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Luna was, by all means, a creature of habit. Her morning ritual, a tradition established in the early years of the Silver Millennium, was executed with clocklike precision daily without fail. Each day began during the twilight hours of the morning with a brisk walk around the neighborhood patrolling for any signs of an enemy, even though it had been years since the last attack. The elegant creature would leap gracefully out of Usagi's window and bounce from tree to tree, balancing on fences, and dashing through the streets. Upon her return, she would eat breakfast : a small dish of milk and a tin of tuna left out by Usagi's mother. And then, there was the dreaded task of waking up her princess. It was a task Luna never favored, but it was one the guardian had to do. She would poke and prod at the warm figure tossing and turning under the sheets, blissfully unaware of the cat's labored effort. The feline would lecture the girl, careful not be too loud and raise the suspicion of the rest of the family but enough to stir the unconscious princess from her slumber. And on occasion, when her charge refused to wake, Luna resorted to scratching the alabaster skin with her claws.

Today was one of those occasions.

The princess tumbled out of the large king sized bed in pain, seizing her wounded wrist in agony. Over the past two days, she had grown accustomed to being woken up with soft kisses on her lips. Fitting for a princess. But alas, today was Monday and her handsome prince had to leave early for work.

"LUNAAAAA! Look what you did!" she wailed pointing to the red streak blooming on her arm, "Oh, it's going to scar. I can't have a scar on my wedding photos! LUNA I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

The cat scoffed at the remark, turning her nose up in the air. "Oh I'm shaking in my little Puss In Boots," Luna retorted, "You're too lazy to do that. You have to be able to wake up on your own if you want to do that, and we both know that won't happen any time soon. Now get up. You have a meeting with the girls today, and you need to break your lateness streak." Luna didn't even notice Usagi's face steadily growing deeper shades of red. "Keep this up, and you might just sleep through your entire wedding. Won't Mamoru be disappointed when you leave him standing at the altar like a fool while you snore away in his bed."

Usagi couldn't believe what she was hearing. Sure, she had put up with Luna's snarky, sarcastic attitude for years, but was just insulting and downright rude.

"Out..." she said, it was barely a whisper.

Luna stopped mid tirade, "What did you just say?"

"Get," she repeated, her tone steadying and gaining more confidence. She stood, ignoring the stinging sensation from her injury, grabbed her pink satin robe from the chair at her vanity, and hastily tied it around her body. Her bare feet shoved themselves into the fleece bunny slippers at the foot of the bed before she grabbed Luna by the scruff of her neck and headed to the front door.

"I've had enough Luna. You've gone too far this time," she said, her voice seething with anger, "I don't care where you go, just get out. Come back when you want to be behave like a normal human being." She opened the door and shoved the dumbfounded cat out into the hallway before slamming it back shut with a loud thud. As she turned her back, she could make out the words, "Damnit, I'm a cat!" from beyond the wall. All she could do was pray that the neighbors didn't hear.

Usagi made her way up the steps to the Hikawa Shrine. She was, much to her own surprise, on time...a little early in fact. The scuffle with her now ex-guardian had made it impossible to go back to sleep. She ended up dressing her wound and fixing some breakfast before getting ready for the meeting. Today, she and the girls were going to finally start planning the wedding.

"Woah,'re actually the on time...and first," Rei said, greeting her old friend as she spotted Usagi from the porch. As she walked closer, she spotted the bandages on her right arm. "What happened to you? Don't tell me it was a youma," she joked.

"Gee thanks Rei-chan, nice to see you too. And this," Usagi replied pointing to the aforementioned bandages, "Was much worse than a youma. Luna gave me a very rude awakening this morning."

The two senshi carried on their conversation as they entered the shrine and settled into their old study/meeting room.

"Really? I know Luna has a bit of a temper, but this is new."

"I know! I honestly I don't know what's gotten into her lately. Ever since we moved into Mamo-chan's place last week, she's been so edgy."

"Well, I've heard animals get restless when they're placed in new environments. I mean, you took care of Artemis while Mina was on tour right? I recall you telling me what a pain in the butt he was when he fussed about you kicking him in your sleep."

"Yeah, but he didn't have to sleep at the foot of my bed. Even Luna knows how dangerous that is."

"But that's what he was used to. He always sleeps at the foot of Mina's bed. It's where he feels most comfortable; it's his tradition. Maybe something's different at Mamoru-san's apartment that she isn't used to yet."

Usagi absentmindedly stroked her scratched arm and thought for a moment. Was there Luna's breakfast had been relatively untouched this morning- for the past few days actually, only a few nibbles had been taken. And she was sure had told Mamoru to buy Luna's favorite brand of tuna and to add a few drops of vanilla to her milk just the way she liked it.

"She hasn't been eating much," she announced suddenly, "And we haven't changed her food."

"Mm...interesting. Any idea why?"

The conversation lulled as Usagi thought silently to herself.

"Maybe it's because she doesn't go for her morning walk. She can't get outside because we're so high up. She must not have built up her appetite or something."

