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Never Been Kissed

Chapter 1 – Not What He Wanted

Ciel Phantomhive stared gloomy out the window, waiting impatiently for his tea. What is taking so long? It doesn't take this long to make tea, he thought, I want my tea NOW! He was just about the ring the bell again when in walked Sebastian holding a tray, a kettle, and a cup.

"It's about time. What took you so long?" His tone told of his annoyance and boredom.

Sebastian just smiled as he put the tray down and started to pour his master a cup of Earl Grey tea. He gently placed the white-bone china cup and saucer on the desk in front of the black-haired boy. He was about to walk out of the room when Ciel called him back.

"Sebastian. This room is un-tidy. Clean it. Now. And it shouldn't take more then 30 minutes."

Sebastian gave a small bow before saying, "Yes, my Lord." The tall butler pulled out a duster and started to dust the bookshelves, and Ciel sat back in his leather chair, watching the demon work.

His mind started to wander, and soon he was thinking about kissing, relationships and other such things. While he was thinking about this, the blue-eyed boy realized that he had never been kissed in a sexual way. Not once. Ciel frowned, something he was quite good at, before pulling himself away from these thoughts. He had no idea what the causes of his sudden thoughts were but he had no time to be thinking about that. Besides, he had no one to give him these kisses and someone to share these kisses with.

His frowned deepened as he continued to watch Sebastian finish the dusting and started to organize the files and toys that he had made a mess of. He looked out the window at the stars. It was almost time for his bed.

"Sebastian. I am going to bed. Come now." The blue-eyed boy walked out of the room, his black butler following him with a small smile.

They reached the bedroom, and Sebastian opened the door, letting his master walk through towards the bed before following.

"Sebastian, take off my shoes and socks, along with my eye patch." The black-haired boy sat on the edge of the bed, making sure that his feet didn't touch the ground. He watched as the demon walked gracefully over to the bed and knell in front of him, un-tying the long brown shoelaces before removing the tight, heeled shoe and placing it to one side before doing the same to the other. When that task was done, Sebastian neatly rolled one sock down his masters pale calf before folding it. When both the shoes and socks were off and neatly placed away, Sebastian stood and gently untied the black eye patch that covered his right purple eye.

"Sebastian, take off my shirts." The boy stood, and held out his arms, his mind still thinking about kisses and relationships between people as his butler started to undo all of the buttons that covered his chest. Ciel broke out in goose bumps as Sebastian lightly slid the shirt of his body, carefully folding them before placing them on a chair.

"Good. Now, take off my pants and underwear before putting me in my nightshirt." Sebastian did as he was told, knelling again to take off his young masters pants and underwear, folding the clothing as he went. Soon, Ciel was standing fully naked in front of his butler. Sebastian walked to the other chair and grabbed a white nightshirt, putting it over his master's head.

Sebastian smiled at the young lord before moving over the huge bed and pulling the crisp white sheets down, and motioned for Ciel to get in. The when boy was comfortable, Sebastian pulled the sheets back up.

He was about to leave when Ciel thought of another order. "Sebastian." He thought as the butler turned to face him once more. "I want… I want you to kiss me."

The demon smiled before moving over to the bed, and kissed Ciel on the forehead. "Good night, young master." He grabbed the candle and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Damn, Ciel thought as he settled himself into the pillows once more. He didn't get my meaning. Next time, I'll have to be clearer, and explain what I want. Before the boy could think anything more, he fell asleep.