Dear Tsunayoshi-kun

Its about time for you to take over as Vongola Decimo.

Before that , I have one last task for you to complete.

Find your Hail Guardian and prove her worth.

The Ninth

Tsuna stared at the ring and letter in his hands in disbelief. He had to find another guardian? Reborn had never mentioned the existence of another guardian! Not to mention , he had to find another innocent person and drag him in to this scary Mafia crap? The ninth must be crazy!

All of a sudden , an extra painful spinning kick came flying towards his cheeks , sending him straight into his bedroom wall and out of his thoughts. Almost instantaneously , he sprung up into a sitting position and yelled , eyes glaring at his spartan tutor "Reborn! What was that for!"

The said Sun Arcobaleno simply smirked at him as he spoke mockingly "Who asked you to take so long just to read one letter. Dame-Tsuna". As though being reminded of the existence of such thing , Tsuna's eyes widened before it narrowed into a glare "What's with the Hail guardian anyway? I've never heard of such thing! You've never mentioned it before either!"

Another flying kick came. Tsuna jolted up , alarmed. Only to have a tiny feet smash down on his right cheek , sending him back onto the wall. "Don't panic , Dame-Tsuna. Its unsightly for a Mafia boss"

Tsuna immediately sprung up and shouted at his tutor "How can I not panic?"

Reborn raised his eyebrows at his student before hiding a small smirk. He didn't correct me when I called him a Mafia boss. "Reborn!" Tsuna yelled "Explain it right now!"


"Ouch.." Tsuna crouched on the floor , hands over the newly developed bump on his head by Reborn's Leon Hammer. "The Hail Guardian is different from the other guardians" Reborn stated.

As the curiosity got the better of him, Tsuna raised his eyebrows, his palms remaining over his bump "Different?" "The Hail Guardian stands independently. It rejects any help from anyone even from within the family" came the reply.

"Isn't that just the same as Cloud?" Tsuna asked, sweatdropping. After all, that prefect was all too independent.

Reborn smirked at him mockingly "So you're finally seeing this seriously?"

"Just explain it!" Tsuna snapped.

Reborn smacked him on the head "Don't tell me what to do. Dame-Tsuna."

"Perhaps. In someways , it is similar to the Cloud Guardian" he continued "However, the Hail Guardian's job is different. Unlike a Cloud guardian who stands independently but helps whenever the Family is facing a crisis, The Hail guardian prevents such crisis from ocurring. Its job is to prevent disputes from happening within and outside a family. It pays attentions to everything that's happening in the Mafia, within the Family and outside of it and reports to the Boss . When the situation requires it , she herself would step in to make sure that the Boss would not be affected."

"Ultimately, its job is too destroy anyone that might stand in the boss's ways in future , even when that person is part of the Family" Reborn concluded as he watched his student.

Tsuna stared at Reborn in disbelief before announcing calmly, a trait that was unlike him "I don't need such a guardian." "You don't have a choice" Reborn rebutted almost instantly as though expecting him to say so.

"Gokudera and the other's won't do anything like that! So there isn't a need for someone to be watching them and waiting to destroy them whenever they do something to affect me!" Tsuna growled.

Reborn smirked once again. That protective nature. His becoming more and more like a boss. "Don't worry that much" Reborn said , his hand moving up to pat Leon "The Hail Guardian is loyal to you and only you. If you command him or her to to not hurt your guardians, there is no way she or he could go against your wishes. Of course , unless your guardians did something to make her positive that they would only stand in your way , then I can't say that she won't kill them. After all , the Hail Guardian is independent ultimately."

A look of horror took over Tsuna. If its Gokudera and Lambo and the others , it might just happen!

Right before he could protest to Reborn , the door to his room slammed open. Surprised , Tsuna jerked his head to the side to see who it was before an 'Oh yeah...' look appeared on his face. I forgot that Dad was coming back today...

"Oi Tsuna!" his father shouted , a huge grin on his face. "What?" Tsuna asked , his voice turning annoyed just like how it always did when this man was around. As though not realising the tone his son was using with him , Sawada Iemitsu slapped a few notes down in his hands. Tsuna's eyes widened What- before he knew it , he was out of the house. His father peeked his head out of the door and snapped loudly before slamming the door shut "Go out and hang out with your friends or something!"

Reborn glanced at his student when he noticed his behaviour quieter than usual.

