Hello, this is my first published anything, trust me I know there are run-on sentences. I really loved this game, so I'm going to do a 50 sentences challenge, it's split up into two parts. BE WARNED SPOILERS!

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Guide for letters

O- Olgar, who was originally Vieg

V- Vahti

D- Dante

R- Rachel

A- Ayuta

K- Kushina

Y- Yorath

C- Cyllis

P-P- Piu-Piu

All- do I really need to explain this one?

Chaos Rings Ω- Epsilon

Motion (All) - Everyone learned from their experience from the Arc Arena… you can't stop fate from moving.

Cool (KxA) - Kushina's has always been looking at Ayuta and always looked up to him; she kept smiling at his haughty nature.

Young (OxV) - Together with Vahti, he pulls her close and both of them reminisce in the times before their transportation to the Arc Arena.

Last (YxC) – Ah, Yorath, my child, thank you for staying; Thank you Cyllis, he didn't have any regrets for staying with her, for my name… worth leader… thank you

Wrong (YxC) – He stayed by her side, protecting her, granting her wishes, and he loved her as a man would love a woman, but she didn't love him like that.

Gentle (KxA) – She placed her hand on his face and after her last words; he started to cry as her gentle touch was fading as was her.

One (All) - They all stood by their beliefs and with each other as one strength by their own will.

Thousand (OxV) – Vahti looked with her husband with Ohm in her arms, looks like thousands of years are left to finish what they should have finished, but she was willing to wait with him no matter how long.

King (Y) – Cyllis wanted me to be on top, the first, a king and I will fulfill her wishes.

Learn (DxR) – 'When will this man learn,' Rachel shook her head watching the gate, 'he's making me wait too long.'

Blur (A) – 'Argh,' I groaned, why does all of this seem so familiar, why does it feel like I've been here over and over, trying to unmask the cloud of fog in my head.

Wait (P-P) – The marshmallow-cat being moving around his safe, watching Olgar(Vieg), Vahti, and Ohm leave, guess it's another ten-thousand years of waiting for me.

Change (C) - Ayuta… always forgetting, Theia… losing herself, and for me, I shall stay myself.

Command (DxR) - "Go get me some fruit or tea," a pregnant Rachel screamed; "Course, dear," he went out and followed his beautiful wife's commands.

Hold (OxV) - Vahti held the child, the perfect mix of her husband and herself, and handed it carefully to her husband, who was surprised to be holding their creation.

Need (T) - We need the greatest genes, to save humanity, and for our mission to finally be complete.

Vision (OxV) – Ohm… our child, our vision for you shall be for you to have a wonderful and happy life.

Attention (YxC) – In one point of Yorath's life he questioned why did he follow Cyllis… later on he realized he wanted her full attention, he craved it.

Soul (A) – His soul had been wondering through time ever since the Arc was created and maybe this time it'll complete his mission, but maybe not.

Picture (All) – Piu-Piu looked at the picture, one of which held everyone smiling, that fell on to his head, "eh, did they take this in secret, no no… how is it possible, whatever it's nice though," he smiled widely tucking it in his head.

Fool (P-P) – He's not the fool everyone thinks he is, he's actually a hero, the maker, a magnificent, wonderful… okay, okay I'll stop.

Mad (C) – I've given birth to my precious children, all of them now dead, now what shall I do… ha haha ha…

Child (OxV) – Together, we shall be, and together shall we see the children we made grow up and be proud of each and every one of them.

Now (DxR) – "We've died to protect Olgar and Vahti," Rachel said, "Rachel, now it's our time to rest," she nodded and walked with her husband.

Shadow (T, C) – We've been each other's shadow for who knows how long, Cyllis had the better genes…Theia took my place as the Almighty…

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