Title: Sleeping Stardust

Author: veritaserumMaster

Rating: T

Pairings: HPSS

Warnings: AU, Language, Un-betaed.

Summary: When a Quidditch player becomes a stalker.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Please don't sue me.

A/N: This story is slash, so if you don't like that, then why are you reading this in the first place?

Just a little heads up: Severus was never Harry's teacher in this, just a schoolmate older than him. No Voldemort. A cameo by Ginny Weasley. Harry is a very famous Quidditch star. And a few other liberties I took when writing this down…

I am new to this sort of thing, so forgive me if I make mistakes or offend you. :)

I plan on finishing 'Yuletide Cheer', I just had to get this off my head.

This is the final chapter, there will be no more sequels.

Thank you very much for reading my story.


A few weeks after The Incident (as Harry had oh, so graciously dubbed it), they fell into a pattern. Harry would secretly stare (and drool) at Severus (nothing new there), but this time, the man seemed to know when he would be looking (drooling, really) and look up juts in time to see Harry flustered and smirk at him, of course Harry would immediately bury his face back into his book.

There was actually a time when Severus stood up and went over to where Harry was sitting (right across from him) and turned Harry's book the right side up. apparently, the young Quidditch player was so engrossed in his Snape-watching to notice that his book was upside – down. Other than that, their relationship remained the same: Non – existent.

Although, Harry was glad that there wasn't any news on the Prophet about him, although he never doubted Severus, he knew the man would not give his identity away, he did help him, after all. He did give Ginny a good lecture after The Incident.

They have been dancing around each other for the past 2 months and something in Severus just snapped.

Harry was standing in front of a shelf trying, and failing, to reach the book he wanted to buy. Stupid height! I badly need a growth spurt right now.

He was still struggling when he felt something gently caress the back of his head and brush up his arm and finally settled on the book he wanted. He quickly turned his head to where he knew the hand connected with a body and saw the face he has been dreaming of for the past weeks.

He didn't notice (seriously, what kind of seeker is he? He can't even pay attention to his surroundings) when Severus took the book down. The one thing he did notice was when the taller man took out a Self-Inking Quill and began to write down on the book. He was scratching the quill all over the first page.

"Uhm," he started hesitantly, "I wanted to buy that," Severus looked up suddenly and Harry found himself with his hands raised in front of him in defense, "B-b-but if you want it, you can take it," he finished quickly.

Severus looked back at the book and continued scribbling but still didn't say a thing.

"Uhm," Harry started again, "You're not supposed to write anything on that," Severus looked up sharply again and Harry raised his arms one more time, "B-b-but if you want to, you can do whatever you want."

Harry keeps on steeling a look at whatever it is Severus was doing, but all to no avail. A few minutes of nothing but the sounds of quill scratching paper, Severus snapped the book shut and handed it to Harry.

He bent his head so his moth was leveled to Harry's ear and whispered, "Meet me tonight at 7," he paused and when he spoke again his voice was low and husky, making Harry's knew weaken, "Harry."

He was gone just as fast as he came.

Harry opened the book and saw a sketch of him on a bar in a very familiar pub and Severus's elegant handwriting at the top of the page:

Leaky Cauldron: I'll make your dreams come true.


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