Tsuna clenched his fist as he began glaring at the ground unconsciously. Its always like this. He expects everyone to give into his demands. Always claiming that we're a family. Even though he has never done his part as a father. Selfish. That's why I hate... h-hate..

"Oh , Jyuudaime!" Gokudera appeared along the streets , eyes lighting up in happiness the moment he saw Tsuna. Caught between his emotions , Tsuna looked up and glared at him hatefully "What?"

Gokudera stood rooted to his spot as his jaw fell hanging down in shock. Tsuna blinked before realising what he had done. "A-ah! S-sorry! I didn't mean to snap at you!" Tsuna began panicking . He panicked even more when Gokudera kneeled down by his feet and started shouting "Sorry Jyuudaime! Though I am not aware of what I have done to make you angry , please punish me as you deem fit!"

Tsuna sweatdropped at his actions. No.. if I think about it , this is exactly what Gokudera would do in this kind of situations. "N-no , Gokudera-kun , sorry , I was just slightly upset. Sorry for venting out you..."

Gokudera blinked before jumping up and annoucing with a bright smile as he patted his chest lightly "Then , please vent out on me as like! It is the least required of me as your right-hand man!" "E-eh?" Tsuna shrieked in disbelief at his actions "Its alright! I don't need you to do that!"

"But.." Gokudera began when another voice interrupted them "Oh, Tsuna , Gokudera". Tsuna turned to see his rain guardian approaching. He wore the clothes he usually did when he worked at the sushi shop.

"Yamamoto" Tsuna said , surprised by his appearance. "What are you guys doing here?" Yamamoto grinned his usual grin. Tsuna's hyper intuition began twitching within him. Tsuna blinked slightly before noticing that there was an excited glint in his eyes which usually wasn't there.

"Umm.." Tsuna began hesitantly as though he himself didn't even know why he was asking so "Is there something special happening today?" Yamamoto seemed surprised at his question while Reborn hid a small smirk twitching at the corner of his lips.

"Woah , how did you know?" Yamamoto asked , shock evident in his tone despite his grinning face. "Shut up! Baseball idiot! Of course he knows! He is the Tenth!" Gokudera interrupted rudely as he glared at Yamamoto.

Yamamoto blinked once before grinning "Yeah , I guess so." Tsuna who had been listening to their conversation , sweatdropped its not that big of a deal.. "And?" he began once again "What's happening today?"

Yamamoto grinned "My sister is coming back" Tsuna's jaw fell. Yamamoto had a sister? Since when? "She left the house 4 years ago by herself. Now that she's finally coming back, everyone's fired up."

Tsuna blinked as he went back to his senses "Left the house?" Yamamoto's eyes seemed to darken a little at the question "Yeah.. Oh , I know! Hey ,Tsuna , do mind going to my house right now?"

He's avoiding the question.. I wonder if something is wrong..

Nevertheless , Tsuna asked "I don't mind..but why?" Yamamoto's smile seemed to soften into a more mature one as he spoke "Considering its Himeka , she probably won't enter the shop by her own will till I'm there. If you don't mind , could you tell her to go in and wait for me?"

"Oi! You baseball idiot! Don't order Jyuudaime around like that!" Gokudera shouted. Tsuna however , caught the small worry in Yamamoto's eyes and smiled "Sure , I'll do that"

"Jyu-jyuudaime.." Gokudera said as he stared at him in shock. "Your sister , how does she look like?" Tsuna asked , smiling , ignoring Gokudera's look. Yamamoto grinned , almost as though he was relieved. "Uh.. She has pink hair" he began "Oh! And black eyes that take after me!" Tsuna stifled a laugh when he noticed that Yamamoto seemed especially proud when he was pointing that fact out.

"Pink hair?" Gokudera asked , his voice sounding incredulous. Yamamoto simply grinned , as though used to people saying that "Yep! And its all natural!"

"Oh, but, she doesn't warm up to people easily so don't think about it too much if she's a little rude" Yamamoto added. Gokudera glared at him "I'll kill her if she's rude to Jyuudaime!"

Yamamoto simply laughed his threat off as he walked past them with a small wave "Thanks , Tsuna. I've still got some stuff to pick up before I go there so I'll see you later!"

Tsuna smiled. Yamamoto seems to treasure his sister alot...

"Gokudera-kun , you coming?" Tsuna raised his eyebrows at his Storm Guardian who was in the midst of screaming at Yamamoto's disappearing view. The moment he spoke , however , Gokudera spun around , eyes glinting at him "Of course! Jyuudaime! I'll protect you at all cost!"

