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It was a normal day. That is perhaps the only way a day such as the one in question could be described. Yes. This day was entirely the same as any other. Dark clouds hung low over a distant murky lake, Creatures of all sorts scattered from any rays of direct sun light passing through a nearby cemetery, and the jagged shadows of several strange buildings danced with the passing of every cloud. How could a day such as this be considered anything other than normal? Unless perhaps…one did not dwell in the land of Halloween.

Certainly if one lived in the real world or another of the Holiday realms, a day such as this would seem dreary and dull. However…in the land of Halloween, a day such as this was the norm.

It all depends upon ones own point of view.

You see, this day was a day like any other. A day where nothing unexpected was expected to happen. This is most certainly why…something did happen.

And so our story begins on this most ordinary of days, in the most extraordinary of places.

Step by step both Jack and sally drew closer to the world gates which separated each and every holiday realm. It was the day after what had most likely been the greatest debacle in holiday history, and neither one of them wished to face Mr. or Mrs. Clause after such a scandal.

Unfortunately, Jack had much to atone for even after bidding farewell to the large jolly Santa who's work he himself had nearly destroyed. "Sal, nothing is going to happen to me ok? We'll just talk to Mr. Sandy Claws and put this whole mess behind us."

"It's not Mr. Clause I'm worried about Jack." Sally protested with her usual look of worry. Had positions been reversed, and Jack's well being been put in jeopardy by Mr. Clause, things would have definitely been different in the end. "If that man had kidnapped you like that I don't know what the people in town would have done…but I doubt it would have been pretty."

"How can you be in so much doubt Sal? He wasn't too angry with me." Pulling her into his arms as they reached the door he laughed. "Besides! There isn't much they can do to a dead man is there?"

Supposing he had a point Sally flashed him with an unsure smile before looking up at the lavishly adorned Christmas gate.

Of all the Holiday realms, Christmas Land was the only door decorated with more than simple colored paint. From top to bottom ornaments of all shapes and colors popped out against the slightly worn forest green of the tree, and if one stood close enough, perhaps the faint scent of peppermint could catch their fancy.

Reaching for the door Jack nearly grasped the polished metal knob in his hand. However…as his bony fingers connected with the door Sally reached forward and grasped his arm. "Wait Jack." she whispered. "Did you hear that?"

Believing she was simply stalling for time he chose to play along. Lifting his head he listened closely to the silence of the woods around him. To his surprise there did seem to be something creating quite a stir far beyond the Holiday gates where the two now stood listening. It was almost an eerie kind of noise which to his surprise…left him more puzzled than excited.

"You hear it don't you Jack?" she questioned seeing the intrigue on his face.

"Yes." he responded stepping away from the door. "but what could it be? It doesn't sound like any creature I've ever heard around here."

Grasping Sally's hand in his Jack pulled her along as he walked around the tree and further into the dead woods. As he walked the sound appeared to grow louder and even more unpleasant.

Normally such a sound would excite him, however, this particular sound was becoming all too clear. It could now be inferred what it was that was making the awful noise, and his sudden refusal to move forward caused his feet to halt while Sally, still clinging to his hand, dragged him on in determination.

"I know this noise Jack." Sally breathed searching the trees ahead for what she was certain should be there.

Dragging his feet Jack now firmly protested Sally's grip on his hand. "Leave it be."

"But Jack, what is it doing here? We have to see." she replied slowing to a stop. "Jack…"

"No we don't Sally!" he growled finally yanking free of her grasp. "We should turn around and go-"

"Jack." Stepping forward Sally's mind seemed to be fully trained on something screaming among a clump of dead grass. It was something her mind seemed to remember from sometime far in the past, yet she knew without a doubt what it was she was not face to face with.

At the base of what could have been the most decrepit and ugly tree in the entire dead woods, lay an infant rapped in white, screaming and struggling against a small leaf which had fallen onto it's forehead.

Brushing the leaf away Sally quickly scooped the child from the ground and held it up as if it were one of her several black cats. "It's a baby."

Seeing the was Sally handled the child Jack quickly snatched it away from her. After doing so he shook his head in confusion as to why he had done so. "Look Sally, it's a child not a rag doll. You lift it up like that and you might break it's neck."

"OH!" she gasped holding a hand over her mouth. Had she known these things were so delicate she might have reconsidered touching it.

Tucking the screaming child into his bony arms Jack sighed. "Well, we've touched it…I guess that means whatever left it here won't take it back."

"It's a human child, not an animal Jack." Sally teased knowing he was only joking. "Wait…if it's a baby, then where on earth did it come from?"

Unable to explain how this thing had come to be in the land of Halloween, he simply reached over with his free hand and began dragging Sally back to the world gates. "Sal I don't know how it got here, but rest assured it won't be here long."

Sally's heart sank at these words. In her heart she knew she couldn't just take in a child like she had taken in the towns black cats…but it still hurt to hear. "I know we can't keep it Jack…I just. I just wish I knew where it came from. We can't just stick it in some corner somewhere. What is it dies?"

"Things die Sally. I don't remember death, but it certainly happened." he explained trying to cope with the screaming child in his arms. "Fortunately, we just happen to know a few living, breathing human beings that just might be able to take this thing off our hands."

Looking away she knew who he was talking about and immediately disliked his plan. "Well technically you held a living breathing human hostage Jack. Don't forget how much trouble you may be in."

Remembering the trouble of which Sally spoke Jack groaned in anguish. "I just can't wait until next Halloween…"

"I know Jack." Sally responded now watching the expression on the child's face change from sadness to curiosity.

Finally reaching the door Jack looked back to Sally in a moment of hesitation. He was Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloween. It wasn't possible for him to fear something as small as an apology.

On the other hand, fear and nerves are nearly two halves of the same unpleasant whole.

"Now the way you are supposed to hole this thing is somewhat tricky if you've never had experience." Glancing down at the child he noticed it's curious eyes beaming up at him as if trying to understand.

"How is it you know so much about these things Jack?" Sally questioned with raised curiosity. "These things don't exactly drop in frequently."

Giving her a smile he lightly plopped the child into he arms. "I've been to the human realm many times Sal. I know a thing or two about kids." After instructing her in the proper way to hold the infant, Jack once again walked up to the door.

Unfortunately, not all things went according to plan in Christmas Town that evening. Jack nearly missed three cast iron pots tossed by Mrs. Clause, and to his great misfortune…Santa had his own plans for payback.

"As a way of paying me back for all the trouble you've caused Jack, I'll make you a deal. Raise the girl as your own child in Halloween town. I'll provide everything you'll need to get started."

And so an ordinary day somehow became unusual…

In order to avoid anyone feeling bad, angry, or all around hurt. Remember. When I say ANTI HOLIDAY -_- it's a part of the story. I don't actually consider a holiday lesser for being an anti-holiday in the story. Anti-holiday's are simply misunderstood. HOWEVER I do not wish to give anything away. I just wanted to clear that up before someone comments calling me racist or something for calling a few holiday's anti holidays (plus it's only a story so be calm and enjoy) R&R!