A/N: This story almost completely ignores the 4th and 5th season. This came about with my desire to see Sheldon Cooper as a daddy. So that's that. Enjoy.

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Parenthood: The Final Frontier

Or Snapshots of the first five years of Isaac Cooper's life

Chapter One: It's Male.

Leonard stopped midway his knock to look at his wristwatch. He had been knocking for a minute without an answer, had it been anyone else he would have assumed there was nobody inside the office. But this was not anybody else. This was Sheldon. Sheldon who scheduled everything (including his bowel movements) and 6:15 of Monday was the time for Leonard to pick him up. Frowning slightly, he tried the knob. It was unlocked. Opening the door slightly, he stepped into the office.

Sheldon was sitting behind his desk, focused on his opened laptop. He gave no indication that he knew anybody entered the room. The shorter man raised an eyebrow at that. He cleared his throat. Still no reaction. Walking around the desk, Leonard looked over Sheldon's shoulder, curious as to what had captured his friend's attention.

On display was gray and white streaks on a black background. There was this blob right in the middle. It took him a moment to realize what it was. "Is that a sonogram?"

Sheldon jumped. "Leonard! Good Lord haven't you been taught to knock before you enter?"

"I've been knocking on your door for a minute Sheldon. You didn't answer."

The taller physicist looked dubious at the statement. Leonard shrugged and dragged the conversation back to the topic at hand.

"So is that a sonogram? I take it Penny had her bi-monthly ultrasound?"

"Yes indeed. She uploaded this when she came home."

"Did she find out the gender?"

Sheldon's face softened a bit. Any other person would have not caught it. "It's male."

"Male? You're gonna have a son! That's great man!"

"Yes, great is an adequate word to describe the situation."

If a year ago somebody had told Leonard that Sheldon would father a child he would have suggested that the person to consult a psychiatrist. And if that somebody added that the mother of the said child would be Penny he would have told them to completely disregard the psychiatrist and go straight to an asylum. But here they were, so much had changed in five short years. Penny and Sheldon were married living at 4A and were expecting their first child. Leonard had moved across the hall. It was almost surreal.

Leonard smiled. "Well, come on then Thai's on me tonight."

Sheldon shut his laptop close and fussed at his messenger bag. "Okay but we must stop at the drug store to buy Penny's prenatal pills, then stop at the grocery for fruits. That woman cannot stick to the dietary schedule I made for her even when I remind her."

Leonard sighed, good-naturedly as he led the way out. Some things may change but others did not.