Tsuna sweatdropped.

"Uh..I'm sure this is it , so.." Tsuna said as they neared the Sushi shop. He glanced around the place until his eyes stopped on a pink haired girl. She had her arms crossed as she leaned back against the wall with her eyes closed. A luggage sat next to her.

It should be that girl... Tsuna thought as he approached her "Umm.." he began nervously.

The girl peeked one of her eyes open and glanced at him as she spoke. Her tone was even ruder than Gokudera when he had just met Tsuna and Gokudera had thought that he was unsuitable to be the Tenth "What?"

"H-hie... Y-you're Yamamoto's sister aren't you?" he asked , slightly afraid. She's just as scary as Hibari! At the sound of Yamamoto's name , the girl seemed to perk up as she stood straight and turned to stare straight at him.

"Onii-chan.. You know know him?" she demanded , eyes narrowing. Gokudera instantly glared at her "Oi! You! Don't be rude to Jyuudaime! Or I'll kill you!" Tsuna stared in shock as Gokudera raised a handful of dynamites.

The girl continued staring at Tsuna, not acknowledging Gokudera's presence in the slightest bit . "You haven't replied my question. My brother , do you know him?"

Right before Tsuna could answer , his tutor who had made himself comfortable on his head spoke "Yamamoto is Tsuna's Guardian. In other words , Tsuna is his boss" "H-hey! Reborn! What kind of nonsense are you spouting to his sister!" Tsuna shouted, afraid that his sister might kill him for dragging her brother into the Mafia.

Yamamoto's sister simply gave Reborn a quick scan before she nodded lightly towards him "The Sun Arcobareno" . Tsuna stared at her in surprise. She knows Reborn?

She sighed lightly "Looks like the rumours were right. About my brother becoming Vongola Jyuudaime's Rain Guardian"

Tsuna's attention seemed to focus even more on her. The rumours? Meanwhile , Reborn took his time to glance at the girl before finally speaking , the smirk remaining on his face "That pink hair and black eyes.. You.. You're the Blood Stained Death Goddess?"

Blood Stained Death Goddess? What with that extra long and weird nickname? Reborn must be crazy!

At the sound of the name however, Gokudera seemed to choke on air. "G-gokudera-kun?" Tsuna asked , worried. Gokudera however , just raised a finger and pointed at the girl accusingly "Don't tell me! You're the famous assassin in Italy that single handedly destroyed one of the most famous Mafia Family at the age 11?"

"E-eh? Assassin?" Tsuna shrieked. Yamamoto's sister is an assassin?

"How rude aren't you~" the girl muttered without any emotion as she twirled a few strands of pink hair in her fingers "Destroy.. I prefer calling it the annihilation of unneeded existence. Being part of the Mafia , your Family is the most important thing into world. Those of who are willing to sacrifice their Family members easily aren't worthy to be in the game anymore. If that's so , if they continue to stay in the game, they would only corrupt the game. So what's the use of letting them live? All of them should just die"

Tsuna sweatdropped. She's talking about killing people like its a game! She's even weirder than Yamamoto!

"And? Why did you approach me?" she raised her eyebrows at him "I believe you didn't do so to find out about my identity and then start freaking out , did you?"

"Oi! I don't care who you are! You're not allowed to be rude to Jyuudaime!" Gokudera snapped as he raised his dynamites once again. "W-wait! Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna tried to stop him but Gokudera continued "Jyuudaime! Please do not worry! I'll dispose of this woman in order to remove your troubles!" . Tsuna watched worriedly as the dynamites in his hands lit up. The girl turned around and glared at him . In an instant , the fire on the dynamites extinguished. Gokudera's eyes widened "Wha-"

"Little boys like should just shut your mouth up while your boss talk. Gokudera Hayato" she spoke in such a menacing tone that seemed to make even Gokudera cower in fear.

She turned back to him snapped , patience thinning "Answer my question, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"N-no.. Actually, your brother told me that you would be waiting out here and wanted me ask you to go into the shop and wait for him" Tsuna stated nervously. H-hie! I'll be killed!

The girl blinked before sighing "True , it sounds like something he would do" She sighed once again as she eyed the shop hesitantly . Tsuna could sense her reluctance to enter. But , why?

