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Fifteen Years Ago...

"Thrax! Thrax, where you goin'? Can I come?"

Thrax rolled his eyes, hearing his little seven-year-old sister Sorcha rambling along behind him. Why had she even come along in the first place? He hated it, hated it, when she followed him around everywhere like a dog cell. "Like it's really any of your business, baby sis, but I'm goin' to the Cellhouse. Gonna start learnin' how to infect bodies and take 'em down."

He heard Sorcha gasp, almost in awe of what he'd just suggested. "Oh my Jane!" she squealed, and she ran up next to him, grabbing the bottom of his jacket and just pulling. "Please, Thrax! You have to take me! I wanna come with you and learn how to take down bodies too!"

He scoffed, plucking her off him. "C'mon, Scorch. This is for me and my friends and people who are my age. Mama and Dad say I need to start learnin' - gonna be doin' it too, on my own, by the time I'm thirteen, y'know. I mean, what would everyone else think if I show up, and I got my kid sister taggin' along with me?"

Sorcha pouted. "B-But Thrax! I'm gonna be doin' it soon too, ain't I? I need to get ready! And you can help me 'cause I bet you gonna be great!"

Thrax sighed, then turned around, putting his hands on hips. "Alright, Scorch. You know what? Here." He took his jacket off and hung it off her frame. "If you can wear this all that time, and if you can not be embarrassin' for a while, I guess you can come with me. But no stupid questions, a'ight? No stupid questions, no stupid dancin' or anything, and no stupid little girl stuff." As he said each thing, he ticked them off on his claws to make sure she understood, then gave her a look that in their family was called a "You-better-do-what-I-say-or-else-'buuuuurn-baby-burn'" look. "You got all that, baby sis?"

She nodded eagerly. "Yeah! I promise, I promiiiiiiise! Just take me." She slid her arms into the sleeves, which were much too big for her as well. "Um." She held up one arm in what was probably supposed to be a "gangsta" pose, but you couldn't see her fist so the effect was kind of lost. "How do I look?"

He was so close to just losing it, smacking her upside the head, and forgetting those conditions of taking her along, but he just shook his head. "Nah, Scorch, that don't look good. You ain't gonna scare anybody off like that. Here, let me see." He took his jacket back, putting it around himself again. Then he scanned Sorcha up and down, before plucking his shiny new sunglasses from the top of his dreads. "Try these, baby sis." He bent down and placed them on her face, then stood back to admire his work.

They were a little big, so that she had to peer over the tops of the lenses. But overall it didn't look so bad. If she maybe crossed her arms or something like that, people might actually think she was cool. She looked up at him, blinking with those green eyes. "Well? How's that?"

"Not half bad, you know. Do somethin' sassy."

"Umm, okay." She rolled her eyes up into the back of her head for a minute, thinking, then threw one side of her body out and dug her fists into her hips. She completed the "sassy" theme by pursing her lips and, over the sunglasses, giving him a look that rather clearly said, "What YOU lookin' at, nasty face? Get goin'!"

He grinned. "Yeah baby sis, that's great. You be showin' moxie and all that, you'll be fine." He grabbed her wrist. "But let's get goin', okay? We only got a few minutes before it starts. Let's hit the gas, baby sis."

"You jerk! I'm gonna kick you in the throat! I'ma kick you in the ding-dong throat!"

Not even three minutes in, and Thrax was already having to grab Sorcha from attacking somebody. He had her lifted into the air, arms wrapped around her stomach and trying to hold her back, but she was kicking and clawing at the other guy. "Would you stop it!" he shouted. "You gonna get us tossed out! Calm down!"

"It's not fair!" she screamed, and one would think she was dying, that noise was obviously being made at the top of her lungs. "It's not fair! That jerk tripped me on purpose! He just stuck his foot right out like 'at!"

"Life ain't fair, Scorch!" Thrax finally succeeded in swiveling Sorcha over so she was on the other side of him. "Hey, I'm sorry about this, man, she a little crazy right now. I took her to the Teeth before we came here - lotta sugar up there, y'know, she probably absorbed a little too much."

The other pathogen just rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever. Keep her away from me."

"Yeah, yeah." With that, Thrax turned back around and grabbed Sorcha's wrist again. "Come here." He dragged her into a corner of the room and knelt down to her height. "Now, Sorcha-"

"What?" Sorcha scowled, crossing her arms as she glared down at the floor. "He tripped me 'cause he thought it'd be funny, so all I wanted to do was kick him in the throat. I think for what he did that's being nice, Thrax."

Thrax sighed. "Scorch-"

"No!" She stomped her foot, looking up at him now. "Don't do that! He was mean to me, so go beat the capsid off him!"

He groaned, then put his hand on her shoulder. "Sorcha, look. I told you, life ain't fair. You can't just kick somebody in the throat because 'he was mean to me'. If they hit you, then you can hit back."

"But he-"

"I know, he tripped you. I know, baby sis. But I didn't see it - maybe it really was an accident, Scorch." He stood up, walking over to the main area. "And besides, you too little to fight by yourself. You need my help. And if I don't think I should, I can't fight for you - and if you fight without me, you gonna get your capsid handed to you."

She followed him to the other room, but she was pouting. "I changed my mind, Thrax," she declared. "I don't wanna be here anymore. I wanna go home, take me home."

"Too bad, you wanna go home. That's too bad, baby sis." He grabbed her arm and lugged her over to a couple of empty chairs by the wall. "You begged me to let you come, so you gonna stay. Now sit."

