.

"WHAT!?" Sasuke yelled while Sakura looked confused.

"Oh well you seemed to be having a lovely argument with the gentleman with long hair, I assumed you knew him," Naruto said with a fancy voice.

"Uggh stop that. He just wanted to know who I was. Not that its any of your business. That came out wro-"

"Oh-ho-hooo so I struck a nerve. A little secret that I wasn't supposed to know hmmm? So, so. What's his name?" Naruto asked. Ironically, he was in a similar situation. The only difference was that he hadn't been caught yet.

"Whatever," Sasuke said ignoring him.

"What an odd name to give a child," Naruto said earning a giggle from Sakura.

"Would you stop using that voice? Its annoying," Sasuke said irritated at how much Naruto could get under his skin.

"Hey you with the attitude! Hold on," Lee's voice had reached the ears' of team 7. His appearance had three separate reactions. Naruto was slightly confused. Why would Lee come after being rejected? Sakura was freaked and a little scared. The guy was relentless and not in the good way. Sasuke was indifferent to the whole situation. He was still slightly annoyed at Naruto for his stupid teasing, but Lee showed up, slowing him down from getting to the chunin exams.

"What do you want?" Sasuke said somewhat annoyed.

"I want to fight right here and right now," Lee declared.

"You wanna fight me here and now, huh?" Sasuke asked. He was going to unleash his anger for Naruto's teasing on this pathetic weakling. Sasuke suddenly felt like he should thank the poor sap with hairy eyebrows , but he wouldn't. Pride is funny that way huh?

"Yes," Lee responded.

"People just adore you, don't they Sasuke?" Naruto asked. While a fight had started between Sasuke and Lee, Naruto remembered how many times those words had been proven true.

Flash back...

It was a day like any other except Naruto had a special bouquet to give Sakura. He noticed her standing by the gates of the academy. She was waiting for someone and Naruto could guess who it was. He made his way towards her and prepared to give her the bouquet. Sakura was among other people. They weren't close to her or anything but they were there.

"Hey Sakura these are for you. Would you go on a date with me?" Naruto asked handing her the bouquet.

"No. Now go away I'm waiting for Sasuke-kun," Sakura said shoving the flowers away from her.

"Aww c'mon Sakura. Just one date," Naruto asked again. His plan was working like a charm, but he couldn't help but feel a little dejected.

"I said no. Go away," Sakura rudely responded looking over Naruto to see if she could spot Sasuke before anyone else did.

'It worked. Not a doubt in my mind heheh,' Naruto thought as he walked away from her, but not before noticing some people looking at him and gossiping. He looked at Ino and nodded. She nodded back and they both entered the classroom before everyone else.

Flash back end...

The fight between Sasuke and Lee had finished. It was quick and strange. There was a giant turtle with an adult version of Rock Lee standing on it.

"That was fast," Naruto said looking at Sakura tend to the wounded Uchiha.

"Bite me, ass whole," Sasuke said.

"Naah I don't wanna catch the emo," Naruto replied.

"The what?" Sasuke asked.

"Nothing. Hey Sakura, that turtle was talking just a moment ago, wasn't it?" Naruto asked pointing to the turtle.

"Yeah," She responded.

"So turtles can be sensei's too?" Naruto asked.

"That's a stupid question," Sasuke said irritated.

"Get bent," Naruto responded nonchalantly.

"C'mon Lee. Show me what you got!" The adult Lee look-alike who was recently introduced as Gai said.

"Hai sensei!" Lee shouted.

"Hey wait a minute. You guys can't just take off like that," Naruto said.

"Yeah, what about the chunin exams?" Sakura added.

"Oh Right. I forgot about that," Gai said clearing his throat.

'How could he forget about the chunin exams,' Naruto thought as he looked at Gai.

"Lee, you not only disobeyed the rule about fight, but you disrupted the chunin exams. I think that deserves a more severe punishment, don't you?"

"Yes, sir!" Lee saluted.

"Lets say 500 hundred laps around the village. How does that sound?" Gai said striking a pose.

"Outstanding sir!" Lee said still saluting while team 7 sweat dropped.

"They're insane," Sakura said nonchalantly.

"Probably, but what's the deal with that turtle anyway?" Naruto asked while Sakura noticed Gai look at them.

"Dah! No! He's looking at us," Sakura panicked.

Naruto rolled his eyes while Gai began speaking to his team. It was so strange how this man seemed to know Kakashi, but he didn't really care. What he did care about was how he saw the look of concern on her face when Gai punched Lee in the face. It reminded him of a time she had defended him once, which was strange since she didn't like him.

Flash back...

"Baka. There's no way you're going to be Hokage. You can't even pass the test. What makes you think you can be Hokage?" The kid seemed to be older than Naruto.

"Because I won't stop trying until I become Hokage," Naruto said determined. He was slightly bruised in some places.

"Hey Shoku. Do you think he has money on him?" another kid to his side said.

"Don't know. Maybe we should beat it out of him Kuno," Shoku said until a pink bubble gum haired girl came in between them.

"Leave him alone," Sakura said defending Naruto.

"Tch," Shoku Had gotten slightly annoyed by the sudden interference. Who did she think she was ordering around? He was about to teach them both a lesson until his friend grabbed his shoulder.

"Hey Shoku that teacher is looking this way. C'mon lets go. Forget them," Kuno whispered to him.

"Whatever," Shoku shrugged him off while he walked away.

"Phew! Thanks Sakura-chan," Naruto said. He never noticed how different she could be. Sakura wasn't a jerk, she just really liked jerks. Odd how controversial that sounded.

"Baka. How could you pick a fight with them?" Sakura scolded. And as she continued to scold him, Naruto looked at her with a different perspective. She was genuinely concerned for his well being. A barely noticeable tint of pink had adorned his cheeks.

"Are you listening to me? Uggh just try to avoid conflict from now on. Geez," Sakura complained as she walked away.

Flash back end...

"Next time we meet, I will crush you," Lee told Sasuke bringing Naruto back to the small commotion.

'I gotta stop spacing out like that,' Naruto thought.

"There you have it. Consider yourself warned," Lee said as he ran back to his team. Sasuke clenched his fist. He was frustrated and then Naruto spoke.

"Hmm How about that. Guess the Uchiha aren't as great as everyone thinks they are," Naruto said.

"Just shut up. Next time I'll drive him to his knees," Sasuke said.

"Sounds kinky. Daww so is this your 'out of the closet' debut," Naruto said.

"Hey Naruto, that's enough. Stop it," Sakura said.

"You saw his hands right?... I bet Ol' bushy brows has been training until he drops day in and day out," Naruto said calmly surprising his teammates. Sasuke knew he was right. Lee's hands didn't look like they were in the best condition and yet Lee had still fought him.

'Was Naruto always this smart' Sakura thought.

"He trains harder than you ... That's all I'm saying," Naruto said. Sakura looked at Sasuke worriedly. She noticed him shaking a bit.

"This thing is starting to get interesting. The chunin exams. Can't wait to see what's next," Sasuke said confidently making Naruto smirk and Sakura smile.

"Heheh That's better. Well what are we waiting for lets get going," Naruto Said as he lead the way.

End... for now.

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