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Guide for letters (This is so people don't have to look back)

O- Olgar, who was originally Vieg

V- Vahti

D- Dante

R- Rachel

A- Ayuta

K- Kushina

Y- Yorath

C- Cyllis

P-P- Piu-Piu

All- Do I really need to explain this one?

Chaos Rings Ω- Epsilon Part II

Good-bye (All) - Sometimes the easiest thing to say is good-bye, but most of the times it's the saddest saying in the world.

Hide (YxC) – He has always hid her from danger and shielded her from pain even after he was wounded from his fights.

Fortune (D, O) – No matter what was going on Dante would always tell Olgar to always remember how lucky they actually are to have such a life.

Safe (KxA) – "Hey, you're safe now," the young boy holding out his hand to the girl in the ditch, "trust me."

Ghost (K) - "Ne Ayuta, are you finally happy," she asked looking at her childhood friends with a new girl.

Book (YxC) – Cyllis rests her head on Yorath's lap, slowly starting to fall asleep to the book's words coming from his lips.

Eye (AxK) – Ayuta always kept Kushina close to him to keep an eye on her and to keep eyes off of her.

Never (D, O)- Watching Dante, from his barely opened eyelids, face off against Yorath and still standing, Olgar thought 'will I ever be close to that kind of strength."

Sing (C, R, and V) – "Haeshite mea haeshite probé staceaum….," the song that has carried along with the chorus, three mothers' tears.

Sudden (K, C) – "Kushina, my child," Cyllis smiled has she dragged the fallen oriental girl's soul into one of her children's bodies.

Stop (DxR) – They collapsed in exhaustion after Olgar and Vahti escaped, "Dante it's time to finally stop,"

Time (All) - One minute, one year, or even a millennium… what was the difference anymore?

Wash (P-P, Ohm) - "Argh, stay still," Piu-Piu scowled with Ohm laughing popping the small bubbles.

Torn (AxK) – "Farewell Ayuta," Kushina said closing her eyes, knowing she'll be torn from his red string.

History (T, A, and C) - They all come from the same planet, same place, but the question was always 'do they really have anything to remember?"

Power (O) - "Argh," he yelled slicing the creature in half, "if only I was stronger, he would still be here."

Bother (KxA) - "Kushina, you okay," she was holding her side slightly, but she let it go and smiled, "yes, of course," I will not be a hinder.

God (C) - Breaking down and falling to her knees, Cyllis started to cry, "what kind of god would allow this, what kind of god," as she reached out for one of her first children.

Wall (R, V) - Rachel held her daughter's hand as she faces labor, "Vahti, it's a wall that you must overcome, it's the pain that only women can have the privilege of bearing."

Naked (Y) - "But does she love you the same way," that very question made me feel bare, my mask broke that very day.

Drive (O) - The very name, Olgar, was a drive for the man, who would protect the people, who he cares about, even if it costs his life.

Harm (KxA) - He looked away from the wound, which he had caused and looked away from the girl's gaze, "I'm sorry,"

Precious (YxC) - Cyllis considered Yorath, most precious to her, "Yorath, my Yorath, my worthy leader."

Hunger (C) - It was the hunger for revenge that drove Cyllis to hate Theia, "don't like to be second, well Theia, neither do I."

Believe (OxV) - At first, they were lost, they were now the first humans and now they have to believe that together they can survive.

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Here's a Preview:

Lights started to stream out of our gloves and started to reflect on the mirrors. Water started to rise into waves and the 'Mishiro' came out.

"Honorable Mishiro please allow us to pass into Konoha, as we have an apprentice to train," Akatsuki said to the mystical beast, holding out his pass. The Mishiro only nodded and then turned to me. Its ice-blue eyes were piercing and dangerous. The Guardian was stunning, but its gaze frightening, leaving the heart frozen in fear. The Mishiro started to walk towards me, growling, and sliced at my left hip.

"AH," I couldn't breathe, let alone scream at the pain; the pain kept tearing at me. "Hh-haa,"

"Ne, Aero-chan, good-luck," Akari smiled underneath her bangs as she bowed to the guardian.

"Good-bye Sideburns,"