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Parenthood: The Final Frontier

Or Snapshots of the first five years of Isaac Cooper's life

Chapter Twenty: Heartbeat

Penny was at her 18th week and was already showing when they decided to tell Isaac the news. The morning sickness had subsided and they had verified the unborn child's sex during their last appointment with the doctor and to his wife's unmitigated delight it was female. Her reaction confused Sheldon as he did not think that the sex of their second child was as important as the fact that the child was healthy and developing well. He asked her about it and she said that she was happy because she had somebody to doll up this time. He smirked at that. Only Penny could derive pleasure in something as simple as 'dolling' somebody up. He indulged her tirade on shopping for baby clothes. Afterall, she was giving him another progeny the least he could do was to listen to her plans.

Isaac was both confused and fascinated when they told him. He sat between his parents, his hands roaming over the bump of his mother's stomach.

"A sister!" He exclaimed. "Like Auntie Missy to Daddy."

"Yup." Penny replied, popping the 'p'. "Isn't that nice?"

The little boy's eyebrow scrunched up. "That depends. Would she hit me?"

Penny chuckled. Sheldon frowned. He should have not let his mother show Penny and Isaac those home videos of him and Missy as children.

"As long as you're nice, I'm sure she'll not."

"Okay." He looked up at his mother. "Can she form puzzles? Or fly a kite?"

"Not for a long time yet, Cupcake but when she can, you can teach her."

Isaac's green eyes grew wide. He was used to everybody teaching him things and he loved learning new stuffs so he did not mind but now he had the chance to teach somebody.

"Really?" He asked, unbelieving. "I can teach her?"

Penny nodded. "Your her big brother. So you have to teach her the things you know and you have to help Daddy and I in taking care of her, and when we're not around you have to protect her."

"Wow. So a big brother is like a guard. A protector." His body shook in excitement. "I want that."

"Yes." Sheldon said, speaking up for the first time. "You being a big brother starts now. Your sister is inside of your mother so we have to take care of her. So no rough housing with your mother and trying to make her chase you anymore. "

Isaac nodded his head vigorously. "I'll be good. I promise Daddy."

Sheldon kissed the top of his son's head. "I know you will."

The little boy went back to rubbing her mother's stomach. "When will she get out?"

"About five more months." Penny replied.

There was a moment of silence then Isaac asked the dreaded question.

"How did she get in there in the first place?"

In general, Isaac did not like the hospital. It smelled weird and the white noise, as Daddy called it, hurt his ears. But this small hospital (clinic, Mommy said) was different. It smelled nice and there was this nice music playing, quietly at the background. He came with Mommy today for her appointment with the doctor because Daddy could not make it. It made him feel like a big boy, just like what he felt when Daddy was away and he became the 'man of the house' for a while. A nice lady greeted and told them that the doctor was waiting for them.

Isaac knew there were two types of doctor. The first one was like his Daddy and his Uncle Len. The second type was like Doctor Steph and his pedia, Doctor Watson. One look at the plump pleasant looking lady in front of him and he knew that she was the second type of doctor.

"Hello Penny. Welcome back." She said. "Oh my, is this really Isaac? I had the feeling he'd grow up to be taller than his age."

Isaac looked up to the woman. She looked down and smiled at him.

"Hello Isaac. I'm Doctor Ritz. I am your mommy's obgyne."

He smiled. "Hello. I'm Isaac. I'm Mommy's son. Daddy couldn't make it today so I'm here."

Doctor Ritz and his Mommy chuckled.

"Okay. Why don't we get started?"

They were led to another room. Mommy made her self comfortable on the chair there while the Isaac sat at the high stool beside it. He gasped when she began lifting up her shirt.

"Mommy! Why are you taking your shirt off?"

Penny smiled. "I'm not. Just exposing my tummy so Doctor Ritz can check on the baby."

"Oh. Okay."

He watched as the Doctor applied gel on his Mommy stomach. "So are you excited for your baby sister?"

"Yes. Mommy and Daddy said I can teach her stuffs I know."

"That's nice." Doctor Ritz said. "Okay let's see what we have here."

The monitor beside her flickered. It was a confusing image for Isaac at first. But Doctor Ritz began pointing out the different parts. The head and the arms and the body. He stared transfixed at the black and white image of his sister.

"How is she?" Mommy asked.

"Progressing nicely. You can tell Sheldon not to worry."

"Have you met my husband? He always worries."

Doctor Ritz laughed then looked at Isaac. "Would you like to hear her heart beat?"

Isaac practically bounced on his seat. "I can? Oh please, please!"

The sound was quiet at the start but steadily increased in volume. It reminded Isaac of the sound horses galloping. Thudthudthudthud. It went on for a few minutes. Thudthudthudthud. It was so fast. Thudthudthudthud. Maybe she was running inside Mommy's stomach.

"Okay. That's an average of 150 beats per minute. I'm sure Sheldon's keeping you up to date with your prenatal pills."


"Good." She pushed a button on the monitor and soon she had a paper print out of the picture on the screen. "There you go. Baby girl Cooper at 20 weeks."

Sheldon arrived to a quiet house. Usually, at this time Penny and Isaac were at the kitchen preparing dinner but as he entered through the side door, it was apparent that they were not there. He walked the length of the house, straining his ears for sounds. He heard it as he pass by his and Penny's room. A small giggle. He pushed the door opened and saw his wife and his son on the bed. Isaac lifted his head first.

"Daddy!" He exclaimed. "Come quick! The baby's kicking."

He jumped off the bed and run towards Sheldon. He then grabbed one of his hand and dragged him back. He eagerly placed his father's larger hand on the spot where his were before.

"Can you feel it?"

Sheldon looked up to Penny, who was smiling good-naturedly. He had, of course, felt the baby move quite a number of times since a month ago but this was the first time for Isaac. Sheldon moved his hand slightly and as if reacting to his touch the baby kicked.


"It's amazing!" Isaac said. "She moves more when I talk to her. Do you think she hears me in there Daddy?"

"Scientific studies suggest that she does."

"Wow." He lowered his head to Penny's stomach and placed a hand beside where Sheldon's was. "Hey there. I'm Isaac. I'm your big brother. Grow quickly in there okay? So you can get out already and we can play and I can teach you things. I promise to be nice so don't hit me okay?"

To Isaac's delight, his sister kicked right beneath his hand. He could not wait for her to arrive.