"That's it! That must be it Usagi-chan! Luna's always gone on her morning rounds. You remember back in the Silver Millennium, she would always get up early and walk around the palace grounds. It's a century's old tradition, and now she's just stopped. This has got to be why she's so irritable."

Usagi nodded in agreement; it made a lot of sense. The transition had been pretty effortless on her end since she's practically living at Mamoru's for the last few years. But Luna had never lived anywhere besides the Tsukino residence before, and suddenly Usagi felt incredibly ashamed. She never realized how much Luna's life had changed that past week and how much of hard time she was having adjusting to it all. Her guardian was so selfless : willing to put up with her whole life being thrown upside down just so she could stay with her princess and wake her up in the morning so she wouldn't be late. No wonder she was so unstable. Hot little tears gathered in her eyes, threatening to spill over, but Usagi rubbed them away.

"Thanks Rei-chan. I didn't realize how hard this would be for her. I'll find a way to make it up to her."

If she even comes back, she thought.

Usagi paced back and forth in the living room, her eyes occasionally darting towards the kitchen to check the microwave's digital clock. 8:43. It was getting late, and Usagi and Mamoru were getting more worried. She had called her fiance after the meeting, filled him in on their little spat, and asked him to keep a lookout for their feline friend on his way home. But he didn't have any luck, and the two ate a very cold dinner at home after an hour of searching Luna's favorite spots. Mamoru had gone to take a shower when Usagi heard faint scratching sounds at the door. Her heart leap up into her throat, and she nearly toppled over the sofa in her mad scramble to the door.

"LUNA!" she cried as she knelt down to embrace the black kitty, "I'm-so-glad-you're-back!-I'm-so-sorry.-I-was-so-mean-to-you,-and-you-didn't-deserve-it," she said in a rush.

Luna's eyes watered, partially because of her princess's kindness and partially because she was being squeezed to death. Luckily, Usagi had noticed and loosened her grip. There was a moment of silence between the two as Usagi carried her to the couch for her big surprise.

"Usagi-chan...I must apologize too. What I said this morning, it was completely out of line and I am truly sorry. As your guardian, I should be setting a better example for you. Please just know that I haven't been myself lately, and-"

"Oh Luna, I know. Living here with me at Mamo-chan's must be so rough on you. I asked Mina-chan today, and she said she and Artemis would be happy to let you stay with them."

"But...but Usagi. I can't do that, I'm your guardian."

"It's okay. I have Mamo-chan here with me. And I can come visit you. Mina said I'm welcome anytime...well, anytime she doesn't have a hot date over, but you know what I mean. I'm a big girl Luna, I can take care of myself."

The cat smiled and nodded, crawling onto her owner's lap and cuddling up against her in a rare sign of affection. "Yes...I supposed I won't need to oversee everything you do now. You're not the clumsy fourteen year old girl I met so many years ago. You've changed so much, but you still have those kind eyes and your pure heart." Usagi started gently stroking her as the cat began to talk candidly, losing the formality in her speech. "I knew it from the moment you were born that you would be so incredibly special, and I thanked the heavens the day your mother appointed me as your guardian. You've grown up so much. You've laughed and learned and loved and lost. And now, you're getting married."

"Ah! About that!" Usagi interrupted, startling the relaxed feline curled up in her lap.

"The girls and I were discussing who should be my maid of honor. It's a very prestigious role in the bride's party," she looked down at Luna in her lap. Her eyes were glowing with interest, recognizing the honor her princess was presenting her.

"You see, Ami-chan thinks that the maid of honor should be someone who is very smart, who can help the bride make all the important decisions. And Rei-chan thought she should be responsible, to help the bride plan every detail. Makoto-chan said a maid of honor is a best friend who can give the bride the emotional support she needs. And Minako-chan...well, Minako-chan believe she should be pretty because she'll be next to the bride in the pictures."

"So who did you choose?" The cat asked wearily.

"You! I thought you were smart enough to figure that out!"

"Usagi...I'm a cat. I think you're smart enough to know that cats can't be in the bridal party, especially if they are magical talking cats from the Silver Millennium."

"Oh psh," Usagi replied, dismissing the claims with a wave of her hand, "That's nothing the Silver Crystal can't fix. It's turned you into a human before.

"But, no one, not even your family, knows my true form. How are you going to explain that your cat became human for your wedding?"

"Really Luna...Silver Crystal. If Mamo-chan could send nightmares to his past self and Chibiusa had a magical memory altering ball, then I think we can work something out. That is, if you want to do it of course."

"Well," the cat replied with tears streaming down the sides of her furry little face, "I can't deny my princess's request, can I? I will do my best."

Usagi smiled and brought her in for a hug. Luna was her guardian, a mother figure, a sister, a best friend, and now her maid of honor.

I bet that was so sweet, you got a cavity. Or maybe it was just super cheesy. I just hope you liked it. I personally didn't like how it turned out (felt kind of rushed), but I had been playing with the idea of Luna as maid of honor for a while now and I just had to write something down.