Sighing for the third time, her right hand reached out and curled around the handle of her luggage. She gave it a small tug before walking straight towards the shop entrance. Right before she entered however , she turned back slightly and threw him a glance "What are you doing , standing there like an idiot"

"E-eh? Ah , s-sorry!" Tsuna shouted as he rushed forward and followed her. The girl 'hmphed' lightly before entering the shop. Tsuna quickly followed , in fear of being removed by her from her 'game' . Right before he stepped into the shop though , he turned to call Gokudera, only to realise that he stood there unmoving, his jaw hanging down as he stared into thin air. Tsuna sweatdropped.

"Just ignore him" Reborn said with a smirk . "B-but!" Tsuna protested only to have leon transform into a hammer and smack him full on his head "Ouch! Reborn!" "Relax , Dame-Tsuna , he just needs some time to cool down"

Tsuna gave Gokudera one last hesitant glance before entering the shop.

The moment they entered did so , Yamamoto Tsuyoshi grinned "Tadaima! Himeka!"

Come to think of it , Yamamoto said something like 'Considering its Himeka, she'll probably...' . So her name is Himeka..

Not returning his greeting , she simply looked away and made herself comfortable on one of the seats in the shop. Tsuna looked up to see the man's reaction but her father seemed hardly shocked how she ignored him. Almost as though he knew he would be ignored... He smiled sadly looking down before announcing "I'll go grab the best ingredients of the day and make some sushi. You guys make yourself comfortable"

Tsuyoshi sent Tsuna an apologetic smile as though apologising for his daughter's impoliteness. Tsuna simply gave him a reassuring smile.

"Sit down" Himeka spoke , her elbow resting on the table as she leaned her head against her palm. E-eh? Tsuna quickly glanced around the shop to see if she was speaking to anyone else. Himeka sighed before snapping "I'm talking to you!"

"A-ah! Hai!" Tsuna shouted before nervously sitting down on the sit opposite to her. He looked up at her before blinking in surprise. I didn't realise previously.. but..she's pretty... Her soft pink hair flowed all the way down to the hips. She wore a white batwing shirt and a pair of tight jeans. It hugged her curves perfectly. As expected of Yamamoto's sister.. But , her personality is nothing like Yamamoto's cafree attitude.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Himeka whispered something under her breath, "You must be special.." it was so soft that Tsuna barely caught.

"E-eh?" Tsuna blinked in surprise. Himeka looked up from her arms and smirked at him "To be able to make Onii-chan your guardian.. Onii-chan must treasure you alot as a friend..."

Tsuna blushed in embarrassment "E-eh? I-its that so?"Remembering that Tsuna had dragged Yamamoto into the Mafia , Tsuna clenched his fist in guilt "I think.. I should apologise... Its all because of me.. that Yamamoto was dragged into the Mafia.."

Himeka shrugged nonchalantly as though it didn't concern her in the slightest bit "I don't realy care. Truth to be told, I always thought that Onii-chan was more than suitable to be part of the Mafia. That annoying carefree attitude adapts much more easily than you think. Its almost as if he was a natural born hitman or something."

Tsuna gaped at her. She's repeating exactly what Reborn said before!

"And, what do mean by dragging him into the Mafia?" Himeka continued as she raised her eyebrows at Tsuna "Onii-chan isn't a normal human that you can force to comply with your wishes easily. He might look like that but he dos have a will of is own, one that is much more stronger than you think. Theres no way you could force him to give up baseball and become your guardian if he doesn't want to. In other words , he did it because you are important to him. Treasure that fact, Sawada Tsunayoshi. Such loyalty don't come easily"

"But! Ever since Yamamoto met me, he's been getting hurt and-" Tsuna began at a volume louder than usual only to be abruptly interrupted by Himeka "But he's safe and sound right now?" Himeka reminded him in a noncaring way.

"But.. Theres a chance he might get hurt in future.." Tsuna spoke, clenching his fists in guilt.

"Then become stronger" Himeka spoke, raising her eyebrows at him in a way as though she thought he was an idiot "Till the point where you can protect them. Isn't that the job of a boss?"

Reborn smirked. This girl was good. She might just be the last push Tsua needs in order the understand he meaning of being a Mafia Boss.

Meanwhile, Tsuna considered her words. She's right.. After all, up till now, the only reason I've been fighting is to protect everyone. Since I can't pull them out of the mess anymore, the only thing I can do is to protect them... Tsuna smiled at her , his previous doubts disappearing "That's right.. Thank you, Himeka-san"

"Don't thank me, the only reason I told you all that is because of my brother. After all, I can't have someone who doesn't even know what he's doing lead my brother , can I?" she muttered , the same cold look remaining on her face. Tsuna sweatdropped at her words I-is that so?