She did so, but then squirmed. "I don't like these chairs."

He sat down beside her, groaning inwardly. Taking care of Sorcha did make him feel so grown-up and a lot older than just ten, but he wished she wouldn't whine so much. "Just keep your mouth shut and listen. And stop movin' so much."

After about thirty seconds of Sorcha fidgeting and Thrax sitting there, trying to pretend like he didn't know her, one of the bigger, older viruses smacked the wall. "Hey yo!" he shouted. "All you little kid pathogens better listen up here! Me and my girl are about to give you guys the scoop! So if you want the best ways to get into bodies and the best techniques for killin' 'em, you better shut your Jane-damned feedin' holes!"

From the corner of his eye Thrax saw Sorcha sink down in her seat a little. "He said a bad word," she mumbled, crossing her arms.

"Shut up," Thrax warned lowly, reaching over and placing his hand on Sorcha's knee. "Just listen, Scorch, and don't say nothin'."

He (and hopefully Sorcha) turned his attention back to the front. A female virus had joined the other. "Okay now!" the guy called over everyone. "My name's Jolt, and this here's my girl Venom." He wrapped an arm around the girl's waist. "And we're gonna teach you newbies the best way to take down bodies... and take 'em down without anyone barely knowin' till it's too late!"

Everyone cheered and clapped, Thrax included. He didn't go crazy like the others, but he did clap furiously and even whooped once. When he glanced over at Sorcha, she was simply twirling her finger, as if to offer a sarcastic Whoopee. He elbowed her. "Hey. You better stay awake, baby sis. You wanted to come, you ain't just gonna sit there and pout. Pay attention."

"I am," she shot back. "But that guy seem like a jerk."

Thrax scoffed. "Baby sis, we all jerks. We kill people."

Her bottom lip stuck out, and he was just about ready to snap his sunglasses back off her little face. "I dun like it when you right, Thrax."

He shook his head and reached over, taking her hand and placing it on top of her leg, holding it there. Maybe if he was touching her, holding her hand, maybe she'd stop being so moody. It usually worked; hugs worked better, but he wasn't going to hug his sister in front of his peers, and especially not with two professional pathogens up there watching everyone. "You just keep it calm, alright, Scorch?" He just rolled his eyes when she thrust out her lip again. "And wipe that nasty look off ya face. Look like ya swallowed a buncha bile or somethin'."

"I tol' you I wanted t' leave," she muttered, sliding down in her seat.

He sighed and patted her hand. "Just hang in, baby sis, you gonna get some good teachin'."

Her hand gripped his. "Fine. After this I wanna go get donuts 'fore we go home."

"With what money? Or were you plannin' on usin' yo' cute face for that?"

Sorcha's hand hovered over the pocket of her jeans. "I got some carbs saved up, but if you ain't nice to me I ain't buyin' you nothin'."

Thrax chuckled and squeezed her hand. "Alright, I'll be good. Now, you watch..." He used his new claw (it was growing a little more every day) to push some of her hair behind her ear. "And listen."

"Appreciate the acknowledgment," Jolt shouted as the applause and cheering died down. "You obviously know we're good. Now, first thing I'm gonna tell you is this: me, I am an Ebola virus. You dig? And Venom here, she's my sweet little MRSA." He leaned over and nipped at Venom's neck before continuing. "So, you know, how we do things might be just a little different from how you would do it." He tossed his hair back. "Alright, movin' on. Who can tell me what the first step to infecting a body is? Anyone know yet?"

Thrax looked around to all the other pathogens who had begun furiously chatting between each other, discussing what they thought the answer was. Seeing a chance to show off, he raised his hand up, making sure to wave the growing claw. "You lay low and do some damage!"

Jolt laughed. "Oh look here, we got somebody who's payin' attention." He pointed at Thrax with his long, forked tail, snaking it around. "You! Look at you, l'il smart-ass in training. That's a good guess, you know, and yeah, that's important. But it ain't the first step. Nice try, anybody else wanna give it a shot?"

Thrax sighed, scowling down at the floor. That was right, wasn't it? The first thing you did to infect was find somewhere that wouldn't draw suspicion, and you surreptitiously killed some cells or messed up some buildings. Stuff that wasn't too serious, but that would do something to get the infection rolling.

From beside him, Sorcha piped up and interrupted his brooding: "You enter the body, you buncha stupids! That goes wit'out sayin' and none'a you could get it!"

Immediately there was a roar of people who obviously took offense, especially since she was way younger than all of them. But Venom whistled and that shut everyone up, as Jolt was laughing. "Well! Look at this, we got us a little smarty-pants."

"Told you to keep ya mouth shut," Thrax groaned. They were going to destroy her...

"She right, you know." Jolt put his fists on his hips, curling his barbed tail into a corkscrew and pointing it at Sorcha. "How old are you, runt?"

"I'm seven an' a half, and I ain't no runt," she responded, jumping up out of her chair.

Thrax grabbed her arm. "She's my baby sis, she don't like bein' called little."

Jolt snickered, and Venom grinned. "She smart. You might wanna start her tryin' to infect sooner than normal."

Thrax rolled his eyes, and yanked Sorcha back into her seat. She beamed over at him, obviously proud and clearly seeking approval since she'd gotten one thing right already.

He gave her a "burn-baby-burn" look, and that was that, and she returned to staring at the floor.

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