"But. If you ever make a wrong move and cause my brother to be affected , I'll annihilate you" she glared icily at him making Tsun shivr in fright "A-a-annihilate me?"

As though amused by his reaction, Himeka smirked, scaring him even more "That's right. You have no idea how much people out there would pay me just to have you disappear from the earth's surface, Vongola Decimo"

"P-p-pay?" Tsuna stuttered as gave him a curious yet frightened look. Reborn smirked as he jumped up and kicked Tsuna flat on his cheek "Don't be suprise, Tsuna. She is one of the most famous freelance assasins. Not to mention, Vongola Family is the strongest Mafia Family in Italy. And you are the soon-to-be Vongola Decimo"

"B-but!" Tsuna protested in disbelief. To want to kill me just because of that is insane! Right before Tsuna could say anything , two plates of sushi was place down right in front of them. Tsuna looked up at Yamamoto Tsuyoshi who was grinning at them "Its on the house."

Tsuna smiled politely at him, his previous panic attack forgotten "Thank you" Himeka simply ignored him and picked up a pair of chopsticks , snapping them apart before she began eating. Tsuna sweatdropped at her.

Right then , Yamamoto entered with a cheery grin "I'm back!" Tsuna froze as his hyper intuition screamed that something was wrong. Tsuna felt his heart panicking. Something was wrong. But what?

All of a sudden, Himeka's right hand banged the table so loudly that one of Tsuyoshi's knife which had been left on the table bounced up. In an instant, Himeka had grabbed the knife up and was standing in front of Yamamoto and pointing the knife at him. Tsuna gaped openly as he watched her point a knife at her own brother.

"Who are you?" Himeka demanded as she glared at the man who supposedly was her brother.

Yamamoto's grin disappeared into a frown. "Yare , yare, and here I thought I could fool those kids" he spoke, voice completely different from Yamamoto. What in world.. Tsuna thought as he stared at Yamamoto.

The next thing Tsuna knew , Yamamoto had disappeared. What was standin- floating in Yamamoto's place was.. "Mammon!" Tsuna exclaimed. Why was Varia's Mammon here?

"Spill. For what reason are you here?" Himeka hissed, knife still against Mammon's neck. Mammon sighed "I was paid to see if it was true that the famous assasin had returned to Japan. That was all."

Mammon turned to look at her "But I have to say , she sure is plain looking." Himeka glared at him.

With a clank, chains were wrapped around Mammon's neck, strangling him. Tsuna stared at the chains in disbelief. Since when was that there? Tsuna's eyes followed the chains only to have it widening when he realised that Himeka was holding the chains. And the chains were coming out from the sleeve of her left arm. She now stood a few feet away from Mammon. The knife on the floor, forgotten.

Himeka held the chains with a firm grip in her left fist as she smirked at Mammon "You annoy me. Would you like to die?"

Mist flames lit up around the chains as quick as it flickered and disappeared away. Himeka's smirk remained in place as she stared at the illusionist currently under her grasp "Don't bother trying. My chains are special. Your mist flames won't work. Right now, you are nothing but a useless baby"

Mammon struggled to be free just like he did during the battle with the Varia when Mukuro had dominated him with his illusions "L-let me ..go!"

"S-stop! He's suffocating!" Tsuna shouted worriedly as he stood up from his seat, his soft nature taking over as it usually did.

Himeka sent him a glance before sighing. She released the grip on the chains and instantly, the chains uncoiled itself from around Mammon's neck. Tsuna watched with awe as they moved back into the sleeve of her left arm by themselves..

"Leave" she snapped as she leaned back against the wall "And of course, I'll be calling Xanxus to inform him of this stupid incident where his Mist guardian appeared and made a fool of himself." Tsuna sighed in relief that she wasn't going to kill Mammon. Wait. She knows Xanxus?

"Of course she does, Dame-Tsuna" Reborn's voice interrupted his thoughts. "Reborn!" he exclaimed as the Sun Arcobareno jumped up and landed on his shoulder "The Varia was the ones who paid for her living expenses during the time she ws in Italy."

Mammon raised his eyebrows "Our stupid boss?" Tsuna's jaw was hanging down in disbelief "Xanxus did? Theres no way he would do that!"

"Cut the chase and leave. Now" Himeka glared at Mammon, ignoring Tsuna.

Mammon simply spoke with a smug tone "Aren't you worried about Yammoto Takeshi?"

Tsuna's eyes went wide as he exclaimed "That's right! What did you do to Yamamoto?" Himeka leaned against the sushi counter with a smirk "Not really. Just get the hell out" Tsuna stared at her in horror . What was she saying?

Mammon raised his eyebrows at Himeka. "My Onii-chan might be an idiot, but he isn't stupid enough to let trash like you guys beat him" Himeka said, crossing her arm as she allowed a small smile to grace her usually cold features "My Onii-chan is the world's strongest Onii-chan. Since I was young, he always protected me. My Onii-chan's strength , isn't something you guys can belittle. Right? Old man"

S-she called her father 'OLD MAN'! Tsuna shrieked in his mind. Even though Yamamoto also does that.. But , she's girl! And she called her father an old man!

Come to think of it.. Tsuna thought as he glanced at her father Its the first time she acknowledged his presence since she entered... He seemed to have noticed that fact too because in an instance, a bright grin appeared on Yamamoto Tsuyoshi's face "Yeah!"

"Leave" Himeka glared at Mammon. "Hmm.. Fine.. They had better pay me twice the amount that was agreed" Mammon muttered as mist surrounded him before he completely disappeared.

"W-wait! What about Yamamoto?" Tsuna asked urgently. He knew that Hmeka trusted her brother but there was still a risk of something happening.

Right then, the real Yamamoto entered the shop holding a sack of rice. Compared to just now when Tsuna saw him , he was a little more.. run down. There was dirt on his cheeks and his clothes were a little.. torn and tattered.. Nevertheless, he was grinning .

"Yo Tsuna! Where's Himeka?" Yamamoto asked cheerfully. The first thing he ask is Himeka, huh? Reborn thought as he pulled his fedora down slightly.

"Over here" Himeka said with a small smirk as she remained against the counter , her arms still crossed. The moment he spotted her , his eyes sparkled and the sack of rice fell onto the floor, forgotten. He ran forward and brought her up into a tight hug , spinning her around while he laughed in the carefree manner he always did.

As though expecting this to happen , Himeka simply wrapped her arms around her brother , returning his hug while a small smirk tingled around her lips as he spun her around.

"Jy-jyuudaime! Are you alright? Did the Blood Stained Death Goddess hurt you?" Gokudera asked urgently as he appeared at the shop entrance. "Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna exclaimed.

Yamamoto stopped his crazy actions for a second, despite his arms that remained aroud his sister. He turned back and grinned at Tsuna "Oh , I saw Gokudera standing outside just now and made him come in!"

"Gokudera-kun! You're alright already?" Tsuna questioned. Instantly, Gokudera blushed and bowed his head down "Hai! Sorry, Jyuudaime! To think that I wasn't able to potect you..."

Tsuna blinked before chuckling nervously "I-its alright! Himeka-san didn't do anything to me!" Despite saying so, Gokudera continued apologising about how he didn't protect his boss properly.

"By the way , Yamamoto , you alright?" Tsuna asked worriedly. Yamamoto simply grinned as he hug his sister "Yeah! Some weird guys appeared and said they were going to spy on Himeka or something. I got a little annoyed , you see"

Yamamoto grinned at his sister as he placed her down "You grew taller, Himeka" Himeka shrugged with a bored look on her face "Obviously. I was still a grade student back then" As though not noticing her tone, Yamamoto continued grinning as he patted her "Tadaima , Himeka"

Tsuna sweatdropped when Himeka simply crossed her arms and continued looking bored. However, unlike them , Yamamoto could see a tinge of pink in his sister cheeks. He grinned.

(The next day)

"AH! I FORGOT ABOUT THE HAIL GUARDIAN MESS!" Tsuna screamed as he hugged his head. "Don't worry that much , Tsuna , you'll find her soon enough" Reborn said with a smirk as he sipped his espresso.

Right then , his bedroom door opened . Yamamoto Takeshi stood there grinning "Hey , Tsuna" Tsuna paused and glanced at Yamamoto in surprise "Yamamoto? Why are you here..." Yamamoto laughed "Actually, its not me who wants to see you" Tsuna raised he's eyebrows at his words . Yamamoto stepped aside revealing.. Himeka?

"Himeka-san?" Tsuna questioned. Himeka sighed "What mess are trying to stir up now? Vongola Decimo" Tsuna sweatdropped "Eh?" Himeka stuck her hand out revealing.. the hail ring? "I found it in my pocket yesterday after you went home. What's the meaning of this? Vongola" she glared at him.


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